1. jole875

    Fallout: Rise of the Eagle

    Through out the post apocalyptic U.S. several factions have taken up mantels of power. In the east you have factions like the BoS, the Institute, and a few weak but commonly known groups. In the west things are not so black and white. A power struggle is occurring among the big and little...
  2. mimibunni

    Fandom Looking for new roleplay partners!

    Hi there! My name is Mia and I'm 19 years old. This is my first post on this site, so forgive me if it's a little rocky. <3 I'm looking for some new roleplay partners! I am willing to roleplay in paragraph form or using asterisks, as long as the responses are in proper grammar. Kik is my...
  3. TheIrradiatedWaffle

    Fallout East Coast

    War, war never changes. The Year is 2292, and the world is far from calm. Just as in the old world, chaos rains. Man kills man and somewhat civil blood makes civil hands unclean. There is a darkness and uncertainty that arises as a conflict never seen before looms ever closer. In the...
  4. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fallout: New York Interest Check

    So, Fallout 4. Some love it, some hate it. I think it's a fun game with some problems. And I'm craving it pretty hard right now. The basic plot I have for this is that it's been a few years since the Institute and Brotherhood of Steel were destroyed by the Railroad and Minutemen, with the Sole...
  5. McGlitchy

    The Mojave at War Interest Check (Fallout New Vegas RP)

    Lore A mysterious man known simply as the Courier appeared in the Mojave Wasteland and in his short time there he rid the area of the NCR and Legion. This left the area in the hands of Yes Man (the Courier left in search of something), for years the citizens of the Mojave lived well under his...
  6. TheIrradiatedWaffle

    Fallout: East Coast

    Hey guys, just wanted to see how many people would be interested in a Fallout Eastern American Nationbuilding rp? If so comment below and we'll see how many people we can get. Personally, I'm gunning for NY,
  7. Rusty of Shackleford

    Cross Platform Fallout New Vegas fans? Anyone!?!?

    Hi! So I recently got into Fallout: New Vegas again, and fell in love with it again! It's such a good game, and is my favorite in the series! But after looking for some RPs for it, I found no one. Seriously. No one. It's kind of strange, actually. It's like whenever I get into a fandom, no one...
  8. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fallout New Vegas: The First Battle of Hoover Dam

    War...war never changes. The year is 2227, almost two hundred years after the world was baptized in nuclear fire. Hoover Dam has been claimed by the New California Republic, firmly earning their place in the Mojave. But across the Colorado lies a new enemy. Caesar's Legion, a group of unified...
  9. Error 420

    Superdeath Highway (Post-apocalyptic)

    In the ashes and dust of the Mojave desert lies a road leading North. It is the one road, the remains of a long-dead world of hope and prosperity. It is the one road, beset on all sides by mutants, warlords, and the mostly carnivorous. It is the one road, stretching on forever, perhaps into...
  10. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fallout New Vegas: Expedition Interest Check

    Hi all! I recently got back into Fallout: New Vegas, and really want to do a group RP in the setting! The basics of this RP is that it's set a few years after the Seoncd Battle of Hoover Dam, with the NCR, Brotherhood, Great Khan's, and Boomers decimating the Legion forces. The Legion was pushed...
  11. sspky

    Multiple Settings Seeking Partners // 1 x 1 or small group // ignore post count

    breakdown. I’m sspky (spooky). I’m a Canadian roleplayer, writer, and software developer. I've been roleplaying for about 12 years, through various mediums -- D&D, play-by-post, play-by-chat, MMOs, etc. I’m currently looking for a 1x1 or small group roleplay through a thread here on RPN. Post...
  12. Basic_Witch

    Fandom Marvel / Fallout RP Partner search

    Hey, I'm Kit! I'm currently looking for someone interested in either a Marvel RP (I prefer to RP as either Spiderman, Jessica Jones or Black Widow) Or someone interested in the Games from the fallout universe and who would want to create a story to take place while or during one of the games...
  13. S

    Fallout: Colorado (Interest check)

    Fallout: Colorado takes place in a slight variation of Fallout, it is non-canon, but something that feasibly could happen in the Fallout universe. Main story-line: The year is 2268. The legion has discovered a fort in Colorado, and is doing all they can to keep a hold on it. This isn't the...
  14. Zamorak789

    Fallout: Retribution [Percentile Die System]

    Hello, Vault Dwellers! Welcome to a die-rolling forum based RPG created by yours truly (With help from the deceased Black Isle Studios, rest in peace.) The original fallout games were basically pen and paper roleplaying with a graphical skin and called a video game. Just because you didn't have...
  15. Sole Survivor

    Multiple Settings A Huge Nerd's Partner Search ☼

    ☼ Welcome to My New (and slightly improved) Partner Search Thread! ☼ This time around I've decided to keep it nice and simple. All that BBCode jazz is awesome to look at; however, I'm more interested in getting straight to the point and meeting more amazing people. Recently, I've gotten some...
  16. ArtsyAlexis

    Fandom Sole Survivor looking for her John Hancock

    It’s been on my mind now for a while to find somebody who would like to roleplay as Fallout 4’s John Hancock. I would like to start from the beginning of meeting you and have a relatively slow burn into a romantic relationship from there. Preferably somebody literate and well-versed in the...
  17. SoSleepy

    Pretty generic Fallout RP!

    You find yourself in a simple little town, shabby wooden buildings lining the lone dirt road that brings in commerce and travelers alike. Matching signs hang from wooden stakes on either side of the town with the word Cinder burnt into them, obviously named after the giant burnt down building in...
  18. Pat

    Nation Building Fallout: New Vegas

    The two below sheets are the bare minimum you need to create a character or faction, respectively. You can add more if you want, which I would like to encourage. Character Sheet Name: Appearance: Equipment: (three or two or one) Tagged Skill(s): (35 total points, ten maximum in each)...
  19. Pat

    Fallout: New Vegas

  20. Pat

    Fallout: New Vegas (semi-canon)

    Me and a few other individuals have decided to take it upon ourselves to make another attempt at a lasting character-driven Fallout nation building RP. Interested roleplayers will be able to assume control of, replace, or even create, any character found in the main game (some exceptions may be...