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LGTBQ, Realistic


。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ hi there! hello! hey! i suck at coding so...have this instead? 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

☆.。.:* :: about me. and you also. :: ☆.。.:*
* my name's meg, i'm 21, i'm in college (online obvi), and i work part-time. so i'm busy.
* please don't expect me to reply every five seconds, however, i'm usually pretty fast with ooc i'm hyped about
* i consider myself advanced novella; i love writing mini novels ♥
* i'm chill?? so plz don't be scared to talk to me?? send a pm?? if you want??
* oc x canon and canon x canon only - only oc x oc action i like is harry potter and youtube~
* i!!! love!!! aesthetic!!!
* real face claims only
* please have the ability to and enjoy playing multiple characters (i do- don't worry)
* yes the previous point does imply that neither of us will be playing our ocs for every response
* also can romance not be the main focus? like, can it be one of many focuses? please?
* my grammar and capitalization is immaculate in rp. i stg.

☆.。.:* :: le Fandoms :: ☆.。.:*

{currently equally interested in all of these}
* supernatural
* mcu
* doctor who
* clone wars
* henry danger
*danger force
* harry potter
* youtube

☆.。.:* :: a writing sample, for your viewing pleasure :: ☆.。.:*

White light shone from the portal in front of them; it was of the pure, blinding variety that only ever came from Heaven. Sam squinted as it overwhelmed his vision, Autumn wind tussling his hair. If you had told him ten years ago that he would be breaking into one of Heaven’s boarded-up backdoors he would’ve thought you were crazy.

“You ready?” Dean asked, an arm up to aid his sight.

Sam adjusted his grip on the angel blade in his hand, nodding incredulously, “Yeah. You?”

“Yup.” Dean looked determinedly ahead at the portal. “Let’s go save God’s daughter.” And Sam had to laugh despite the daunting task ahead of them, because who said that? What had their life become? His face fell back into a serious grimace as he followed Dean, though. They were swallowed up in the portal for what felt like a few burning seconds; spit out on the other side into Heaven’s clinically white halls. They pressed themselves against the wall of the nearest corner, Dean peering around and spotting an Angel almost immediately. He tapped Sam’s arm to let him know. They switched positions; Dean moving to the defensive and Sam the offensive.

As soon as the Angel rounded the corner Sam put her in a loose chokehold, hurriedly whispering “Where is she?”


“The demigod- where is she?”

The Angel had her arms up in surrender; her eyes wide, looking at the angel blade Sam had an inch from her throat. “I don’t know what you’re-”

Sam pressed the blade against her throat, then, “Yes you do. Don’t play dumb.”

She gulped. “They’ll kill me if I tell you.”

“And you think what we’ll do to you is any better?” Dean cut in suddenly. His face was deadly; an expression Sam only ever saw when they were on the job- and last year when Dean had been afflicted with the Mark of Cain, but he tried not to think about that. “Spill it. Now.” he demanded, and the Angel closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before opening them again. “Fine.”

“Good. Walk.” Sam demanded. They were off, travelling surprisingly undisturbed- save for a few interruptions that were quickly stabbed. The Angel opened the password-locked door and, as soon as Dean gave him confirmation that they hadn’t been tricked, Sam drove the blade through the Angel’s throat. He laid her body on the ground. “You’re sure?” Sam asked Dean then, because, in truth, they had no idea what she looked like; they didn’t even have a name to go off of.

“If I’m wrong, I have no idea who else this kid could be.” Dean replied, pointing a thumb behind him at the door. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Sam nodded grimly in response.

He kept guard; expecting more than a minute to pass and raising his eyebrows in surprise when Dean reappeared not even a moment later, holding an unconcious girl in his arms. “She’s out cold and burnin’ up- we gotta get her back to the bunker fast.” And, well, it wouldn’t have taken Dean telling him for Sam to deduce that something was wrong; she was abysmally pale and skinny, complete with an oddly long mane of black hair. It struck him as odd that she was wearing a knee-length nightgown considering Angels were usually so formal, but they had bigger fish to fry at the moment...

It had been a bloodbath (or whatever the Angel equivalent to a bloodbath was, anyways) getting back to the car. They’d been surrounded almost as quickly as Dean had taken the girl from her room, and with him having his hands full with her unconscious body Sam was left fighting on his own. It had turned out fine, though. Minimal wounds, the demigod in one piece and a tentatively renewed feeling of hope as they screeched out of the parking lot and raced home.

A week had passed and, as it turned out, the girl they had holed up in one of the bunker’s spare rooms wasn’t much for talking. At all. They still didn’t know her name. So that feeling of hope was quickly dwindling, but Sam refused to give up entirely. She was God’s daughter- the biggest lead they’d had in months; she had to be at least somewhat powerful.

“Are you sure we got the right kid? She’s just so….tiny.” Dean said as he entered the library, eyebrows furrowed and hands gesturing for emphasis. Sam had been searching for any sign of Amara relentlessly, as they had been for the past God-only-knew-how-long, but tore his attention from his laptop. Rolling his eyes he said, “Dean, you’re the one who was sure it was her.”

“I know, but dude-”

“Did you make any progress?” Sam interrupted. “Do we have a name yet?”


thanks for checking this out! have a good one c:


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