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Ruler of the Sky
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Cast & Goals:
  • Oden (#ACA9A7)
    • Be accepted as a member of the Ryozo Clan
    • Reunite with her nephew
  • Astrid Thorn (#FAC51C) (NPC - Rowan's cousin) (co-narrating)
    • Build up rapport with the Ryozo Clan for her cousin's future business.
  • Shao Tenko (#E25041)
    • Gather funds
    • Recruit wealthy sponsors and/or builders for his shrine
  • Scylla Bancroft (#9365B8)
    • Study matters of the undead or supernatural, potentially through learning more about the ancestral site of the Ryozo Clan in Yasaki
  • Amice Bellamy (#2E8B57)
    • Ask the Ryozo Clan about any sightings or info on more members of Asuka's race (The Xiānhè)
  • Squink (#54acd2)
    • Explore and learn about the world whilst making new friends
General Location Info:
Though it has members scattered across the shogunate, the main dealings of the Ryozo Clan occur in Yasaki. The city is ruled by the clan's direct lineage and is their place of burial and ancestral worship, which they have resided in since the birth of the Nara No Nox Shogunate.
  • Yasaki (City/Castle Town(Jōkamachi))
    • Ya = 矢 = "arrow, dart."
    • Saki = 咲 = "bloom, blossom, flourish."
    • 'The blooming arrow, or the arrow that leads to flowers.'
Haneshiki Castle is where the ruling class of Yasaki, the direct lineage of the Ryozo Clan, primarily reside.
  • Haneshiki Castle
    • Hane = 羽 = "feather, wing."
    • Shi = 史 = "history, chronicle, annals."
    • Ki = 紀 = "era, chronicle."
    • 'The wings that preserve time.'
Natori Village, a larger village settled close to the riverside, decimated by a sudden swarm of sea-faring monsters just a day ago. Due to it's proximity to Otori, the capital, across the river and Yasaki, the city of the Ryozo Clan, as well as other smaller towns and villages, many refugees were sent to them.
  • Na = 七 = "seven."
  • Tori = 鳳 = "phoenix, fenghuang."
Location: The Republic of Kuridan, The Nara no Nox Shogunate, Yasaki Outskirts
Time: Late evening
Weather: Cool with the occasional cruel wind

In spite of the weather and time of day, the vibrant city of Yasaki was bustling. The noisy sounds of chatter and crowded footsteps could be heard even from the city's outskirts. Despite the display of colourful lanterns and well-maintained architecture inside however, outside the city walls, dozens of ragtag, makeshift tents were strewn about, coupled with a population clearly too large for all the shelters.

"Halt. Who goes there." A voice suddenly resounded from above, as a shadow suddenly swept down from above to meet the newcomers. "Yasaki is not accepting any more visitors at this time, unless you are a refugee seeking shelter." Lit by the nearby lanterns and campfires, his blue plumage slowly came into view, beady golden eyes glancing quietly between the respective strangers.
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Shao Tenko

"Hello hello~!" A cheerful singsong voice came from before the guardian, a certain foxy fellow rose his head, undoing a wicker hat he had plopped onto his head to keep away a recent rainshower. He was a lithe yet strong looking fellow who wore priestly garb, he had the look of a mischevious individual from the smile right down to the tip of his four immaculately displaying tails, that splayed out behind him like a peacock on the prowl for those that dared to enter it's domain.

"A pleasure oh such a pleasure to finally see civilization, and a dutiful guard as well! With the dangers of travel abound its good to see somebody who gives a hoot about travelers coming and going!" The foxman's crimson tails flowed lightly in the wind, one curling forwards for Shao to preen and pick a leaf that had flown in and stuck itself between fluffy fur locks.

"But, to the point. I as you might imagine am a priestly sort, here to spread word of a beautious return of my most magnaminous and..." the fox sighed when his stomache rumbling ruined his mood... When one says rumble, it was more like the roar of a lion...

"...I... I can work for food yes? I'm a healer! Magician! Please sir i've been syarving this trail so long... My goddess pushes me like a slave..."

An eerie yet inconspicuous portal opened near the entrance of Yasaki, crackling with a lightning like cackle as the witch stepped through from the hellish realms, hands entwined with a devious grin. "I.. hear you." Muttered the witch, as some sort of presence kept beckoning her to step beyond the vortex and into the world. It wasn't common that Scylla would be summoned by some sort of presence, usually it was her master who sent her out on errands but this time, was different. The witch yawned, having been woken after a long an arduous quest only a few days before. However, this nagging feeling, it was new, it was.. exciting. What mysteries could be discovered was anyone's guess.

As the portal closed behind the witch her eyes looked up towards the great walls. She remembered reading about Yasaki, however, it wasn't a place she quite knew well enough.

It was then that a certain blue winged avian would land before her and others who appeared to be there at just the right time. The witch giggled with a venomous charm, "I always seem to attract the most.. interesting people." she said, biting her bottom lip with the excitement of adventure with a silent gasp.

Whatever the witch was seeking was behind those walls, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. No matter what. However, she didn't have to blow up the pretty walls or much less create an unnecessary skirmish.

"Please excuse my arrival at such an untimely hour dear sir, my name is Scylla Bancroft, [student] of the prestigious Royal Ryken Academy and I'm on quite the urgent mission of grave importance. " Her weight shifted as her fingers twirled her bubblegum hair with a soft wink as she got closer to the mysterious owl eyes, "Perhaps you could escort me to through?" [Charm F]

  • Charm - Persuasion F - Seduction F - Scylla attempts to charm another character/NPC into telling or doing what she wants. - Grade F - 0 Cooldowns
Amice Bellamy
Mentions: SilverFeathers SilverFeathers | Shoa Orikanyo Orikanyo | Scylla RavenSong RavenSong
Languages: Common | {Sylvan}

She'd been rather excited to be travelling. Every step she took had been a step further away from home than she'd ever been before. “{So, the animal people that live here, they are the non-magical ones?}” She asked Asuka and Tahmuras. All of this was so new and dazzling to her. To think there were so many people in the world, especially so many different ones, it was wild. She'd never expected there to be so much more than just the forest. “{All these... what were they called again? Buildings! All these buildings, do they have someone live in every single one of them?}” She'd ask, still overwhelmed by the amount of civilisation here, despite the fact they were still at the outskirts.

She also looked at the tents. “{Are those houses as well?}” she'd ask, wondering what they were for. They looked a lot different from what she thought buildings would be like. Besides, the amount of people here was making her nervous, so she made sure to stick closely to Asuka and Tahmuras. Howeveer, when she spotted a bird, she pointed at him. “{Look, Asuka, he's flying there! Perhaps he knows how to ask about your species!}”

She also noticed the strange man that was talking with the bird-man. However, there was something really odd about him. “{Wait, why does he have so many tails?}” She asked. Tahmuras only had one, which seemed more than enough. She also noticed a strange woman getting close to the owl. “{What is she doing?}” She'd ask her companions.
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Titles: Beastfolk, Ilithid, Ryke Nobility F
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Everything sure was a surprising lot to take in, and a strangely warming sight as Squink's gaze met the sight of Yasaki, something just simply beautiful about it that she couldn't quite place. The warm lighting and the unique cultural architecture made it surely an interesting place that caught her attention, of which she couldn't help but feel drawn to checking out. Willingly choosing to come see things was a big step-up from her confused entry into her last adventure, which was atleast one she was sure was a good idea to go on despite not being so reassured she belonged on such quests or travels.

