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Fantasy a halo marked by light [w/ freakie]


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Jericho was a weapon of the king.

Found in the wreckage of his home, nearly half-dead as he was curled into his mother's cold body, the young cambion had been pried from her and taken back to the palace. It hadn't taken them long to realize what he was, what he was capable of, and for the next years of his life he was trained to be their servant. Their weapon. And now, the princess' knight. Jericho had seen her in passing a few times before, but never enough to really get to know her. Jericho was pretty sure that he's never really had a real conversation with her.

But with the date of her arranged marriage approaching closer and closer, Jericho had to make sure that she was safe enough. And with his abilities, he could definitely make sure that he could...so as long as the princess could cooperate with him. That was the one thing Jericho was nervous about. His job was already hard, and he hoped that she wouldn't make it much harder than it already was. Still, Jericho waited outside of her room as the morning sun crept higher and higher into the sky. "Are you dressed for today yet, your highness?" Jericho called, trying to keep any dryness out of his voice.
Gale had been brainwashed since birth. The only heir to the throne she had been trained to be graceful and obedient. She had attended court when she came of age. Only one man knew who she was deep down, a blessing from the gods. The king had made sure to keep her oblivious. But with a sacred child like her he had assigned his prized possession to protect her. Knowing they weren’t enemies on this earth but natural enemies by chance amused him.

Gale woke up to one of her maids walking in “the king requests you at breakfast my lady”she had known Gale for a few years. Gale always tried to be nice to servants, everyone had a place I.n this works but kindness was a virtue. As the maid dressed her she heard her guard and sighed “just a moment”she called. Only her servants and guard were allowed in her chambers alone with her. She stepped out once ready and breathed “good morning”she murmured as she began to walk to the dining room.

it wasn’t long till she made it and sat at her spot. Her mother had died two weeks before hence the haste of her fathers arrangement. She watched him and his guard before offering a small smile “good morning father”
Jericho was relieved that at least the princess seemed to be alright right now. Now he just had to make sure she would make it through the rest of the day with no issue. And hopefully, it wouldn't be that hard. He went through all of the possible scenarios that could happen as he followed her down toward the dining room. Just remember your place, Jericho told himself, and as soon as he was in front of the king he lowered himself into a strict, respectful bow. He would let the princess and the king say whatever words they needed to say to each other first, no need for him to interrupt unless spoken to.

Still, he kept his eyes on them. Made sure that he would be able to pick up on every word, in case it might be important. If nothing else, it was his responsibility to listen to every word the king said. Brushing a stray strand of dark hair away from his gray eyes, Jericho tried to make himself look more presentable. Don't speak unless he was prompted to first. Don't interrupt the princess and the king. Make sure that Princess Gale remained safe. Rinse and repeat for as long as he needed to then.

The smell of food in the dining room did cause his stomach to growl a bit, however. He could tell that the cooks had prepared quite a large, luxurious breakfast...as was to be expected of royal cooks, though. Jericho usually was not allowed to eat alongside them, and he certainly hardly ever ate the same quality of food as the royals did. It did make him a bit hungry, but he was disciplined enough to not lose his composure just because of that.
The king nodded to her guard so that he knew to take his place by the wall. A simply gesture. “Good morning blossom”he smiled gently “your husband is arriving today by the docks..you shall have a meeting at lunch.”he Announced and Gale knew well enough to not let her smile falter when talking to him. She had a role to play. She was going to unite the kingdom and be Queen. Her blue eyes stayed calm apart from gold flecks that appeared as she grew angry at this situation. She didn’t want to be wed so soon. But her father feared the worst.

they are and talked a little more about the days events before her father left for work. Gale stood and imediatly began walking to her calmest place. The palace gardens. She lifted her skirt a little as she sat in the meadow with a frustrated sigh. It was a lonely life being a royal. She had ladies that she’d meet with but they weren’t true friends. She had to mask to them all. They were all out to get her. The only woman she talked too freely was her hand maid.

