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Multiple Settings Pokémon, wuxia/ancient China and feudal Japan rp partner search (always looking)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Foreign, Historical, LGTBQ, Pokemon, Supernatural


Megalomaniac Reshiram
Konnichiwa! I'm Ellichara and I'm looking for a semi lit or literate longtime rp partner.

A bit about me
  • I have roleplayed for about a year now
  • I write 1 paragraph at my worst and 4 or 5 at my best
  • I LOVE character development and "journey to the top" types of plots
What I expect from you
  • Have at least moderate knowledge on the topics of our rp (don't have to be an expert)
  • No OP characters/godmodding
  • Be at least semi lit
  • Be willing to do some plotting
Fandoms and plots (*=craving)

1. Shirona's (aka Cynthia's) Pokémon journey to become champion*****
(Me as Shirona, you as an OC or canon)
2. The reality of being a champion*****
(Me as either Shirona, Iris or an OC, you as OC, elite 4 member or former champion)
3. Former idol that's afraid of battling trains with Lance to become the new champion*****
(Me as former idol, you as Lance)

1. Two normal kids/teens that trains martial arts but has seemingly no cultivation skills**
2. A mighty cultivator falls in love or becomes friends with a normal (and weak) mortal**
(Me as cultivator, you as mortal)
3. Two rivals/best friends trains at the same dojo**

Feudal Japan***
1. A young noblewoman who wants to become a samurai or onna bugeisha is supposed to be married away to the shogun but she and her new samurai/ronin guard plans to fulfill her dreams.****
(Me as noblewoman, you as guard)
2. A pampered, noble teen girl escapes her home to train to become a samurai or kunoichi. ****
(Me as noble girl, you as her master or fellow disciple)
3. A skilled kunoichi falls in love/becomes friends with a regular boy/girl. ***
(Me as kunoichi, you as regular boy/girl)

Ancient China (can be combined with wuxia)**
1. A megalomaniac and violent empress meets a commoner who was her childhood friend.****
(Me as empress, you as commoner)
2. A young, female martial arts prodigy disguises as a man and participate in a great tournament with power as the price.*
(Me as prodigy, you as friend/enemy)

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