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so I know when I was young I spent most of my days eagerly awaiting for new episodes of chowder and adventure time to come out, I would come home from school and wait through the boring old reruns of Johnny test to be over, to finally see new episodes of the wacky food loving rabbit beast chowder, whats your favorite cartoon by the way?
Hmmm....some of the ones that most sticked with me in my mind where Dexter's Lab and Ben Ten. However, the thing is even as a kid (without realizing it) I began consuming anime before I was even consuming cartoons. A bit of pokemon, but mostly I was a huuuuge digimon fan. Still am :) XD
I watched a lot of cartoons as a little kid but I only really started getting like an active appreciation for them when I was like 12+ Some favs I remember from middle to highschool were Gargoyles, Generator Rex, Secret Saturdays, Ben Ten, and any Batman cartoons, among others probably. I think I was just big into anything involving like fantasy heroes and villains.
The first one that comes to mind is Tom and Jerry. The TV at home didn't have dish or cable or anything, so I didn't watch cartoons unless I was somewhere that did get them. I guess Tom and Jerry just sticks out in my mind.

EDIT: I remember watching some old Looney Tunes VHS tapes at my grandparents' house. I remember having oreos and milk (wouldn't usually have that at home!); I'd use this one mug for the milk that had a ceramic cat sitting inside, so I wouldn't fill it up too much to avoid "drowning" the cat! I forgot all about that!
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Ah, there's a few, but I'd definitely have to go with Cyberchase on this one. I loved the characters and the storyline; it had me going; it was probably also my first real taste of "action" as a kid. I was totally invested in seeing Motherboard get that dang encrypter chip finally, and the adventures were just fun in general. A great memory. That, and the math. I am a STEM major yeah, they might have had a part in starting the infection XD
Back in sixth grade I would always rush home to watch the newest Clone Wars episode on Teletoon. Honestly my first experience with a cartoon with a story I could really follow
Favourite cartoons as a kid definitely would be Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd, &Eddy, Johnny Bravo, and almost all the late 90s early 2000 cartoon network stuff. Also Yu Gi Oh was a massive thing for me back then so that's gotta be up there.
Pokemon! I loved it up until they kicked out Brock. I stopped liking it when they kicked out Misty.

Ed Edd and Eddy, LoonyToons!
Looney Tunes, Edd Ed & Eddy, Spongebob, Dexter's Lab, Rocko's Modern Life, Teen Titans, Tom & Jerry, Chowder, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons, Futurama, CatDog, all 90's, 2000's, etc. cartoons.

There was one cartoon that was live action, kinda like power rangers, but it was focused in a virtual environment where the main characters would go into the computer and take on baddies in the computer, it was really cool, but I can't remember the name of it now for the life of me.
Megas XLR and Bobobo Bo Bobobo, for some reason the more goofy a show and the more they spoof others the more hooked I am to it.
I lot of my favourite ones have already been mentioned so Im going with a lesser known one. SRMTHFG.
The one detail I still remember well after all this years is how in one episode they had to gather 3 evil items and it basically was "Ice with a scary face, "fire with a scary face" so you assume the last one was going to be the same boring stuff. Nope. Last one was some kind of fucked up looking organ. Little me loved it.

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