Much seemed fine until the cephalopod humanoid found themselves among others who had found their entry also blocked by a blue avian whom seemed to not be willing to allow passage. Some of the others that had seemed to be around appeared rather interesting. A little gnome girl who had two others to seemingly support her, a rather handsome fox-person and some lady who Squink wasn't sure if they were either full of themselves or desperately trying really hard.
"Huh. Maybe I won't be getting in there then... " she thought for a moment as she didn't seem to feel like she had a good reason to convince them to let her in. But perhaps, this was a test of her abilities too. Squink was horribly unconfident within their own talents, but only attempting things could improve her skill if at all. And from the looks of others present, attempting to win the guardian's favour through charm and nice requests was an option that others saw as valid. Perhaps she should try too, despite probably being the most questionable person to come up looking for entry. Seeing as the pink-haired woman and the foxy man were already asking ahead for entry, she chose to try to introduce and ask nicely without speaking over anyone.

'Uh, hello, good sir,' Squink began as she tried to calmly speak to the avian telepathically, hoping that she could kindly ask some things before she got turned away just being in proximity to others.
'I get that you're probably busy with a lot of important thiiiings, but do you maybe need any help with anything or if I, and maybe these nice people also can just stop on by? I'm not sure how busy or troubled things in your nice little city here are going, but it's very pretty' Squink communed with her mind, seeing as she was close enough to be in speaking distance so it should hopefully be fine.
'What is it about refugees taking shelter? Is that an issue or something that happens often?' she continued before realising that such telepathic conversation might be a bit weird if she didn't introduce herself.

'H-hello, I forgot to say, I'm Squink, I'm the, uh, one right here... ' she added as she gave a little wave with her hand, giving a small gleeful expression to try and get on his good side. Then something, or someone, familiar ended up hitting her mind which was an interesting question to raise. Since the last time they talked, Squink remembered Oden talking about how she was travelling around also, curious if the nice bird lady she had met before had come through this town of other bird-people. Perhaps this civilization of them would prove just as nice as Oden was.

'Ah, l-little question also, good sir. Niche ask, but do you know of another feathered person like yourself with the name of Oden? She's like a sweet older lady, has a bow, very calm and nice, is maybe about yaaaay-tall? I-I don't entitely recall' Squink continued on as she gestured a rough estimate with her hands on Oden's height from what she could recall since it had definitely been a while. It might've been questionably racist to think that one bird-person would know a specific other but it was worth a shot.

  • Use Cunning Charm to try and telepathically commune and be a gud nice new friend to the birdguy. Cunning Charm: Seduction (F) + Empathy (F) + Telepathy (F) - Persuade or influence someone through exploit of sex appeal, social understanding and knowledge of their current emotions. With Telepathy, this can be telepathically done. (F Grade) (0 Post Cooldown)
Astrid Thorn
Astrid.pngOwlfolk form.jpeg
A figure would be visible to the group- making her way towards the front gate with a confidence and familiarity as if she had been there before, and knew what to do. Anyone who knew Rowan would look at this blond girl and would see a resemblance to her- almost as if the woman had relatives she never mentioned- but even for the people who had met her before, she hadn't exactly been forthcoming about any past relatives. They would have to enquire further, asking this person more details about herself- or maybe about her cousin- if they wished to do so. Otherwise, she seemed like a regular human. Rowan was her favorite cousin, after all.

Her form would shimmer, as she changed from a human to an owlfolk when she was close enough to comfortably talk to the guard- a talent the guard would be aware of, as she worked for the owlfolk as a sort of ambassador for the insular group of creatures. Not that they really trusted her more than any others, but being a diplomat worked better when you were the same species as the person you were doing trade with.

Her form would stretch in a few seconds, her hair darkening, her skin growing feathers, wings forming from her hands- about seven seconds would be what it would take to take this new look- as functionally, she was Astrid, but inside the body of an owlfolk. A beak would grow from her face as feathers soon overtook her- talons sharpening and forming at what used to be her legs. Her clothes stayed on her, as they were loose to her form- evidently to keep her clothes on her as she transformed so she wouldn't be naked when she became human again.

Astrid would give the guard the customary owlfolk greeting, waiting for her turn to talk to the guard, as she wouldn't just slide in without stating why she was there- for business. Though, to be fair, she was two weeks behind on her visit than promised- but there had been a family emergency- and that was what she would say on the subject. Besides, she had confidence that they would let her in- they had let her in before- this time shouldn't be much different.

The people were interesting, the ones trying to get in. The fox man was surprisingly handome, and she met with those of all different species. Maybe later, she would attempt a fox form similar to the man's, just to see his reaction. The cephalopod person was interesting as well- a new form to study and try to replicate for herself. The others were humanoids, but looked generally human enough to not need further study, at least from viewing them without conversing with them further.

*Co-narrating with Silver
Location: The Republic of Kuridan, The Nara no Nox Shogunate, Yasaki Outskirts
Time: Late evening
Weather: Cool with the occasional cruel wind
Languages: Common | {Sylvan}


One by one, each distinct stranger made their case to the blue owl. If he felt overwhelmed at all, he showed no sign of it.

Shao's cheerful pleasantries was met with little more than an amicable nod from the wary guard. He seemed to look upon the priest's garb with peculiarity, before the sudden earthquake of a stomach rumble caused the discussion to shift. Shaking his head gently, he spoke. "You are pitiful. But we already have too many new mouths to feed for any more-"

"Let him stay. We're short staffed of able people, especially healers." A woman with golden hair lackadaisically strolled on over, hands in pockets as she tilted her head casually towards the group of strangers. Her eyes were an odd colouration mix of the sky and the sun, but her slitted pupils were all that were needed to betray her bestial heritage. A long leopard-printed tail, with fur slightly wild and untamed, also lurked behind her quietly. "If nothing else, I'm sure the children would appreciate some magic shows." She smiled faintly, though her languid eyes seemed to scrutinize Shao more than praise him. Orikanyo Orikanyo

"I'll leave him to you then." He nodded without much thought, before turning to Scylla, the witch-like human that drew his attention. Blinking quietly, he seemed to acknowledge the witch's seductive demeanour, not exactly impressed, but not showing any outward signs of derision towards it either. "Ryken Academy, I see..." He mused thoughtfully for a moment, seeming familiar with the name. "Regardless, without good reason, I cannot. What is it you seek here? There are too many vulnerable people in and around Yasaki at the moment for me to just let any random stranger, ryken academy student or not, in without valid reason." RavenSong RavenSong

As Squink reached her tendrils of mind tampering outward, she would find that she was completely unable to access the recesses of the blue owl's mind. Each query she attempted to send was sent deep into the void, without answer.

