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Futuristic With the Stars Above us, and Hell beneath (Accepting Players)


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Febuary 6, 2072

The people at the International Space Exploration Committiee (I-SEC) had not slept nor eaten for hours. It was only a handful of minutes before the Normandy-IV space probe returned with footage. Transefer...87%....88%... Sweat fell down everyone’s forehead in anticipation. 100% The men and women in the room studied the footage. It was what looked like grassland on the surface, with a river bank flowing through it. Atmosphere Scans...79% Nitrogen...20.7% Oxygen...0.4% Helium... It was a dead ringer to Homeworld.

Welcome to ‘With the Stars Above us, and Hell beneath us’. The RP will take place in the year 2138, when the earth’s overpopulation and pollution has become so bad that a massive starship containing 31% of the population is launched into space to finally arrive on the planet, decades later.

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