her maid slowly returned from the market and saw her and the guard in the meadow. She knew it must be bad if she was here already. “My lady”she bowed before sitting with her “I brought you some fresh silk from townsend and they even had the gold thread you enjoyed at your last ball”she smiled. Gale offered a smile back “thank you Leah you’re so kind to me..”she gently touched the fabric “I’m to be wed in two weeks..and he’s here today”she scoffed “no room for love and yet I’m to bare children from this stranger. What a lie”Gale huffed.
Jericho followed Gale into the gardens, remaining as stoic and disciplined as he was supposed to be. Still, he listened to the princess as she vented her frustrations, and he gave a nod of acknowledgment toward her handmaid as she came. The princess was going to be wed in two weeks...and, of course, she wasn't happy about her situation. Not that Jericho himself could do anything about it. He wasn't sure if there was anything at all, truly, that he could do against the king. Not ever since he was a child.

"Have you not brought up your concerns with your father?" Jericho asked, somewhat curious. It was not his place to really question the king, though Jericho wondered whether or not it was her place either. He did wonder why it couldn't be done to have the princess meet her suitor first, but then...perhaps that's just what royals did. Perhaps that's just what humans did.
Gale sighed softly after venting. She felt the pressure on her to act accordingly. Her mother had always said she must be this or that. And she had grown used to it “my whole life I’ve been put on a path..it is my duty To obey as a woman”she replied. “I’ve been trained since day one to be used to such customs if I raised it with my father he would shun me”

when lunch arrived she stood “we must go”she breathed in and glanced at her maid “am I presentable?”she asked and the maid nodded and brushed her skirt off. Gale watched Jericho a moment before going towards the main hall to greet her new husband

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And of course, just as Jericho surely must have been expected to, he followed after Gale. Jericho could at least relate to how she felt about being put on a path that she was never allowed to stray from. Ever since he had first been brought to the palace, ever since his mother died and he had lost his home, Jericho had always been expected to just be a weapon for the royal family. He was a cambion, after all, and surely there wouldn't be much place else that would accept him, whether his abilities were useful or not.

It was just the way things were, though. No matter how much resentment Jericho might feel against the king, no matter how much he yearned to be free in his own right, it at least gave him a roof over his head and food to eat. As he followed the princess and her handmaid into the main hall, there he could see the man that Gale was betrothed to. Fairly handsome, Jericho guessed, but not by much. Jericho knew that this was Prince Andrew, prince and heir to the throne of the neighboring kingdom Wovaria.

As soon as Andrew saw Gale, the prince seemed to immediately become quite bold in her presence. "Ah, and there's the bride!" Andrew said in a booming voice. He beamed in a way that Jericho thought was obviously strained, so obviously fake, and he wondered if Andrew really wanted this arrangement either. Still, Andrew gave a respectful bow to the princess before he rose back up to his full height. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, my lady."
Gale had been calm as she walked in. Her social calendar had been restricted so she could spend time with her husband. She bit her lip before curtsying to him “welcome to my home Prince Andrew..”she has known only a name. He looked good, she just hoped he was a kind man. But guessing by his confidence. She felt a bit uneasy. “It’s pleasant meeting you also”she was polite as she tried to hide her fear. This was it. Her life.

she remembered a story her mother once told her. A woman godly in nature with a golden soul graced the earth and helped the village. An angel. And one day she fell under the firm grip of a mortal man. Shadowing his intentions. His love and lies continued until one day she cracked, her soul shattered. Gale didn’t know if she believed in angels, but she hoped she wouldn’t end up like that one in her mothers old tales.

