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Fandom Ya like DC Comics? (seeking 1x1)


New Member
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A bit about me!
You can call me; Shae, Trash, Gurl, YouWitDaFace
Age; 31 Pronouns; She/Her
Exp; 18+ Years Discord; Yes
- Pictures of your pets
- Musicals
- Cartoons
- Over thinking
- Fairies, mermaids, unicorns and other ghey stuff like dat 🏳️‍🌈
- Pink/Black Lesbians, Red/Blue Gays
- When stuff looks sparkly, girly and innocent on the surface but gets darker and more grim as you peel back the layers 💀
- Spicy noodles

🌈 Rules 🌈

Must be LGBTQ+ Friendly
You don't have to play anyone queer, but I will be, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't bother asking to write with me

21+ Only
No, that doesn't mean there will be smut, I just have no reason to be talking to kids online.

Doubling Required
I am trash for romance, you want a ship? I'm down, but you gotta be willing to at least double. If you wanna go ham and triple or more, even better.

No Gatekeeping
If you don't like AU's, head canons or any deviation from what you think is 'correct' then you won't like writing with me

All Ships = Age Appropriate
I don't care what you think kids do, I'm not writing teenagers doing weird crap.

❤️ Characters I am Seeking ❤️

Harley Quinn, Zatanna, Poison Ivy
Superboy, Beast Boy, Bluebird, Amethyst

💜 Characters I like to Play 💜
Note; If you like a character but don't see them on the list, ask! I could play them for you anyway!

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman,
Captain Marvel, Fire, Ice, Vixen, Zatanna,
Batwoman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Kittyhawk,
Robin (Drake), Red Hood, Spoiler, Orphan, Batgirl (Gordon)
Nubia, Grace Choi, Artemis,

Nightwing, Kid Flash (West), Red Arrow, Kaldur'ahm, Cyborg,
Troija, Starfire, Raven, Natasha Irons, Looker
Wondergirl, Supergirl, Miss Martian, Stargirl, Bumblebee, Windfall

Volcana, Killer Frost,
Mr Freeze, Scarecrow, Bane, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler,

This list goes on much, much further but I am very tired and cannot think rn, so I will add more later!

💙 Ships I Like 💙

*Anyone x OC
Disclaimer; This can be discussed ahead of time, but almost all my characters are bi or pan with few exceptions so don't be afraid to make your requests.

Wonder Woman x OC
Wonder Woman x OC x Steve Trevor

Batman x OC
Catwoman x OC
Batman x OC x Catwoman

Batwoman x *OC
*OC must be a woman

Nightwing x OC
Redhood x OC
Nightwing x OC x Redhood

Robin (Drake) x OC
Spoiler x OC
Robin (Drake) x Spoiler
Robin (Drake x OC x Spoiler

Red Arrow x OC

Fire x Ice
Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn x Catwoman
Bluebird x Kittyhawk
Batwoman x Catwoman


The one with too many damn OC's
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Are you still interested in RP's of DC?
I know this was posted in 2022 but doesnt hurt on my end to ask.
Im 24, tottally LGBTQ as I myself bare the bi-pride.
Open minded about AU's (Feel like it gives so much more story for each verse yea get me?)
Have about 9-10 years exp with Roleplays, but did take a hiatus back in 2019 so.
Currently interested in OC's as I love the character building it offers <3
Not too familiar roleplaying the characters your seeking however... maybe Harley? But thats 50/50...
All my OC's are over 20+ as i myself dont fancy to big of age gaps *or inapropriate ages*

Discord is easiest for me if that works.
Let me know if your interested c:

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