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Help Where do you guys find inspiration for your codes? + How to get started with coding?


Kris; 00’ Liner
After scrolling through the BBCode Center, and browsing around I saw a lot of you guys have such amazing codes. Which made me wonder, where do you guys get your inspiration from? Also how did you guys go about learning BBCode+ and BBCode did you have to learn CSS first or could you bypass that? I've been trying to learn myself and honestly, it's more difficult than it seems but you guys make it look so easy. So I was wondering how you guys do it. And how long on average it took you to learn.


Deer Lord
I just forgot about BBCode and started doing images for my RPs. I realized I'm better with Illustrator than with coding. But like kevintheradioguy kevintheradioguy said, Imitation is the best form of flattery. Just reverse engineer the things that you like and create your own style. When you realize it, you're writing full codes without external help.

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