“you must be tired yes? From your travels”she said as she snapped out of it “did you not bring a guard to carry your things?”she wondered as she noted he had just freshly arrived. “I’d like to sit with you for a while before dinner. We have a lot to discuss.”she had to know if he was good or bad. Most men wanted the same. A whore or an obedient wife to bare children. She had seen women in the village with more than ten. She was terrified of the idea of children and motherhood. She was still quite young in that sense. Not wise enough to know when a man was lying to make you falter in love.
"Ah, not to worry. My entourage is elsewhere to handle my belongings," Prince Andrew assured her. "Just gives us more time to spend with each other, hm? I'm looking forward to speaking with you in private." And once again, the prince's voice sounded rather strained. Jericho wondered if he had anything planned, though Jericho still had an eye on him in case he tried anything. And finally, Andrew's eyes turned toward him as well. Jericho frowned slightly, though didn't say or do anything.

"I suppose the knight must come with you?" Andrew asked. And of course, Jericho was supposed to be...so as long as the princess didn't dismiss him now, and if the prince didn't want her to do so either. If both of them wanted him to leave, then Jericho basically was forced to leave anyway. At least that might give him some time to do what he wanted, no matter how short that free time may be, away from the princess. Not that Jericho necessarily hated this part of his duties more than others, but...

"It's my duty, your highness," Jericho said. It was a duty that he was bound to anyway. "Though if you'd rather have me elsewhere, then I will comply."
Gale listened to him and smiled some she was still a little nervus about speaking with him in private. But she knew some lords vauled that. She clasped her hands together and tried to ignore the guard and her Prince's weird tension. Her maid sensed it as well, she stayed behind them just in case Gale needed to change before dinner or was still hungry. As Andrew addressed him she wasn't too sure what to do, she wanted to be safe of course but she didn't want to be untrusting of Andrews intent. Because it would only look worse on the pairing.

She hummed "You are dismissed until dinner"She told Jericho deciding that she was going to be safe for a few hours. "You too Leah. Fetch me a dress for dinner and get on with your chores."She hoped they trusted Andrew. The issue with Gale is that she was still naive, and still rather romantic. Call it a godly trait but she couldn't see evil. For now she was still a human, or at least thought she was. "I believe that we can rest in the drawing room, my lord"She walked slow and full of grace to lead him to a quaint room. A servant came up and offered drinks. Gale took the water and sipped it "What is it that you must speak to me? Without the ears of servants."She wondered.

Meanwhile the King was looking for Jericho, he marched around until he found him "Come, we must discuss.."He knew of the demon lad, and he knew of his daughters postition. He lead him to his office behind his court. "Sit Jericho"He hummed as he sat at his desk. He looked serious "Now I know you are here beyond your will.."He sighed "Not that your job is not meaningful.."He said vaguley "I want you to keep here."He knew that he was going to die soon, but Jericho still belonged to the crown "I wish that..a deal or promise be made between us for her. After so many years, she trusts you. You've saved her a number of times. With the wedding, her husband will try to assign his guards. I do not trust their ability with her like yours."He glanced away before staring him down "If you accept, you can be head of the guards, and it will help her be safe. Prince andrew is a good fellow, but even good people can mess up. I wont risk her for my mistakes.."
Prince Andrew nodded as she led him to the room. He took a look around and decided that he was quite impressed with it, even if it didn't quite match home. "Well, I simply just want to get to know you," he said. He took a drink from the servant, taking a sip out of it before he continued to speak to the princess. He still seemed tense, as if he really didn't want to be here, as if he had something else in mind. "So...tell me more about yourself. Anything you want."

Meanwhile, Jericho had respected the princess and chose to oblige. If she didn't need him right now, then he'd go off on his way easily. He could always come back to her later anyway. But of course, when the king approached him, Jericho must obey his orders. He sat down as was commanded of him, and listened to the king. He frowned ever so slightly at the reminder that he still belonged to the crown, but he didn't voice his displeasure or make it obvious. It wasn't as if he could do much about it anyway. "I'm aware of my skill, and my duties," Jericho said. "It's been my purpose for years."