However, even if her attempts to communicate had failed, the blue owl had long noticed her presence, especially with her little amicable wave and strange horizontal gestures directed toward him. He blinked confusedly for a moment at the ilithid staring daggers at him before decidedly opening up the discussion himself. "And you? What have you come here for? Unfortunately, if you are here to sightsee I will have to tell you to leave." He spoke softly, perhaps subconsciously picking up on her timidity through her actions and demeanour. Femboy Femboy

The approach of Astrid, another human, immediately drew the blue owl's attention. Before he could address her however, he carefully watched her transform in front of everyone, and a flash of understanding immediately passed through his gaze. "You must be Astrid, Ryu has told me of you." He mentioned quietly after bowing and exchanging greetings with the now dark-feathered owlfolk. "Give me a moment, and we can discuss your visit here today." He nodded, before turning back to the group of foreigners. slifer37 slifer37

Amice's Companions

"{Indeed, Ami. Rather than magic and wisdom, those of the Republic tend to value strength and tenacity more.}" Tahmuras explained to the little gnome, prowling beside her with his flowing tail raised high. "{Mostly yes, some of them even have multiple people per building, like for families and friends.}" He continued warmly, occasionally flicking a warning gaze towards any refugees wandering a bit too close. "{Those are tents, they can also be used as housing for a bit, yeah.}" He nodded affirmatively, before turning to Asuka with a sly smile as he noticed her starstruck gaze. "{Having fun Asuka?}"

Asuka was merely listening quietly to all the questions and answers, equally as in awe as Amice though she didn't show it so fervently, when she was caught off-guard by Tahmuras teasing. "{Hmph. I am.}" She huffed, before continuing to unabashedly look around. "{The world really is so vast...}" She mumbled quietly, before her gaze was locked towards where Amice was pointing. Her eyes lit up faintly with expectation and hope, though she suppressed it well. "{Perhaps. I'll go ask in a moment when he's less busy. Ami, you be sure to stay close to Tahmuras.}" Despite her excitement, the Xiānhè still remembered to leave a word of caution for her dear foster daughter.

Amice's next question made the vulpine chuckle. "{Haha, some of us are just blessed with more than others. Can you imagine if I had so many? I could create an even bigger tail sofa for you to lay on! Seems like it would be a pain to brush and maintain though.}" He mused, though his gaze never really left the blue owl's side. He too was excited for Asuka's sake after all. "{Hmm... She seems to be trying to persuade the owlfolk for something.}" Tahmuras replied tactfully to the little gnome's last question, vaguely beginning to use his tail to shield just Scylla from Amice's view. Elvario Elvario

"Oh my oh my so many people here today..." Shao could only say, observing the growing number of people... First the witchy woman. She was.. Curious? She had the look of somebody who was dangerous and magically inclined, the pink hair only added to this fact as she tried to charm her way in. Oh she certainly was, but something about her was dangerously attractive as well, perhaps it was that pinchable rump?


She'd look perfect with an array of tails like him!

Alas, not everyone could be so prodigiously gifted as he.

As for the next one was... Oh, but a small child, what was she doing out here...? Was she a displaced child? where were her parents? Oh goodness, don't tell me she was an orphan!! he would be reduced to tears in but a moment! No Shao, it wouldn't do to cry all the sudden, people have a penchant for looking at your like your crazy already don't give them more fuel!

...Wait who was that...


Looked like an octopus...

She... was...

Delightfully squishy looking.

Its as if she was made for hugging.

Though the tentacles on her face were making him uncertain she looked like she'd make a lovely squeak when she gets squished.

Shao was going to continue his people watching, but he was addressed! How lovely!! "Ah, the day continues to surround me with beautiful people!" he gave a deep long bow towards the spotted gold woman, his red tails fanned out like fluffy peacock feathers. "A genuine pleasure, I swear upon my goddess I shall do all i can to aid, mend and grow that which is needed~! My lady blesses me with magics for such, it would be a shame to not use them where best needed~! I can heal, i can bolster health and strength, why i can even make plants grow~!" his sing song way of speech wasn't ending anytime soon one might guess.

"May I ask your name golden one?"

Scylla would get closer at the owl folk repeating the name of the Ryken Academy. "Yes. Yes." Her eyes expectantly, with the sudden hint of potential success. However, it would not be so when the owl folk opened it's beak.
Scylla flinched at his response, then scoffed, nearly but not quite offended. Crossing her arms she huffed a bit as she regained her composure, it almost felt like rejection. But quickly justified by the thought that owl folk couldn't possibly be attracted to humans. Could they?

Feeling a pair of eyes upon her figure, Scylla turned around to catch a certain tailed individual gawking at her. She only glanced, and couldn't make out any details to this person however. Her focus was then brought back to the owl folk.

Upon being pressed further by the owl guard she nodded, "But of course, I'm not here to pose any sort of threat to the populace. Im merely here to examine the various ancient tombs and temples of worship. My department has reason to believe there are departed whom wish to communicate with the living. It was requested of me personally to conduct field research that is of no harm to anyone's safety. Much less in any way shape or form damaging to the physical and spiritual integrity of the specimens being examined." She took a deep breath, and pulled out her Almanac of the Dead. "If it must be known and seen, then this is the very medium by which the dead can write into, and tell us exactly what they want to communicate."

It was rather quick how it seemed like she was suddenly surrounded by unique individuals. She glanced around a bit, Astrid transforming, Squinks obvious appearance, the tailed man, and the little girl who appeared so innocent. She then found herself trying to compete for the owl folks attention. Part of her was beginning to wonder if she'd have to resort to clandestine means. However, it remained to be seen, an angry mob was a bit less obvious than a witch blowing things up.
Amice Bellamy
Mentions: SilverFeathers SilverFeathers | Shoa Orikanyo Orikanyo | Scylla RavenSong RavenSong | Squink Femboy Femboy | Astrid slifer37 slifer37
Languages: Common | {Sylvan}

She watched as more peculiar people showed up. A purple-blue woman that seemed colourful enough to be a Fae, but she had weird stuff on her face. Another one was even stranger. “{Did... did she just change from a human into an owl..?}” Amice asked, not sure if she was seeing things correctly.

When Tahmuras started to explain things, he had her full attention. “{Why are some people using tents and others the other type of buildings?}” She'd ask a follow-up question to her earlier inquiry.

“{Alright, I will!}” She called out as Asuka told her to stick close to Tahmuras. She hoped they would find out about Asuka's species here, although even without it, she was already getting overwhelmed by just how much there was to see.

The thought of that amount of tails... “{I think I might get lost.}” She stated. Especially the odd man didn't only have many, they were all about her size. It was rather peculiar. “{Persuade..?}” She asked, but she couldn't keep looking, as for some reason Tahmuras' tail got in the way.

However, when the tailed man called out something that peaked her interest, she forgot her earlier promise and hurried over to Orikanyo. “You... say magic.” She tried speaking. She hadn't spoken common often, so it was a bit of a struggle to get the words right. “Do you have... ca... list... {a catalyst} A magic use item? For magic? We need those.” She asked, trying to politely ask him if he could hook them up with some, hoping to help their cause.
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As the avian man had responded to all others present but eventually reached her, it became apparent that all she had tried fell completely flat as Squink fell nervously hesitant over such failed attempts. With the arrival of a blonde woman who had turned into an owlkin, Squink wondered what kind of transformative powers this person possessed to be able to do such a thing so simply when she herself was struggling with her powers from birthright on a daily basis. It seemed that they were also joined by another woman with a rather exotic printed tail, pondering if there was more than the likes of owlkin within this settlement.

She had noticed receiving a few glances from others which was only to be expected, but with her telepathic failures she just awkwardly fidgeted with her hands as her tentacles gently quivered and recoiled close to her face as they scrunched and rolled up in embarrassment.
"Hi. U-uh, I'm Squink. I was curious if... about... " she muttered, unsure if she could manage entry considering they mentioned about not allowing visitors.
"W-what is with your little refugee issue? I-I'm just travelling around a little and don't have anywhere else to go and was maybe wondering if I would be able to help a little somehow?" Squink asked as she remembered and tried to ask about Oden once more. Oden was a nice owlkin, so maybe mentioning them might get her somewhere. The man with the fox tails had managed to earn what felt like a pass from the leopard lady whom had joined the interaction, wondering if there was more of a possible chance of entry although Squink was lacking in useful capabilities others could probably provide.

