1. S

    Fallout: Colorado (Interest check)

    Fallout: Colorado takes place in a slight variation of Fallout, it is non-canon, but something that feasibly could happen in the Fallout universe. Main story-line: The year is 2268. The legion has discovered a fort in Colorado, and is doing all they can to keep a hold on it. This isn't the...
  2. Zamorak789

    Fallout: Retribution [Percentile Die System]

    Hello, Vault Dwellers! Welcome to a die-rolling forum based RPG created by yours truly (With help from the deceased Black Isle Studios, rest in peace.) The original fallout games were basically pen and paper roleplaying with a graphical skin and called a video game. Just because you didn't have...
  3. Sole Survivor

    Multiple Settings A Huge Nerd's Partner Search ☼

    ☼ Welcome to My New (and slightly improved) Partner Search Thread! ☼ This time around I've decided to keep it nice and simple. All that BBCode jazz is awesome to look at; however, I'm more interested in getting straight to the point and meeting more amazing people. Recently, I've gotten some...
  4. ArtsyAlexis

    Fandom Sole Survivor looking for her John Hancock

    It’s been on my mind now for a while to find somebody who would like to roleplay as Fallout 4’s John Hancock. I would like to start from the beginning of meeting you and have a relatively slow burn into a romantic relationship from there. Preferably somebody literate and well-versed in the...
  5. SoSleepy

    Pretty generic Fallout RP!

    You find yourself in a simple little town, shabby wooden buildings lining the lone dirt road that brings in commerce and travelers alike. Matching signs hang from wooden stakes on either side of the town with the word Cinder burnt into them, obviously named after the giant burnt down building in...
  6. Pat

    Nation Building Fallout: New Vegas

    The two below sheets are the bare minimum you need to create a character or faction, respectively. You can add more if you want, which I would like to encourage. Character Sheet Name: Appearance: Equipment: (three or two or one) Tagged Skill(s): (35 total points, ten maximum in each)...
  7. Pat

    Fallout: New Vegas

  8. Pat

    Fallout: New Vegas (semi-canon)

    Me and a few other individuals have decided to take it upon ourselves to make another attempt at a lasting character-driven Fallout nation building RP. Interested roleplayers will be able to assume control of, replace, or even create, any character found in the main game (some exceptions may be...
  9. Beutelwolf

    Fandom Fallot Search

    I will try my best to keep this short and sweet! (Sorry for formatting issues, I’m using the app) I am looking for someone who can type 3+ paragraph posts, who is interested in the story line, and doesn’t mind darker themes First things first, I don’t require romance. I’m perfectly fine with...
  10. Mr_DC

    Fallout 4 Roleplay

    As tensions in the Commonwealth started to mount, seemingly unconnected group odd jobs began painting a web of something larger. With the Brotherhood arriving in the Commonwealth, scavengers started being directed to high-tech locations. With the Railroad regaining its strength, the underground...
  11. Rufus the Doofus

    Last Gen Favorite Fallout moment

    For me . . . It had to be the first time seeing a Deathclaw. New Vegas (my first Fallout experience), going to Quarry Junction as a noob and seeing the signs. Blatantly ignoring them since I was new to rpg's and figured I could cheese my way out of a tough enemy. So I see this small Lizard...
  12. Newson

    Multiple Settings - my partner search - / updated 2-7-18 /

    welcome to my partner search "i can't love someone just as hopelessly romantic as me." introduction. Hey kiddos, welcome to the rocking roller-coaster that is my life. What? You're confused? Well you better be prepared, because I'm gonna show you. I'm Newson, a cisgender, probably straight...
  13. Vorkaysus

    Multiple Settings Looking for 1x1 partners

    Looking for partners, preferrably through steam because i'm more active and more likely to respond there, along with the fact that i like making friends and playing games with them on there, if that's fine. There's only a few rules I ask. 1. If there's romance, it'll only be MxF 2. I'm fine with...
  14. General Deth Glitch

    Our Fallout

    Make your characters and stuff!
  15. General Deth Glitch

    Alternate Fallout History

    Write your future. Basically imagine the Fallout Universe, everything happened the same, right up until the bombs fell. From their our history diverges. Thats not to say we cant dip into the post war canon and take things, but it is to say we don't have to. Normally such an RP in this universe...
  16. Karcen

    Multiple Settings RP after dark

    Ok name aside what i am looking for is someone who is up late to rp with. I am in the central timezone and well i am up late often and i am looking for someone who is up late as well. Now then i rp past tense third person i tend to do paragraph formats, but i can do short one liners if my...
  17. CommonKilljoy

    Fandom Fallout plotting

    Hey there! I've recently come into some time and decided now was a good time to start rping again! Right now I am specifically looking for a Fallout rp. I have played all of the games and have played the DLC's for New Vegas and Fallout 3. I don't have any specific plots in mind, but I am going...
  18. Newson

    Fandom another search of mine. (last updated 11.23.17)

    another search. of mine. intro. Hey demons. It's your boy. Well I won't assume I'm your boy, but I'm a boy. I'm Newson. A 17-year old cisgender male who happens to love writing, video games, films, music, and anything someone could make creatively. Anything creative is so cool. I like to do...
  19. Courier-Six

    Futuristic Fallout 1x1

    Hiya folks! Just a new member of the site looking for anyone that might be interested in an RP within the Fallout universe. My main muse is the Courier from Fallout: New Vegas - but I am willing to write a story about anything under the nuclear sun! Willing to include romance if it seems...