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Fantasy World of Gods and Myths {Norse Mythology inspired OC x OC RP}


Big words don't fit in your mouth.
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Character A has lived their life on the streets, hiding away and stealing what they could, but after a beast attacks their city, they are left being the only one who can stop it, even though it ends with them ultimately losing their life. Or did it? Character A wakes up on a patch of incredibly soft grass, a figure (character B) looming over them, with a look of worry on their face. They end up showing Character A around the brick house, which inside was much MUCH more than a simple house, inside it was bigger than any mall or hotel with over 700 different floors of heroes that had died saving people, and the biggest surprise? everyone kept telling everyone that Character A was the child of a Norse god(dess) and that from now on they will be training for Ragnarök.

1. As I am an adult, no one under 18, sorry I just feel uncomfortable roleplaying with minors
2. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, or
3. When we start planning out the roleplay we will be bringing up what triggers we'd want to keep out of a roleplay, I will respect yours if you respect mine.
4. this will be Semi-lit to lit, so if you can't do that then we can't roleplay, I don't want to spend my time typing out a whole paragraph or two and only get one or two sentences in response
5. No Mary or Gary Sues, this means don't make your character too overpowered and vibrant, but also don't make them to bland and depressing, also under this rule, DON'T MAKE YOUR OC A GOD OR GODDESS

6. You will need to know Norse Mythology to roleplay this as it does take that mythology into account,
7. If you read this, then respond with what the letters that are Italicized, which look like (this)
I would like role-playing that would make use of characters or things from Norse mythology, so this does interest me, besides it being the case that I really like writing. Hopefully there can be open opportunity for this we can have together. There would be no problem with my age, with that being older.

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