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Fandom 1x1 Pokemon Search!


I am but a feeble peacock screaming in the rain.
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Hello, everybody! First things first, I am a minor. If you are uncomfortable with that, I completely understand! :csmile:


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For those of you still here, I (obviously) am searching for a pokemon rp! I don't have any solid ideas at the moment, so I'd love to hear some of yours, or we could make an entirely new one together! I would prefer to use ocs, however.

I typically do romance rps, but I can for sure do platonic things as well! I'm able to play any gender and pairing and don't have a particular craving for those right now, so it will be entirely up to you if we do a romance!

I can, and will, provide a writing sample on request. Speaking of that, I tend to keep my posts on the shorter side but I can write a few long paragraphs if that's more your style. I really am not interested in doing an asterisks rp. I get if that's your thing, but It's really not for me.

I have four premade pokemon ocs whom I'm always glad to use (2M, 1F, 1N), but I'm always up to making more if none of them seem good!

PMs are preferred, but I can do threads. I will not be going offsite.

For those who care, my timezone is MST and my favorite region is Alola (Unova coming in a close second).

If none of this is interesting, or if you want more general information about me and my interests, my other thread is here! It's constantly being updated, so there's always something new to look at.
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