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Fandom 92 Days with the Devils (A Supernatural OC RP)


The gal haunting your dreams
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Heya y’all! This is just a little idea brewing in my mind. Here’s a basic plot description below:

Each of the 4 angels has a secret to hide: in a world where the Son of Lucifer as we know him was never born, each of the 4 Archangels has secretly sired a half-human child, forbidden by the oldest laws of Heaven. Now….21 years later…they finally meet, only to discover their angelic fathers have realized the mistakes of their ways.

Basically, it’s about the 4 kiddies of Michael/Lucifer/Raphael/Gabriel. I’ll be playing Michael’s son, but I’m more than open to do half-siblings and whatnot. The other three are fair game! Might even be open to a few Cambions, with a few altered bits of lore to them (0.0).


1): No character will be aware of their true heritage.
2): Please be 18+ (OCs will be 20-22)
3): Please be respectful. Can’t believe I have to say this, but I do.
4): All OCs must be run by me. Post here in the thread and THEN DM me if you have interest.
5): Be creative!

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