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Hello folks.

I'm Noni, I took a hiatus but now I'm back and eager to rp. I tend to do so mostly on Discord and I am a really old-school person who enjoys emails. I just never check here often enough for it to be a viable option, but if you can't stand any other option, we can consider it.

I'm an old soul (and old in general) and have been roleplaying since I was a young Noni. I would consider myself literate/advanced (they say it takes them a minute to spell literate) but don't worry about it. As long as you can dot your t's and cross your i's I'm cool with it.

I don't care for gender, call me what you like. He, she, they, it, etc., we're chill here, no need to get worried.

However, I do care for gender when we roleplay. I'm picky with my mxm because, look I love a good mxf as much as the next person but I always have to be the male and sometimes I wanna be the pretty princess. I've already got a couple of fxf at the moment so I'm not currently interested in that (unless it's one of my pairings below).

I'm a big fan of consent. I have 3 D&D games I run as a DM and my big thing is player character consent. I will not tell your character where to go, I will not try to control your character, and in return, I expect the same. I don't like people doing that. If we're doing non-con there's a difference and we both agree to it. So we're chill. (Though I do enjoy non-con roleplays, if you have non-con roleplay ideas tell me, we can have a grand old time.)
Another thing, I don't have limits. None, nada, zilch, whatever you want, I got'chu. I'm ghost friendly, you busy? Same, that's life. I don't expect you to be at the typing all day every day, we have things to do outside. You don't need to tell me, just come back and start it up again, it's cool. (Though after half a year I tend to close chats/clean things up, dw about it, just message me again).

Final? (Maybe, I like to talk) thing. I'm in the GMT/BST/I'm Scottish so that's the time zone I'm in. (I also have two rats, their names are Mocha and Latte and they're my babies and I love them so much)

Anyway, with that, on to the cravings.
Bold is who I want to play. ✨is what I'm really craving

Baldur's Gate 3 [I can play either or]
Astarion x Gale
Astarion x Raphael
Lorroakan x Rolan ✨

Critical Role [I can play either or]
Caleb x Essek
Caleb x Eadwulf
Caleb x Trent ✨
Percy x Vex

Dragon Prince
x Viren ✨

MCYT [I can play either or]
Grian x Etho ✨ (leave me alone, don't @ me)

Nimona [I can play either or]
Ballister x Ambrosius

Spy x Family [I can play either or]
Loid x Yor

x Ryou ✨ (always)
Yami x Yugi

Right, now OC pairings because honestly, I'm not the best at characters. (For all of these the priority is mxm unless stated otherwise)

Elf Prince x Orc Tyrant
x Monster they're hunting
Isekai trapped in a RPG video game/forced together to survive ✨✨✨
Prince x Rival Prince [I can play either or]
Mafia Boss x sweet innocent young man (preferably non-con)
Master x Slave (preferably non-con)
Noble x Lower Class
Pirate Captain x Noble (mxf I'm happy with here with me playing male)
Spy x Rival Spy [I can play either or]
Vampire x Werewolf [I can play either or] (bonus points if modern day or if werewolf is equally possessive over vampire) ✨✨✨

This is just what I could think of from the top of my head. If you have any ideas, themes etc. hit me up! (Don't actually hit me though, I'm sensitive)

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