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I am but a feeble peacock screaming in the rain.
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Before I start I will clarify, I am a minor. If you are uncomfortable with rping with a minor, have a good day (/gen)!

And for those who care, my timezone is MST.

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With that being said..Hi! I'm Rain. I've been roleplaying (and writing in general) for a huge majority of my life atp. I am, for the most part, literate and will try my best to match your post length, but I do tend to write on the shorter side (Quality over Quantity). Speaking of which, I don't really care about post length, just please give me sustenance to work with. I'd also prefer it if you understood the basics of grammar, but y'know. Please, please no asterisks rps.

Writing Samples will be provided on request!

I am very uncomfortable with non-mystical age-gap romances. Something about it rubs me the wrong way. As long as they are similar physically and mentally, it's okay, though.

I will exclusively use Nation to rp, meaning no Discord, Emailing, or Docs (I am fine with using Docs as character sheets, tho!). Sincerest apologies. On this line of thought, I prefer to rp in threads with one of ooc and the other for the rp, but I will do threads if we still have an ooc chat!

I can play as any gender or sexuality! I'd like to think I'm fairly versatile when it comes to personalities, but I do write a lot of cocky assholes, the easily excited, and the socially anxious.

My characters do swear, but not excessively.


I love OOC Chatter, so feel free to talk /w me!

Now. The fun stuff!


Craving is in bold
Preferred role is in italics
[ ]
is general specifications/preferences I have

-The Circus
-Enemies to Lovers
-Stuck Together
-The 36 Questions that Lead to Love
-The exploits of a Theater Company

-Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ROTTMNT) [Will gladly play any of the turtles--especially Donnie lmao. Probably the fandom I know most about, due to fixations ^^]
-Voltron; Legendary Defenders [I'd prefer making our own paladins, but I'd be open to CxC]
-The Legend of Vox Machina (LoVM)
-Glee [ocs]
-The Owl House (ToH) [ocs]
-Heathers (Musical)
-Hazbin Hotel [Feeling like doing something with Angel..]
-Helluva Boss
-Warriors (Warrior Cats)
-Dead End: Paranormal Park
-Pokemon [Only ocs for this one, except the pokemon themselves, of course. Top of the list rn, I am craving this sm]
-She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (SPOP)
-Genshin Impact
-Hogwarts Legacy
-Ride The Cyclone (Musical)

-Nerd X Popular kid
-Ghost X Human
-'Monster' X Human
-Rich X Poor
-The Sun X The Moon
-Vilain X Hero
-Author X Serial Killer
-Bandmate X Bandmate
-The kid with a million siblings X The only child
-Sex worker X A random guy
-Sex worker X Serial Killer


There are probably (definitely) some I missed, so just ask if you have any questions!

If you are interested please PM me so we can talk shop! I'm really open to anything, so most of what's above are more suggestions than anything. I'm pretty active, so it shouldn't take too long to get a response.

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I‘m interested in an owl house roleplay. I‘m just 18 though. If that‘s too old for you I totally understand ^^ but if not, I‘d love to write with you
I'd be down for a Heathers roleplay if it's still open! :)

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