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Fantasy witch hunters (or at least my character will be)


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deets! all mostly scattered ideas for now.

- any setting is good. I've mostly done a generic "european" one for a long while but I'm down to do any.
- tech level up to muskets? my character will be wielding one. although if you want lower tech I'm willing to go down to an arquebus.
- magic! here I'm a big fan of freeform magic. no rules set in stone, more of a mystical faith based system. I also like more subtle magic but at the same time I really like the idea of huge rituals with large effects like changing the weather. but I'm not so much a fan of a *shoots out fireball*. unless you are very very very powerful I guess but even then I'm more of a "wow you magically set a campfire" vs a "wow you summoned a firestorm". I like potions!
- platonic relationships are cool. you can talk me into romance but the character I'm wanting to play may not be your type. but otherwise I don't have any preferences.
- I'm down for worldbuilding but I like making some things up as I go along. I'm not really the type to have planned out maps and cultures for every single destination and a bestiary all mapped out before we start. if you are that kind of person though I'll try my best. I do have some idea of the setting/plot though so it's not like we'll be flying into everything totally blind.
- I like lower powerscaling. like my magic stuff. I don't really enjoy RPs with overtly strong characters. mostly in the realm of "realism" if that makes sense?
- I'm good if you reply like once a week. more is cool too. if you don't reply for like a month I'll just assume we're done and we're moving on.
- I haven't really done OOC but I do have a discord and stuff if you want to talk there.
- I like slice of life moments and slower paced roleplays. I also like responses that I can respond to. I don't mind large paragraphs detailing your character's inner thoughts but I think of roleplay as like a back and forth so having something for me to react to is good. On this topic I also don't mind small amounts of godmodding? I forget what it's called. But basically you don't need to ask me permission for every single interaction. As long as you aren't killing my character without my permission I think small amounts of godmodding help move the roleplay along. Like you don't need to ask my permission to like touch my hair or like pinch my ears or whatever.

- anyway, here's a brief outline of my character:
male in his late twenties. his mother was a witch. because he was male at birth, his mother was shunned from the coven for not tossing him out. they lived on the outskirts. has a complex with his feminine looks and has a love/hate relationship with his (late) mother for this. is out for revenge on the rest of the coven for the way they treated his mother. the rest of this particular coven is scattered across the kingdom/country. he has already slain two. the rest of the witches are in hiding but not really from him - they are hiding from the more professional witch hunters sanctioned by the kingdom. he's more of an amateur striking out on his own.

your character can be whoever you wish. a witch from another coven seeking revenge/advice on a witch from his coven, a prince's runaway bastard child, the local watchmen, a merchant who's offered to give my character a ride to the next village, etc. just as long as we have a reason to stick together we'll be fine. basically I'm okay with anything.

here are some additional random ideas about the setting/plot I had:

- crackdown on witches ever since one of them did some shit with some local nobility
- pantheon religion with many smaller cults spread out throughout the country. maybe some witches are worshipped/seen as messengers
- other supernatural creatures would be cool. I like the type of werewolf where they turn into an actual wolf vs a wolf-man hybrid. and my elves I like em to be basically fairies. vampires? I dunno. the only vampire stuff I know is like Bram Stoker and Twilight.
- magic is tolerated still in the kingdom? despite the current witch-hunt?
- I really like the name Principality for kingdoms.

anyway, if you're interested then msg me! either in this thread or in a PM. I'll add some more thoughts and stuff as I go along. Feel free to chip in any thoughts/suggestions of your own.
All I have ever wanted to do is spend an unhealthy anount of time sparsely explaining astoundingly weak yet still complex magic systems.

I am totally down to clown

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