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monster energy-fueled

hello! my name is cloud (he/him) and i’m looking for long-term RP partners! i’ll have more time nowadays to improve my writing open my search for creativity. i’ll be editing this on and off if i have new ideas or cravings!

please PM instead of leaving a reply below if you’re interested! thank you!


firstly i ask that you be under 25. i prefer talking to people closer to my age so this is just for my own comfort.

i have multi-years of roleplay experience on me, 3rd person writing only. i try to have stellar grammar but sometimes i make mistakes, typos are chill w me.

if i had to put a number on it, typically i write around 3 paragraphs or 200-500 words, more or less. i value quality over quantity though, so i’ll only write as much as i feel i need to. i only ask that my partner be able to keep up with my posts.

i have all the freetime now so i’ll be able to get a reply in multiple times a day and will let you know if i have something going on that day. i’d like my partner not to feel rushed so i only ask that you’re able to get a reply in at least once a week and let me know if something’s preventing you.

platonic or romantic, if romance is involved I’d like it to be a slow-burn, developed over time. anything goes for romance/gender pairings as long as i’m playing a male character (mxm, mxf, mxnb) because that’s what i’m most comfortable with. my partner is free to create any type of character they’d like. i’m okay with doubling too if the plot calls for it.

i’’m open to a fairly wide range of ideas, but i will not be writing high fantasy, medieval fantasy, or historical plots

i love to talk OOC and get to know people! it can be kind of awkward if we only post back and forth and never chat or discuss the plot, so i prefer my partner be willing to talk and brainstorm with me. whatever it is, i like to get to know my partners!

PMs preferred, i’ll possibly use discord for ooc talk. though i’d like to at least trust my partner a bit before handing that out.

i won’t chase you down if you decide to ghost, but i’d really rather have you be upfront with me if things aren’t working out.

cravings/favorites are marked with an asterisk (*)

Sci-fi* • Cyberpunk* • Apocalyptic*** • Survival* • Dystopian • Modern Fantasy • Mystery* • Horror** • Romance • Modern/Realistic


mages • demons • spirits/ghosts • monsters* • magic • vampires • undead • mythological creatures • superpowers

aliens • post-apocalypse*** • utopia • dystopia • space travel • cyberpunk* • zombie apocalypse* • nuclear fallout* • robots/androids • cyborgs

detectives* • partners in crime • thieves • murder mystery • highschool/college • runaways

i kept these brief so ask me about any of them and i’ll further explain what I had in mind!

apocalypse survivors***
stranded on an alien planet
jewel thieves
childhood best friends
online friends
detective x detective
hacker x assassin
cyborg x scientist

more detailed prompts
(organized by genre)
Two children are the the first to be given genetic modulations, giving them “powers”, and this experiment is watched in secret throughout their lives. While one grew up resenting what was done with them, the other isn’t afraid to use their abilities to their advantage. When the two meet during an appointment meant to reveal the experiment to them, they run away together and begin a never-ending flee from the government.
Aim For The Head
It’s awfully quiet in the small town of Westbrook. Lately, rumors have began to resurface regarding the old abandoned village on the outskirts of town. Most who visit never return, but those who do have terrifying stories, horror stories about terrifying creatures lurking about the surrounding woods. The local urban legend has been thought to be a hoax, perhaps to keep the children from wandering too far into the woods. No one has been paying too much attention to it until now.
The children of Westbrook have began to go missing. Muse A is an outcast, and Muse B has been seeking them out for one reason—both have younger siblings among these disappearances, and although they’d never spoken before, they take the mystery upon themselves to solve.
Muse A was born with the rare and unexplained ability to communicate with the lost souls of the dead. They resent this ability—its ruined their life, and they learned quickly to keep it a secret. Now they live alone and spend their time learning the stories of these souls.
One day, there’s someone at their door—another living person with the same ability as them. It turns out they need to work together to find a ghost’s killer.

Dear Diary,
A young mage discovers a journal written by their late father/mother while cleaning out the house. Unaware of the fact, they discover that their parent was a mage—someone born with the ability to learn and use magic. They learn that because of their magic heritage that they don’t have much longer to live. When they seek out someone they trust, it turns out they were also a mage—magic users hide in plain sight, and they’d never known they existed.

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