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Multiple Settings Wolves Among Us


wears heelies to escape their feelies

【But the wolves who guard their wounds
Hide their limps and their health, are all eaten too, they're all eaten too.】

hello. I am Husk, a sickly, yet adv-lit writer with a hankering for an idea that stems from the plot of Wolf's Rain. You needn't have seen it as my bunny differs.

〔〔Wolven shifters are presumed to be extinct after being hunted one by one, seen as mutants unfit for the world, a taint in purity.
The lapsing of time has left them confined to stories, fairy tales, and mere myth.
However, among the sheep, the wolves lie, hidden, this includes Muse A.
Wounded, Muse A, brimming with exhaustion and in his wolven form, collapses at the doorstep of Muse B, who, in eventuality, finds them there, and, ridden with sympathy, assists Muse A. From then on, Muse A frequents Muse B's dwelling, hiding his true identity and, in part, hiding from something, unbeknownst to Muse B.

Alternate idea: Muse A is NOT in their wolven form upon Muse B finding them.〕〕

A very bare-boned outline so that I do not dampen your creativity. I prefer Muse A. However I can be talked into playing Muse B if Muse A suits your fancy.
Muse B can be anyone you want them to be.
Despite my presenting of a bare-boned outline for a plot, I have got some very in-depth ideas, and would also enjoy hearing yours.
I'll be playing a male role for this roleplay.
It can take place in a variety of settings and historical periods of time.
All in all, a very malleable plot.

If interested, PMing me is the easiest way to grasp my attention, although, mind you, commenting is also acceptable.

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