"D-do you know a feathered person like yourself by the name Oden? Sweet lady, she's very nice, I met her and travelled with her for a while, has a bow, maybe you know of her? Is- is she here?" Squink asked, wondering if making such a past friend would prove a possible reason. It would be nice to meet someone she recognises once more as well, surprised if Oden hadn't visited such a place yet. Perhaps the leopard lady might prove answer to getting in too, but other than asking nicely to help or name-dropping just an owlkin friend she had made, Squink didn't really have any other guesses on what to do.

  • Use Cunning Charm to be a gud nice new friend to the birdguy (without trying to do it telepathically this time). Cunning Charm: Seduction (F) + Empathy (F) + Telepathy (F) - Persuade or influence someone through exploit of sex appeal, social understanding and knowledge of their current emotions. With Telepathy, this can be telepathically done. (F Grade) (0 Post Cooldown)
Location: The Republic of Kuridan, The Nara no Nox Shogunate, Yasaki Outskirts
Time: Late evening
Weather: Cool with the occasional cruel wind
Languages: Common | {Sylvan}

"Haha, quite the blunt one aren't you? Thanks for the compliment. You're not so bad yourself." The leopard-tailed woman smiled briefly, narrowed eyes brazenly looking the kitsune up and down. "You must have some confidence going around dressed like that." Her smile was full of mirthful teasing, but one could notice she didn't stare at his chest more than appropriate after the initial look-over. At his sudden sing-song, self-advertising speech, she merely chuckled. "Spoken like a true priest huh. I'm Rinka. I'll take you to the priestess so she can decide your duties." Before making any movements forward however, she suddenly smiled again. "May I ask your name crimson one?" Orikanyo Orikanyo

Scylla's sarcasm did not go unnoticed by the blue owl, whose brows slightly furrowed at her arrogant attitude. At the mention of communicating with the dead however, he managed to sweep such annoyances away and seriously ponder the matter. "...I cannot grant you access to the clan's ancestral tomb. Few have the privilege of entering that place at will, with the exception of certain rites and celebrations." He shook his head briefly before continuing. "However, there is a nearby grave of a clan member that may be of interest to you. My predecessor, previously known as the fourth elder of the Ryozo Clan, Elder Nata. She refused to be buried in the ancestral tomb, instead choosing to be buried beneath a certain tree which held dear memories to her."

He paused briefly for a moment, overhearing Rinka's introduction with a strange expression. "...woman over there can guide you there. It is in the same direction of the priestess' tent." He nodded in finality, before turning to Squink. RavenSong RavenSong

"Ah, you must not be from the area. The riverside Natori Village was attacked by a sudden swarm of monsters just yesterday, leaving the village in ruins. Refugees have been sent to all nearby settlements for aid and temporary housing. As you can see however, the number of survivors was quite a lot, so we're struggling to keep up with accommodation, food, medical care and the likes." He explained lightly, looking around at the overwhelming population around them. "If you would like to help out, you can follow Rinka as well. The priestess is in charge of organizing and distributing most matters at the camp."

The ilithid's next question came as a bit of a surprise, causing him to muse over the name for a while. "Oden...? Strangely, the name rings a bell but I don't personally know of such a person." He answered in finality with a shake of his head, before another voice suddenly called out gently from above them. "I'm honoured that you think of me so highly Squink." Swooping down from her flight path above, Oden smiled kindly at her old travel companion before turning to the blue owl. "You may have heard of me from Yoko-san, or perhaps my nephew Ryu."

"Indeed, I recall your letter now as well. Help the refugees for now with Squink and the others, and I'll get back to you." Oden simply nodded, having long noticed the huge crowd, before looking back towards Squink for guidance. "So where to, old friend?" She chuckled, unable to suppress a smile at the thought of finally being able to see her only family again. Femboy Femboy

"Apologies for keeping you waiting Astrid. What is it you would like to discuss?" The blue owl gestured towards the transformed owlfolk, guiding her to a location slightly away from the growing crowd to discuss things. slifer37 slifer37


"{Seems like it.}" Tahmuras eyes narrowed in thought for a moment. "{Transformation magic. Fae usually love that stuff, I'm surprised to see it here.}" He mused thoughtfully without expression, his tail swinging idly from side to side. Amice and Asuka may not have heard the news, but Tahmuras was aware of the current conflicts between the fae and the humans due to the war. Watching a human transform couldn't help but make him think of the matter again.

Fortunately, Amice's innocent little follow up question made him smile again. "{Hm hm. I think that there may not be enough room in the buildings or city for all these people, hence why they're putting up lots of tents outside here.}" He explained gently, nodding towards Asuka once she mentioned her intentions. That brief moment of distraction between to however, was enough for their dear Amice to suddenly dart out dangerously into the crowd. "{Amice!}" "Ami!" Twin voices called out her name as they chased after her, one in the melodious tongue of Sylvan on instinct, the other wittily switching to Common last second. Prowling beside her, they watched over Amice as she spoke to the multi-tailed stranger, flaring up feathers and tails warningly if Shao dared try anything. Elvario Elvario Orikanyo Orikanyo
Shao Tenko

"Ah, Rinka, a sporting name! It brings to mind strength but a side of cuteness. I was given the name Shao, I am one of the last of my ladies' Tenko. Theres a long long story there but no doubt, the people likely here care little for a prattling on story of my life, when I can doing a great deal of good before hand~

People need food, to heal, succor and mend, water as well but thats always a trouble... But to aid then I have a need myself! Not exactly payment, but to aide and mend, I need seeds!

Something cannot spring from nothing, no matter what is done, we need to furtive light of hope to set the world albaze with the life of fruiting plenty!" Shaos words were accompanied by his movements, he never seemed to stand still as he spoke, his hands moving up and down and all around as he spoke of the things needed and the things to come. He was truthful, but even beneath his flowery words there was no hint of exaguration it seems... Despite what it may seem at first glance, those with the know how of detecting liars... Would see naught but a truthsayer.

A strange one, but an honest man nonetheless.

"As for my garments..." he leans forward toward Rinka, a knowing smile on his face. "My lady knows what she likes of me. Far be it I hide myself when it has garnered interest..." a tail curves up and presses against his neck, the large fluffy thing practically decadent in his soft exterior. "Seeds for whatever desired~ I am a man of equal exchanges after all! Hohoho~" he leans back up before his tail goes back to formation amongst the other three, the little teasing over for now as a little voice called to him, causing the peacock display to turn lightly to look behind him to see but a charming little lady!! And two little friends!!

And... And... oh goodness she was stumbling on her words...

She was just so ADORABLE!!!!

"My darling dear." He knealt down to her and her little guardians level.

"A catalyst...? You search for a catalyst...?" He asks before thinking of the situation. The little lady asking for a catalyst in broken common... Two little friends almost acting like angry guardians...

My... Perhaps this child has been through some turmoil... The guardians do seem to be... magically oriented... Perhaps she seen some tragedy...?

That was... So tragic...

"My dear lady, what you seek is here, but belongs to yours truely... But, and answer layeth at hand, for I, Shao Tenko, shall champion your cause.

