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Discussion in 'Personal Discussion' started by lavender, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Well at least there's very little crime here. A murder in my town would be MAJOR news.
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  2. If you mean where was I born, then California. If you mean where I have the most childhood memories, then Texas. If you mean where I live now, then Alaska.
  3. Well, in a mid-sized city, there's a good chance that not a whole lot of crime goes down, and what does go down isn't super major news.
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  4. I live in the grand land of the oak trees. Cold, wet and yet still green. Couldn'task for a better place to live <3
  5. I live in the southern part of California! :3 Very neat and cool, but it's not very exciting as people make it seem sometimes. Still like it though!
  6. I just live a very tiny but rich country named Brunei, on Borneo Island in Southeast Asia.
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  7. I border with the above person.
    Bigger but poorer. Also Borneo Island!
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  8. From Florida in the United States but unlike most of my friends I don't really like going to the beach
  9. Drumheller, Alberta. It's the dinosaur capital of the world! Pretty cool if you ask me.
  10. nh, and I work for a company that makes guns. so I get to play with them all day.
  11. Australia - Victoria. Small country town with only about 5K people.

    It sucks here.
  12. East coast of the United States. I love the state.
  13. Nova Scotia, myself
  14. Singapore! It's a cozy, hot country.
  15. Italy, a small town.

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