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    Realistic or Modern Dead Alive - Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

    It appears this has died due to unfortunate timing. Since the Discord has disappeared I just wanted to say here that I really appreciated everyone involved. A lot of friendliness and good vibes all around. Best of luck to all of you with your next endeavours.
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    Realistic or Modern Dead Alive - Zombie Apocalypse RP

    Seth nodded, and held back as the others gathered, gauging each of them as they gathered around the circle. He was used to looking out for the wellness of those he was working with and surrounding himself by. It wasn't compassion: it was self-preservation. You had to be careful for your own...
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    Realistic or Modern Dead Alive - Zombie Apocalypse RP

    When she was 20, and only a year into her degree, Mae had gotten up to run at about this time each morning. Her friends had all called her crazy. Looking back, she'd been dumb as a bag of rocks. It was no wonder she'd stopped going to class halfway through the semester. Up until three or four in...
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    Realistic or Modern Dead Alive - Zombie Apocalypse RP

    Seth rubbed his eyes. There was a deeply uncomfortable bruise on his hip, where he'd rolled onto his holster while he slept. Someone beside him was already wide awake, back straight as a board, eyes wide and vacant. He imagined they couldn't have slept well, if they were this alert so quickly...
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    Futuristic In the Swamps of Venus! [Pulp Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [ Retro]

    Bump! If this appeals to you except for [insert thing from the post], please message me and let's see if we can't fix it.
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    Futuristic  In the Swamps of Venus! [Pulp Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [ Retro]

    Disaster among the stars! The first explorers of unsullied VENUS have descended below the planet’s impenetrable clouds - and disappeared! Fearing the worst, the fledgling Global Space Alliance has recruited its TWO FINEST AGENTS to embark on an emergency expedition. Their mission: to discover...
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    Advice/Help Do you ever get discouraged with roleplaying?

    This, absolutely. Since I returned to RP in January (after a long hiatus), I've put a lot of work into the theory of what makes a good interest check. It's had good results.
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    Advice/Help Do you ever get discouraged with roleplaying?

    Honestly, Idea's ideas are probably a far more practical approach, because of how rare it is that you find that 'perfect match' in roleplaying. I think my approach is biased by my early experiences with RP - I basically just RPed with one person for the first two or three years I was in the...
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    Advice/Help Do you ever get discouraged with roleplaying?

    I can't make the decision for you, but there's nothing wrong with taking a break. I've done that before - sometimes with the feeling that it might be The End - but I think we really do love this hobby, and we find our way back, over and over again. So, if it's becoming a drain, if it's not worth...
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    Realistic or Modern ★ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝐻𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓁 ─ a horror/survival RPG (Closed)

    He stumbled through the doorway. Sometimes things happened, and that was that. But Brent despised it - the happening. The inhuman response. The rush past deliberation. He felt the thing in his hands, clutched so tightly, and realized with dismay: the fading bible. He flailed for a moment...
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    Fandom Starwars Black Cell-77 RP

    Tannis dipped her head in a nod and ducked out of the room with the others who were most urgent to leave. In her room, she tugged off the uniform and found something that looked more fit for a speeder-pilot. Like too many of her clothes, its creases betrayed its disuse. She pulled on the beige...
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    Other OC Image Generator - A Tool for You to Use!

    This is SO cool, thank you for sharing!
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    Fandom Starwars Black Cell-77 RP

    "Apologies ma'am," Tannis said promptly as she entered and stood, to the best of her ability, at attention. Patch, Canine, and by the window was Wight. She couldn't help but allow herself a small smile as she realized she wasn't the last to arrive. As the commander began to talk, the marksman...
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    Fandom Starwars Black Cell-77 RP

    There were others on the bridge. First he heard the voices. Then he saw them The commander, and the clone. He passed them, with a hasty salute to the commander. She was speaking. A conversation about the others. About lateness. He walked to the far side of the bridge. The viewscreen showed...