Amongst people, there are able hands, and amongst able hands are those who know how to create! Equal exchange befitting, do one, gain another!

These people require help, a princess such as yourself and her guardians can very likely secure a catalyst of some variety by doing good deeds! Follow with me and the lovely spotted and sporting lady here named Rinka, no doubt we can secure you what you seek!" He gave a bow to the little girl before looking at Rinkah with what could be considered an immence pleading.

"Please? Pretty please? What are we to leave a darling child to the elements? The cold? The danger?

...Truth betold I know her not but a guarded child sings of a tragic tale does it not? I cannot leave her be when seeked out so..." his ears drooping, his tails curling and fluffing up... Really, the whole crowd could see and hear him, he was nothing if not... Audacious in his words and displays.

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She nodded, upon hearing the right words said back to her in common. “Yes! Exactly, we needed cat-tail-lists!” She called out, glad he'd understood her. Although her little friends weren't all that little. That said, the rest of his answer was confusing to her. Her common wasn't that great either, but even so, he seemed to speak a bit weirdly. 'Princess' must not mean what she thought it meant either, as she was pretty sure she wasn't one. That said, it did seem clear that he wanted to help her.

However, when he called her a child, she huffed. “I'm not a child, I'm at least...” She paused, counting on her fingers. There were at least... four years before coming to this world. Then there was the year she'd arrived and met Asuka, the year she met Tahmuras, the year the three of them caught a really big fish and decided to celebrate that thing called 'birthday' with it, the year after when they celebrated again with some 'bread' that Tahmuras had brought, the year that Tahmuras brought this amazing thing called 'birthday cake', which was still the best one, then the year he got another one. She realised she ran out of fingers, so she started again, but that was 10 already! Let's see. There was the year he couldn't get one, nor the year after that, or the year after that, but he got this thing called 'pie' instead the year after that, and the year after that some weird plant person came to their birthday, and the year after that was last year, when he first suggested to maybe travel... “Ten and six!” She eventually stated. She might have been forest-educated by two whimsical Fae, but she could count and she was pretty sure that many numbers meant she wasn't a child.

That said, she was pretty proud. “{Did you hear, the many-tailed-man can help us get catalysts!}” She proudly proclaimed to Asuka and Tahmuras.

Come to think of it, now that she was here and her first conversation went well, she might as well try some more! She was feeling brave. The human turned owl (Astrid) was the first target. “Are you Fae?” She asked, recalling that Tahrumas told her normally only Fae transformed like that.

That said, the real question was an obvious one. She pointed at Squink's tentacles. “What are those?”

Finally, she couldn't help but notice what the other woman (Scylla) was holding. She'd heard about these things before. “Is that a book?” She asked, recalling that Asuka and Tahmuras told her those were things in which people wrote stories. “Does it have many stories?” She asked, wondering what stories that particular book would hold. “I like the... {frog and the princess} story... the one with the green jump animal and important girl woman.”

The witch looked at the owl folk as he seemed to come up with every excuse to not let her through. However, she admitted defeat, although there could still be something to the whispering in her head, it was almost a sign wasn't it?

Scylla payed attention to the owl as he explained the potential lead, nodding along as he spoke. "Hmm! That might be something." She said in deep thought as she looked towards the cheetah girl. She appeared a bit more intimidating, perhaps it was the attitude or demeanor. However, she was determined to find out what this spirit was attempting to reveal to her.

"Hey there!" She waved at the cheetah as she walked past. Although it did seem like she was busy, so she didn't press further. Crossing her arms she sighed in defeat looking down a bit. But just in time, a little girl appeared to be referring a question at her.

"Oh? This book? Stories!?" She giggled and got down in her knees. "Oh, no, no,no.. well.. yes, but not fairy tales or anything. Well, with this book anyway, you can speak to people who have died." She cringed a bit as she realized this little folk looked at quite acted like a child, better not be a bad influence!

"I mean, dead people write stories in this book." She pulled her own hair a bit in frustration. "No, no.. it's not a story book, spirits write in it after they die. Ugh! It's.. just.. not a story book okay? It's.. my book." The witch was rather conflicted, how did one speak to children anymore? How to keep them innocent and uncorrupted?
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Squink was overjoyed to hear Oden's voice once more, having not expected to come across her so quickly as the tips of her tentacles met and pressed like clasped palms in delight as she held her hands together in the same manner. If Oden was so pleased to see her and so open then perhaps it might turn out well after all visiting such a whole new place, especially since she may end up being fully accompanied by someone who already knows their whole way around. On the topic of her asking where Squink was headed, the ilithid blankly hesitated for a moment before laughing nervously.

"Ahah, w-well, I was maybe just... w-walking around a little and came to visit, I guess. S-surprise?" Squink nervously answered as she just seemed entirely lost, giving a gentle little wave before sighing.
"I'm lost, this was just kind of an accident. Maybe you can tell me where I am? I-I don't really have a place to stay or anything, a-and it's been a while since we talked or did anything. What are you up to here?" she sheepishly added before hearing the sound of a voice from someone smaller direct a question at her. Looking down to Amice who was flinging questions at everyone she had saw in childlike curiosity, she thought that the likely more interesting stories witheld in the history of the others would have been enough to keep her attention satiated for a little longer before she was inevitably asked about the tentacles. Crouching to her height just to be considerate since it was becoming harder to distinguish whether they were a person of short stature or just young at this point, she pointed at her tentacles and wiggled them a little.

"T-these are just, part of me. See?" she answered, having no real idea how else she was supposed to answer.​
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"Tenko Shao, it's an honour." Rinka nodded respectfully back toward Shao, though her gaze seemed no different than previous. Listening to his long-winded speech, it seemed to take her a few moments to figure out what he was actually trying to say. "Seeds? I see... If you need it to heal then yes, they can be given to you." Since there was prior talk of Shao's healing ability, she assumed that he required it for that purpose and didn't think in other directions. "...Do you always talk like this? Very flowery. Well, if nothing else, you will make a fun storyteller for the children." She inquired quite bluntly, before musing about how such traits still had their uses.

Shao's latter words caught the leopardine woman off-guard, blinking in surprise at the sudden offer. Bursting into laughter, it took a moment for her to recollect herself at the absurdity and odd righteousness of it all. "You offer yourself so cheaply?" She smiled mirthfully, raising a hand to Shao's chest to push and turn him aside, hiding her actions from the approaching little girl not far away. Teasingly, she raised a finger to gently trace the contours of his bared skin, like a feather on the water before simply moving her hand away to pat him on the shoulder. "I've taken my payment. But, I advise yourself to not trade yourself for a mere batch of seeds so thoughtlessly, dear Tenko." She advised thoughtfully with a sly wink, before turning back to the others as if nothing was amiss. Orikanyo Orikanyo

Rather than the little gnome, Amice, Rinka's attention strayed more towards Asuka and Tahmuras. She eyed them unreadably, only carefully turning back at Shao's pleading. "A catalyst huh... I suppose you could ask for one in exchange for pay, but..." She seemed to ponder for a moment, finally properly looking toward that tiny child with a cautious but gentle gaze. "Nevermind, I'm sure it'd be fine. Work hard, and I'm sure you'll get what you seek." She smiled in finality, ruffling the girl's hair. "Follow the group or your guardians carefully though. No running off like you did just now. I can't promise everyone here will be kind." She advised with a sigh, before looking around as the members of their group only grew.

