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  1. hooligan

    Fantasy  dark fantasy, feudal Japan inspired RP. please? PLEASE? [mxm, mxf]

    I'm looking for someone else who might be interested in this setting to bounce ideas off of. It is a fictional land ruled by powerful warlords/samurai, much like feudal Japan. Insert political intrigue, battles between clans/civil wars, arranged marriages, the emergence of demons/yokai or...
  2. LadyOfStars

    Fantasy  Saga of Two Worlds

    Once again man’s hubris has brought about an unfortunate outcome, this time caused by the overreaching of the Emperor. From the imperial throne he ordered the death of the Water Dragon, guardian of the border between the mortal and spirit worlds. In her death that invisible barrier has fallen...
  3. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Multiple Settings  Pokémon, wuxia/ancient China and feudal Japan rp partner search (always looking)

    Konnichiwa! I'm Ellichara and I'm looking for a semi lit or literate longtime rp partner. A bit about me I have roleplayed for about a year now I write 1 paragraph at my worst and 4 or 5 at my best I LOVE character development and "journey to the top" types of plots What I expect from you...
  4. Lurker

    Multiple Settings  Lurker's New and Unimproved Interest Check!

    First thing's first im the realest I can't be bothered to do coding. Aiight cool now that that's out of the way let's move on. Hello! I'm looking for one or two potential new RP's. My old interest check is super long and I didn't feel like filtering it all out so I'm just making another one...
  5. KittenSkull

    Multiple Settings  Kitten's Original RP Ideas ❤

    Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+) and is willing to make friends OOC as well (as I love new friends!) ⋙ I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I...