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Realistic or Modern 1x1 Search The Con artist and the FBI Agent


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Hello! My name is Dvds12, and I am a 24-year-old female who uses She/ Her pronouns. I have found my passion for writing and creating stories again! I am looking for a couple of new RP partners who share my love for world-building and storyline creation. I currently have a massive craving for action-romance stories.

About Me:
  • My average post length is 2+ paragraphs per character.
  • My reply time varies as I have a full-time job and sometimes can only reply on the weekends.
  • I am a very detailed writer, as I feel that more details really bring a story to life.
  • I RP in the third person.
  • Romance/dark romance is my favorite thing to RP.
  • I prefer to RP females, but I can RP any gender, and every one of my characters is Rped Equally.
  • Please be 18+ as I am over 18.
  • Be mature, as I prefer darker tones and storylines.
  • Please help me build the world our story takes place in and the characters that live there.
  • Please use realistic face claims or realistic drawings.
  • Please Rp each gender equally.

Con Artist X FBI Agent

Plot: MC is the daughter of an infamous con artist who has grown up going from one con to the next with her Mother. They would travel all over the United States, never staying in one place for very long. When MC was 16, her Mother vanished, leaving her to fend for herself on the streets. After several years of this, MC gets a strange note tapped on her door with her Mother's calling card. Curious, MC goes to the meeting place only to be swarmed by the FBI and arrested for multiple crimes, including murder. Extremely confused and hurt that her own Mother would set her up and frame her for crimes that she did not commit, she was taken into police custody to be questioned by the FBI. MC tries to plead with the FBI and the authorities that she didn't do it, but the evidence stacked against her is too damning. YC is an FBI agent who has been having a rough time lately, as it was his fault that a significant player in the organized crime world got off scot-free. He is given this case as it is considered open and shut as they got MC in custody and have enough evidence to put her away for a long time. YC is determined to close this case, clear his name, and make something of himself at the FBI. MC is determined to find out why her Mother would frame her and who committed the murder and to convince the boneheaded FBI Agent assigned to the case that she is innocent and the real killer is still out there. MC hatches a plan to escape custody while at the courthouse for her arraignment and is running from the law to figure out the truth. YC is on the hunt for MC and is determined to bring her back in.

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