Asuka and Tahmura's eyes twinkled and smiled, especially as Amice ran over to share the goods news herself although they had already overheard it themselves. Tahmuras in particular felt that they were lucky in this exchange. He knew best that catalysts were expensive, and so he thought it'd be likely they'd need to work first, earn money, then find a chance to purchase one, but here it seemed they could skip those tedious steps in one fell swoop. {"I fear it's so crowded here, and I don't like the way that woman paused... do you think this is a good idea?"} Asuka whispered her concerns cautiously to Tahmuras, naturally sharp when it came to matters concerning Amice. {"...She seems happy. As long as we protect her diligently it should be fine. A chance like this is hard to come by."} He explained quietly without moving his eyes, watching over the little gnome with a hawk-like gaze. Elvario Elvario

"You've wandered quite far my dear." Oden chuckled gently back at Squink, shaking her head laughingly at the thought of wandering past so many borders without knowing. "You have reached Yasaki, the city of red flowers and ancestral home of the Ryozo Clan. The Ryozo Clan itself is a renowned clan of owlfolk with deep ties to the Nara No Nox Shogunate, long known as stalwart aides and protectors of one of the Shogunate's three founding families, the Koyake Clan." She explained thoughtfully, kindly giving the lost wanderer brief explanations for the most important terms. "You don't need to worry about the specifics of it all, especially if you are planning to just keep wandering." She smiled, not wanting to give the ilithid an information overload.

"I can't recall if I told you previously, but my old clan is no more. So, I'm simply here to reunite with my nephew and hopefully integrate myself into the Ryozo Clan as well, considering our relations." The old owl elaborated briefly on her goals, before slowly heading over towards Rinka alongside Squink. "What a pleasant coincidence to meet you here as well though." She smiled most amiably, her words genuine. Femboy Femboy

Waving back languidly towards Scylla, as well as the approaching Oden and Squink, Rinka merely smiled thoughtfully at the group before bringing them all deeper into the camp.

The lively but overwhelming sounds of chatter surrounded them on all sides. Most of the elderly and children could be seen sitting in crowded clusters beside and around the tents, discussing things amongst themselves and passing each other food. Some adults and teenagers could be seen moving about quickly, some with bandaged injuries carrying rations back to family, others presumably helping move or setup more amenities for the camp. Those with keener eyes or ears could notice the darker side of things, drowned voices frantically calling out for someone, or stealthy fellows slipping in and out of the crowd with devious intentions. Naturally, with a population this sudden and big, not everything could be controlled and guarded perfectly.

Before long, the group stopped by a large tent closer to the outskirts. Nothing about the tent in particular was special, just as plain and ragtag as the rest, with the exception of a vaguely golden flag at its top, swimming in the sea of haphazardly hanging lanterns.

"The priestess is inside." Rinka stated briefly, a hint of a smile tugging at her lips, before she generously pulled aside the tent's flap for the group to enter.

"Rinka! Where did you vanish off to! Do you know how many matters need your attention-" A dark-haired woman suddenly grabbed Rinka by both shoulders and shook her relentlessly, sorrowfully expressing her indignation and grief before she suddenly noticed the large group behind. "Ah, um, who are you all?" She inquired stiffly, caught off-guard by the strange crowd.
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Amice was having a good-old-gnome time. All the people she'd been interacting with were nice ones! How great was that? She didn't understand why Tahmuras and Asuka had been warning her about talking to strangers. Or perhaps these people weren't strange enough for it to count?

Either way, she had a book-carrying-lady (Scylla) to reply to. Her explanation was rather difficult though. “Dead people..?” Dead... right. The thing that happened after people stopped living. Tahmuras told her that. “How can dead people write... aren't dead people dead?” She didn't get it. “What are 'spirits'?” She only got more interested in that mysterious book. Now she wanted to see if she could read it. She nodded when Scylla told her it was her book. “You have a {cool} book.” She didn't know the common word for 'cool', so she just fell back to using Sylvan.

The purple lady's (Squink's) answer wasn't all that easier to understand. It was a bit odd to see the things on her face wiggle. “Are they like... face-arms?” She asked, still curious. “Are you also Fae?” She asked, figuring either she might be from that lake she was told about, as she seemed like she might be a water Beast, or a Fae, as she was rather colourful. “You have pretty colours like a Fae.” She pointed out.

She looked at the somewhat scary lady (Rinka) as that one suddenly addressed her. “Work hard...” She thought for a moment. “I can find berries! And fish!” She spoke, as an [Apprentice Survivalist]. Those were the beginning and end of her skill-set. She was even brave enough not to flinch when the woman ruffled her hair, which wasn't as scary as she thought it might be in hindsight. Perhaps this woman wasn't scary like she feared. She did warn about other scary people... “Right, sorry miss...” She apologised, realising Asuka and Tahmuras had told her the same before.

Considering the commands, Amice walked along with the others, trying not to get stepped on by someone not paying attention to where they were walking. That said, the place was.. weird. She figured she'd ask her companions about it. “{Is there something wrong with this place? There are so many people, yet a lot of them seem hurt and not happy.}” She didn't like it.

They eventually entered one of the tents, in which Amice looked around curiously. A woman inside, however, suddenly asked who they were. “I am Amice. I am ten and six years old. I am a gnome. I am from the See.” She summed up. Those were some of the first sentences she learned in common, so she was pretty proud of remembering them well. Except her age, but she'd just recounted that, so that should still be good.

As Scylla flailed in her dilemma, the witch couldn't help but notice the cheetahs coquettering with the hot fox guy. It certainly made the witch feel a bit challenged, however, being thoroughly rejected only moments ago by the owl certainly didn't help her self esteem. She'd have to work her way back up in confidence.

Turning back to the gnome girls curiosity, she continued, this time a bit more assertive, "Okay, well, dead isn't exactly the right word you see? When things die, they're released from their bodies. A spirit or soul is encased in a body and released at the moment of death. When that happens, it sends ripples in time and space that stamp onto where such a thing happened." Pulling up the Almanac she opened it's empty pages. "There is nothing written, when a spirits wants to speak, it will write in the book and we can see it!"

Scylla would then tilt her head at the little girl, "I have a what book?" She shrugged it off however, "Okay, sure I have a {coo-old} book." Her Sylvan was terrible but she tried.

Overhearing what cheetah lady said, she turned around and got back up, before formally introducing herself, "I'm Scylla Bancroft little miss! Experimental witch extraordinare'!" The witch giggled, before curtsing and starting with the group.

The small walk towards the priestess tent was very revealing of the environment here, it was dark, and eerie, almost like the graveyards she'd visit except with people in miserable states. Part of her wanted to help, but such acts of charity would only anger her
master in the hellish planes. Acts of kindness lingered on the witch. It raised her density, therefore she'd get lashings to reduce it back to appropriate levels. And well, such things weren't exactly comfortable.

Once arriving at the tent, she glanced at the cheetah before making her way inside, but she flinched and jumped back startled at the woman who suddenly jumped out.

Gathering herself together she quickly managed, "Greetings! I am Scylla, Scylla Bancroft I dabble in experimental, elemental, non judgmental, sometimes accidental magics!" She quickly continued, "I beg your pardon but the owl guard pointed me this way, mentioning one of the Ryozo Clan by the name of Elder Nata? You see, I have good reason to believe this spirit wishes to communicate something?" Getting a bit closer she whispered, cupping her hands a bit so as to not be heard, but likely either way sounding absolutely insane, "I think this spirit keeps calling to me and I don't know why." Then stepping back Scylla managed a smile and looked at the others awkwardly before clearing her throat.