Even if he yearned for more, even if he yearned to not belong to them and choose to do this of his own will...it gave him a purpose. And if Jericho ever left, then where would he be? He had lost his family years ago, and he had nowhere else to turn to. "You can always trust me to protect her," he said. "I'll accept this."
Gal could sense how he was now. Like a fish out of water. Her blue eyes watched him, they always had a strange ethereal gold ring around them. She sat politely before the servant left “it is strange to spill out my world to a stranger. Espiecally when my world will be halfed by our union”she admitted and moved her hair behind her ear. “I am a classical woman my lord. I ride I paint and I can sing. My favourite place is the meadow, but the palace gardens do. There’s also a lake beyond the woodland that I frequent. “She looked at him before looking at the room “ I often tend social events. But of course I can’t whilst you stay. A wedding is a big thing to plan”she took more sips of her water “what of you my lord? Speak freely with me. There’s no time to pretend when our fate is sealed”she hoped to make him more comfortable.

The king smiled as he accepted. “You are dear my boy!”he chuckled some before regaining his composure. He liked Jericho a lot. But he was still half demon. “I’ll let you into a secret..”he stood and got out a box with a lock. He opened it to show a glowing golden fabric. “Gale…the reason I trust you to protect her. Is simply because you are so very similar.”he smiled. “My wife would not conceive…she prayed for days. And just when we found you..”he hummed “two moons later she fell from the sky..”he knew it would be a shock since she was still very human “her husband will not know…and niether will she”he watched the guard “I will not have anyone use her for power, you are the only one to stop such. Prince Andrews kingdom often allows magic to be used freely. Keep that in mind”he stood and dismissed him.
Andrew hesitated. This arrangement had been decided by their parents already, and he didn't want to really go against them since he knew the trouble that it could cause. But it still didn't change the fact that he didn't really want this either. He let out a breath, and for a moment he let that almost arrogantly confident facade drop since his own anxiety could still peer right through it. "I already have a love back home," Andrew admitted quickly. "A peasant girl." And that was the reason why Andrew couldn't go through with this, or any other arranged marriage. To not want this one was one thing...but to do it for a peasant was a whole nother problem.

Jericho's brows furrowed as the king brought out the box. And then they slowly rose as he realized just what the king wanted to share with him. So the princess wasn't...entirely human either? That brought up a whole load of possibilities, and Jericho couldn't help but wonder how this was going to affect his job. Don't let this affect you, Jericho told himself. So as long as she still acted the same as she always had, then Jericho could predictably be able to help her.

But then he felt a pang of frustration when the king said that he will not let anyone use the princess for her power. As if the only reason why Jericho remained under the crown's possession for so long was because of his powers. But still, Jericho didn't let any of that show through. "Thank you, Your Majesty, for trusting me with this," Jericho said. "I'll make sure she's safe, just as I always have." And when the king dismissed him, Jericho left the room and went to go seek out the princess again.
Gale watched him and she could see the decision dance across his face before he admitted. She was In some shock. As much as she understood why he would hate this union. She felt her heart break at the fact there was no chance of this marriage ever being happy. She stood “my apologies. I must get ready for dinner”was all she said before she walked to her chambers. As well as being trained to be a princess. She had been trained to control her emotions. As her father feared her true self would show.

she curled up on her bed with a sigh. If only there was some way she could get out of this and get rid of Prince Andrew. She wasn’t going to have his children if he loved another. The world was completly unfair. Leah had heard of the princess returning so she knocked before entering “I picked out a lovely bl-“she stopped as she saw how upset she looked “oh sweetie..”she huffed and went over “can I ease one’s sadness?”she wondered. She knew this had to do with Andrew.

