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Fantasy wretched company (private for azariel and i)


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♡ juniper

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    #over it

    * n.name(s)
    juniper ilsa delphine
    * d.o.b.
    october 31st
    * p.o.b.
    somewhere on the mortal realm
    * n.name(s)
    june by her family and close friends, but most people just refer to her by her last name
    * code name
    specter; because she is rumored to be terrifying to go up against in a fight and never leaves a trace of herself anywhere





    * height
    five foot six and a half inches
    * weight
    146 pounds
    * build
    juniper has a pear shaped body, meaning that her hips are wider than her shoulders. she is rather bottom heavy but still has those delicate curves that women have. as she has gotten older and began training harder and working out more often she has toned most of her muscles. this really shows in her arms and her legs especially; while she is not bulky, there are definitely parts of her body that reflect the hard and repeated training that she puts herself through
    * hair
    juniper has long brown hair, the color being somewhere between hickory and syrup brown. it is dark and long, cascading all the way past her shoulders and down to the top of her ribcage. is isn't exactly straight or curly, which means that it is rather easy for her to make her hair one way or the other. in its natural state it is wavy in texture, but juniper is not a girl who cares to look pretty constantly so it is normally in some sort of updo, ranging from simple braids to a bun or a ponytail
    * eye color
    she has almond shaped brown eyes. her eyes look more pecan colored in the sunlight, but can look so dark they appear black in the dark





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Shawn James

Through The Valley

Juniper had been traveling on foot for three days and four nights in search of the prince she loathed when she decided to call it quits for the evening once she found land flat enough to set up her tent and sleep for the night. She was long gone from the highly populated village she lived at, the one that sit so close to the castle that she had always been able to see it from her own home. She was far away from all of her family and what little friends she had - the ones that she made as a spy, the same ones that encouraged her to leave to begin with. At least it was not yet winter. Juniper knew that had there been snow she was traveling through, that she would not have gotten as far as she did so quickly.

It was just days after her birthday, and the nip of the cold November air was keeping her skin flushed, chilled to the touch and making her traveling slow the later in the night it got. She was used to working through intense weather but never before had she traveled so far and for so long in it. She had to ditch her family horse just outside the skirts of her hometown, worrying that the animal would be recognized as being far from its home. Besides, it was easier to find food for one person rather than a girl and an animal.

Luckily being a spy for the now deceased king meant that she still had enough leftover coins to buy herself food. Despite having plenty on her, she was paranoid as ever and was determined to only stop for food when she absolutely had to, and that usually lined up with when she was ready to call it quits and get some much needed slumber. She was too paranoid to sleep in anywhere local and donned a mask and hood whenever she was forced to interact with other people. The last town she had popped in at she made sure to grab some extra food because it would be hours before she bumped into the next place; she was looking forward to eating an apple and a sandwich before sleeping under the starry night sky. Juniper's feet were beginning to hurt, an ache that was traveling up the back of her calf, and that's what she had been focused on when her eyes took notice of a pair of footsteps in the dirt.

She froze, crouching down to the ground to get a better look at it. She was far from any town or village, and she was nowhere close to the travel paths that were far safer - but more public - than the route she had chosen, up in the rocky and lush mountains that were typically too difficult for the average person to climb. If someone was up here, wouldn't they be avoiding being spotted like she was?

Trying to find the prince had proven to be difficult. It was odd that he wasn't spotted in any of the surrounding towns, which meant that when he had fled the kingdom, he had done so with the intention of getting far away, possibly as fast as he could. It made Juniper's search that much harder and it only added to the anger she already felt for him. She had never gotten along with the prince; her only friend at school was her sister and neither of the girls got along with anyone the prince kept himself around. They thought him to be wicked, only proven to be true when the citizens discovered who had been behind the king's passing.

And yet, Juniper loved to hate him. She couldn't deny that he was a good fighter and that he wasn't good looking, but it was confusing that she found it boring to not have someone to trade witty remarks with. She knew him to be a monster, the very monster that helped fuel her desire to fight against everything trying to weigh her down. But it didn't make sense. She thought that even the worst of people had their limits, she didn't think the prince would go so far as to kill his own father.

Power got to his head.

She didn't recognize the footprints on the ground, but it had a lot of traction which meant that whoevers path she had accidentally found was used to difficult terrain. It was enough of an indicator that Juniper felt for the daggers strapped to each of her thighs. She would have to continue with caution. She pressed on, much more quietly than before, keeping an eye and ear out for anyone who could be nearby.

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