"I've stories abound, but some only best told in a whisper. I'll share them with you sometime." The fox man returned the gesture, but more hands off that this woman's toying... It wouldn't do to be handsy with those he did not know... Though he was quite happy Rinkah was up to playing, it would make the work that much more fun. "The seed is material, payment is in good grace and whatever comes after.

To do good deed and share the bounty... That is my lady's commandment.

And I'm all about delivering such pleasure." He gave a bow to Rinkah, and followed suit to the tent, the others were interesting sorts. This Scylla woman... A witch self proclaimed, she was a magician of her own right, so, maybe she may come handy when it comes to the ritual...

That made it sound ominous...

He wasn't planning anything untoward, it was a matter of the harvest magics and simply getting more magical power in it could be handy!!

He just had to convince her...

Coming to the tent, he watched as the pink haited woman brought forward her proposal to the... SO VERY CUTE little lady within.

"Goodness, you should have prepared me my dear Rinkah, suprisingly me with such beauty could make me grow faint." He played suprised by the mousey girls sudden appearance. "A pleasure my dear, I am Shao Tenko, and I come bareing gifts of magics healing and fufilling of the belly.

As before, I need but seed, discarded or kept and I can render aide from mine goddess." The basically shirtless man gave a deep bow, with his tails faithfully unfurlled. "With magically inclined friends, mine spells shall only grow stronger! It only seemed fitting to follow suit after our lovely dear Scylla here." He gave the woman a foxy smile. His fluffy tails swayed gently in the air, slowly waveing hither and thither, one of which going lightly close to their resident Gnome.
Astrid Thorn
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Astrid waited behind the others, making sure that they got their time to talk to the individuals in the owlfolk clan. Her business' was important, but it wasn't so important as to demand to speak to Ryu. "That is perfectly alright. I will wait for Ryu, while you take care of the business' of those here." Astrid replied respectfully.

Since she was waiting, she would look at the others, take note of what they were saying. Her focus was on Shao, Rinka, and Squink, those of species she didn't generally have a chance to turn into. It was purely professional inquiry, and maybe a hint of the fact that Shao had a chest that was open, showing abs and a chest that were nice to look at. Objectively. She was a being that felt attraction, and she couldn't help feeling attracted to the fox man.

"Squink and Shao! The alliteration is lovely! Either way, may I spend time with the two of you. I wish to get to know the pair of you better, while you are here." Astrid would ask the pair. Her plan was first to become a fox person, as she was closer to learning her version of the form. Squink would be a challenge, as the form was further off from human than Shao's form was, but a lovely one at that, as they seemed to be nice individuals. Her form would almost change, her form becoming somewhat more humanoid, her features becoming more vulpine, holding the form for a moment before reverting back to owlfolk form, the transformation not holding. She was so close, the form was almost there. It just needed that extra bit of oomph, which meant spending time with Shao.

At Amice's question, she let herself relax. She could answer the gnome's questions, as they wouldn't abjectly harm her. Her abilities weren't exactly a secret anyway, as her main goal was diplomacy. "I can turn into more creatures than this. For those I cannot immediately turn into, I would need to spend time with a member of their species so I can turn into a version of their species. I am not fae, I am human. " Which would be evident anyway, as she looked like an owlfolk, but her version of an owlfolk, rather than an exact copy of an individual in the tribe.
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Squink walked along with Oden happy that the friend from the past was so willing to catch up and spend some time together, since it was without a doubt better than having to try and break any awkward moments between people she didn't know at all. Awkwardly laughing softly at her confusing roaming that didn't make any logical sense, she could recall Oden speaking about her past when they first had tea together. Perhaps another instance similar would crop up if Squink was to be spending longer here than she thought, which considering there was a friend she knew it was likely a better choice than just roaming around all lost.
"Yes, I remember that. It's nice to hear that you're working on ways to make things better and be back with family again. Must be nice... " Squink answered kindly before trailing off a little in silence, although brought back to peace when she was reassured the owl was joyful to reconnect with her.

Responding to Amice's continued questions, she just nodded in agreement since it seemed like the simplest answer.
"You could call them that, n-no I'm not a fae although it's nice that you think my colours are pretty. I'd like to hear more about the places you've come from and seen if we ever have the time. It's nice to hear stories" she responded as Squink was rather unsure what to think of Astrid's introduction after.
"Y-yes, I wouldn't mind getting to know eachother... " she answered softly trying to push a smile on her obscured mouth, although her hesitance only grew when she had witnessed her try to transform for a brief moment and overhearing what she told to the smaller girl about what she was able to do.

It was rather questionable to think such people who could swap their kind at will existed, even more if they were somehow able to get scarily close to the person they understood said form from where they would be able to impersonate them. Even though making friends would be nice, perhaps Squink could just accidentally 'be a little busy with something or someone else where she spent all her time with Shao'. The foxy man was definitely someone who seemed very used to attracting the positive attention of people, so perhaps snagging his attention to poke his mind for questions and perhaps a friendship would be possible if he was ever not busy with the many others he had seemingly stolen the attention of.

Following alongside Oden to the tent where they were to encounter someone who seemed surprised to see all of them, Squink just timidly added her own introduction.
"H-hi, I'm Squink, I'm just a friend of this nice person" she answered softly as she gently gestured with an open hand to Oden, her facial tentacles doing the exact same motion. Squink felt herself probably not as prestigious or like she knew her place whereas the others present did, since she only wandered in with no real plan.​
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Time: Late evening
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{I overheard a little bit from the blue owlfolk earlier. I think something happened to the village these people came from, and so the people from this city, Yasaki, are helping them out here.} Tahmuras mused in response to the gnome's question, eyeing the crowds keenly. He and Asuka were quite large and stand-out figures, with flaming fur and pristine white feathers, so others instinctively made way a little for them, allowing them to keep an eye on Amice more easily. Elvario Elvario

At Squink's reply, the old owl merely smiled at her. Though Oden tactfully didn't mention it, she was curious. How was Squink's family? It seemed she had travelled far from the sea, of which she assumed her kind originated from. It was only now the owl realized she really didn't know much at all about the ilithid. Instead, the young lady seemed to ask countless questions and seek the information of others, but rarely spoke about herself. Musing to herself, it wasn't long before they reached their destination.

Nodding back at Squink's introduction, Oden turned to the stranger. "I'm Oden. Here to help out." She spoke simply, leaving the spotlight for the others in this ragtag group of odd individuals. A kitsune priest, a witch, a fae see gnome, a shapeshifter, as well as the two fae beasts outside. It was truly such a curious gathering. Femboy Femboy

"My dear Valori is indeed adorable. Don't get any ideas though." The leopardine woman whispered, closing one eye as her gaze warningly strayed towards Shao, clearly feeling a bit protective. "She's not as uncouth as me." She smirked amusedly, before quietly watching the crowd introduce themselves. Orikanyo Orikanyo


The mouse-eared woman quickly grabbed Rinka's arm, dark hair tumbling messily around her shoulders as she half hid behind the leopard, blushing a little at Shao's praise. At Scylla's sudden approach, she almost retreated with her back against the wall, heterochromia eyes of ice blue and pale purple blinking fearfully towards the witch. "Elder Nata? C-calling to you?" Quizzically, she looked towards Rinka for answers before being distracted by the announcement of the littlest of the bunch.