gale explained ans Leah sighed gently “it’s not his fault you know?”she offered and Gale huffed “the chance of us being happy ever got shut down. I can’t marry him. It’s likely he’ll seek this girl once we wed and I’ll have to put up with a mistress”she sat up. “Fetch me a red dress. I wish to contain my anger tonight”the maid nodded and got her dressed “Jericho had a meeting with the king. So not worry if he seems tense”Leah advised. Before Gale stepped out waiting for her guard to take her to dinner.
Prince Andrew had let her go, and meanwhile Jericho went to go return to his place by the princess' side. He found himself by the door to her chambers, and considering that he heard some voices from inside of it, it wasn't hard to guess that Gale was in here. Jericho let himself wait outside, just within some distance of the door, until the princess came out. And when she finally did, Jericho went to her side. "I hope that everything is well, your highness," Jericho said to her. He held a hand out toward her, ready to escort her to dinner.
Gale held a cold aura. She had to push down how she felt and she hated it. Luckily dinner was still between her and her father. So she didn’t have to see her future husband. She sighed as he asked “my husband is in love with a peasant girl”she said bluntly “and I’m not going to stand for such.”she was bitter about it. She walked with him slowly to the hall, her blue eyes more golden than usual as she held her anger.

she sat down and slowly before watching them give her the food and for once she began sipping wine. She never drank. But this was her time. She was going to build her strength “father. How desperte is it that I marry a prince who can’t offer me anything”she watched him. He almost choked on his food “his family is noble and the kingdom has always been a firm ally”he replied “there’s another suitor for you. But he’s from far. And a strong stern man. He’s ruthless would you rather you marry Andrew or a brute?”he asked sternly. Gale scoffed “a brute that’s not in love with a mere peasant!?”she argued back. The king glanced at her then Jericho before standing “goodnight”he simply stated before leaving his dinner. Gale sighed and finished her drink before getting another
Jericho, meanwhile, stood by Gale's side as her father left. "You're not in a good mood," Jericho said. But of course, that much was obvious. "Would you rather we go outside and do something else?" His job was to protect Gale, sure, but he also wanted to make sure that she would be in a good mood as well. If only just to keep her mind clear, at least. "I could take you out on horseback. See if the air outside makes you feel any better." It was worth a try, he figured.
Gale sighed once he left. She heard Jericho and stood slowly “I think it best..”she rubbed her arm “I’ll get changed into more suitable attire and meet you at my stables”she knew he was loooking out for her. A guard didn’t have to make their subject happier. But that’s why Jericho was assigned to her. She had to be emotionally well of her true self would show and then her life would change forever. She went upstairs and had Leah change her into her riding gear.

meeting him at the stables she picked out her horse and began to saddle her “my father used to take me out. Before he was busy. But then I just learnt to do it myself. You can’t always rely on others. It’s such a human flaw”she offered a small smile to Jericho as she got on. Riding down to the lake she had told Andrew of. Once there she simply got off and roped her horse to a tree and sat down “you know you are the most perculiar guard. But. We are the same”she began “both lives tied to the crown. Tell me did you ever expect to be the crowns dog?”she didn’t mean to be rude. She just wished to know his feelings.
Jericho listened to her as she addressed him. When she had said 'we are the same,' for a moment Jericho's heart skipped a beat, wondering if she somehow already knew. But when she said otherwise, Jericho allowed himself to relax. He kept his eyes on her as she asked him this and Jericho couldn't help but think about everything that had ever happened to him since he first came to the crown. "I did not," Jericho said. He had just been a child, after all, when he had suddenly lost his home. "I had thought that I'd have been with my mother still."
She brought the blanket out and laid it down before sitting down. Gale sighed “your mother. I’m sorry. I now know what that pains like. I wish I had spent more time with mine. My father said she was too weak minded to see me. But he’s the one marrying me to a fool”she laid down to relax and sky gaze.

“my mother always warned me. The story of the broken angel and the brute, do you know it?”she wondered as she played with her hair.
Jericho thought for a moment. His mother had told him many stories before she died. Some of them, he remembered clearly. The story that Gale had brought up wasn't one of them. "I don't," he admitted. It sounded like a story that his mother could and would have told him, had she not died. Jericho tried to push away thoughts of his mother's death, memories of many sleepless nights and nightmares of fire and smoke, as he thought of it. It wasn't something that he thought about. It certainly wasn't something he talked about to anyone else in detail either.

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