Her overwhelmed state seemed to be soothed by the mere sight of the gnome, gathering her bearings in the brief interlude. "Very good. It's nice to meet you Amice." She nodded formally back after Amice's speech, treating her seriously, before taking a deep breath and addressing the rest. "Alright. W-well, um, I-I'm Valori, nice to meet you all. Amice, Scylla, Shao, Squink and Oden right? T-thank you for volunteering." She beamed, clearly happy to have more hands around even if she felt a little overwhelmed. As Astrid did not speak, Valori vaguely assumed she was here or with Rinka for other reasons.

"Yeah. They're here to help out, including the two staring at us outside. The exception being those two." Rinka finally spoke up to ease the awkwardness, tilting her head toward Asuka and Tahmuras lurking warily outside, before gesturing towards Scylla and Astrid. "You'll need time to sort out their duties and find suitable seeds in storage, so I'll take them to the grave in the meanwhile."

"Alright." Valori absentmindedly nodded along, before she couldn't help but pout again. "I hate you. Dumping all your work on me and going out to play all the time." "What do you mean? I clearly brought back some more much needed manpower." Valori could only glare at the smirking leopard before sighing, reaching for some documents as she looked at everyone gathered again. "Where's the grave?" "Just farther north." "You'll pass through the medical area then..."

A lightbulb suddenly seemed to pop up in the mousekin's head. "Ah, why don't you all help distribute some stuff on the way? We recently received some extra donations of food and blankets. If you can, try to focus on the individuals that would have difficulties collecting supplies and rations themselves. With Rinka around, no one should dare try anything on you guys too." Valori hummed excitedly, putting back the documents and picking up supply bags from underneath out of nowhere.

Placing quite a few ordinary-sized backpacks on the central table, she left them to choose from for Squink, Shao, Oden, and potentially Scylla and Astrid if they were willing to help out. Turning her attention to Amice, she mused for a moment before bringing out a small satchel and solemnly offering it to her. "This has some lighter snacks, pastries and candies in it. Give some to the injured children." She pat her head gently, before turning to the two giving her death glares outside.

Freezing for a moment, she gathered her courage and retrieved some much larger rucksacks, cautiously helping secure them on Asuka and Tahmuras' backs. Seeing them cooperate, she secretly sighed before speaking up again. "I'm leaving the heavier blankets and rations to you two. Thank you for the help." Turning aside, she addressed the rest of the group. "Please help these two distribute their supplies too." Valori smiled and stated more orderly, clearly having calmed down since earlier.

"Alright, no more dilly-dallying, we should be off." Rinka stated, though her tone remained as languid as ever. "Right, safe travels." Valori smiled and nodded at Rinka, before the group set back off toward the tented streets. The crowds and bustle was virtually the same, except it could be visually seen that there were more injured and bedridden around these parts, with fewer nimbly running around like in previous regions. slifer37 slifer37 Orikanyo Orikanyo RavenSong RavenSong Elvario Elvario Femboy Femboy
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The poor gnome was rather overwhelmed by Scylla's sudden lessons. Not only was it tough to follow along every part in Common, the entire subject was foreign to her. “Do I have a spir-rit?” She asked, wondering what in the world was up with that. “We can see writing from... the stuff that leaves after people's bo-dies, go?” She tried to summarise what she just learned from Scylla to the best of her extend.

As for for the language barrier, she shook her head when Scylla tried to replicate it. “No, it's {cool} it means... means... good. Like, inter-esting good.” She tried to explain herself.

“Aaah-Choo!” She sneezed, as some tail hairs got across her nose. This odd many-tailed-man was even worse at keeping his tail in check than Tahmuras!

Meanwhile, the shapeshifting lady turned out to not be Fae, it seemed. That said, her answer was pretty... boring? No, that'd be rude. Amice simply didn't know how to respond to it, so she just nodded. “Thank you.” She said, as she figured that was what she should say now.

The fun-coloured face-armed lady was a lot more fun. “I am from the See. It's...” She held her finger up, then right, then down... “North, east, west... west of here!” She replied, pretty proud to have figured that out.

What Tahmuras told her was more shocking. “{It's nice that they are helping them, but then what happened to that village must have been pretty bad, right?}” She wondered, as she doubted people would leave their home like this otherwise.

The grey haired mouse-eared woman seemed to also be nice. After all, Amice was rather proud that her introduction was accepted. “{Psst, what is} vole-und-eering?” She'd quickly asked Asuka and Tahmuras, wondering what she was suddenly told to be doing right now.

Although Amice enjoyed the headpat, she was a tad confused at what she was meant to do. “{So, we need to give this to people that seem like they are hurt?}” That's somewhat what she thought she understood of all that.
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Squink was starting to become more aware of how severe the situation was that they needed help simply to hand out medical items, choosing not to raise anything in answer against Valori since it seemed like the girl needed much assistance and her confidence wasn't all there to get all of the support she expected. At least her and Rinka seemed to get along like good friends. Thinking for a moment as she had put on one of the supply bagpacks, she wondered what could have caused the trouble to force people into seeking refuge since it felt like there was always a reason for influxes in monsters, at least what she believed had happened since it was what the blue avian had spoken of.

Squink briefly turned to Amice to respond to her as to not leave a poor impression on the smaller girl, since there must have been something else interesting about her if she were to be out here on her own with two caring guardians.
"Ah, I've heard a lot about the See. I don't think I've been there before, but it must be a great place" she responded as she made mental note of the directions since it wasn't like she knew where she was going anywhere anyway. She was now donning her supplies willing to look to help people, at first going to ask something to Oden before coming to realisation of putting two and two together and looking back to where the smaller Amice was receiving her own little supply pack. She made the same compass-directions gesture as Amice was originally doing but with one of her facial tentacles to try and check what the down-direction was supposed to be.

'Oh dear, she might be more lost than I am if she wasn't travelling with others' the cephalopod thought to themselves as she chose to give her a little heads up.
"Uh, sweetheart, are you sure that it's 'West'? The down-way is 'South'. It's okay, I didn't get it the first few times either" Squink corrected Amice just in case she was mixing up her directions, although the fact about 'not getting it the first few times' was Squink withholding the information of at what age she got it wrong probably to withhold her own embarassment.

Looking to Oden to ask her quietly since she was interested in a second opinion on it, Squink asked again about the reasoning for the refugees.
"W-why are all the refugees here exactly? I was told about a lot of monsters attacking their own home but... m-maybe it's just me but, is that suddenly happening not a little weird? Should there not be concern that the same thing might happen here too?" she questioned since Oden would probably understand the situation more than she did, in which as they left where they were to travel the streets Squink kept an eye out for anyone who would need support or supplies. It may have not been any sort of special or magical healing by the likes that Shao could probably provide but it would still be useful, although the thought that Scylla and Astrid may not have cared that much for using up their own time to help those in need didn't lend a good impression. Astrid's capabilities and interests felt possibly a little creepy, alongside the fact Scylla seemed like she may be a little arrogant with the use of her titles when there's such a crisis going on.

1. Use understanding of Empathy (F) to keep an eye out for anyone who needs the medical support. (The ability to understand, detect, and interpret the emotional state of people nearby, without having their experiences communicated explicitly)​

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