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Fandom When things go wrong, we do it right! (Zelda HW-AoC 1x1 RPG)


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Fandom: Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (SPOILER ALL OVER!)
Players: @ScorpioKS and @Icee

When things go wrong, we do it right!
Link just sat on the floor, not caring about anything that was around him. He was a mess, and he knew it, but he really didn’t care, the relief he was feeling was greater than anything else. Seeing Daruk in front of him, safe and sound, was all he needed to feel well (even if all his body hurt like hell), because that reminded him that yes, they were fast enough to save all the champions… all their friends.

The hylian just smiled in Daruk’s direction tiredly (and even quickly greeted the younger goron that was nearby, concluding that he was from the future, just like all their new allies). He knew soon Zelda and the others would be there, to see if everything went well, so there was not much time to rest. However, just for some precious minutes, he wanted to not think about all the mess was happening in their lives. Calamity Ganon, its subordinates, the Yiga Clan... all that could wait, at least for now.

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Daruk watched as the last remenents of Fireblight Ganon melted and disappeared into nothingness. As much as he wouldn't admit it aloud, the Goron hadn't expected to survive this fight. When the monster cut through Daruk's Protection and took advantage of Daruk's weak spot, he honestly expected that to be the end. The Great Daruk, done in by a firey monster that he didn't even quite understand how or why came to be...

But at the last second, a bright, blinding light had flashed and a Goron much reminding Daruk of himself when he was a child appeared, claiming to be here to help. Now Daruk didn't get how the Goron, who later revealed himself to be Yunobo, got here, but it had mattered not. He was an ally and they had to bring this monster down together.
Despite all of this, Daruk had been exhausted and injured in the fight and it was wearing him down. Even with another helping, they still needed further assistance. Luckily, Link, Zelda and the others had launched a rescue party and Link managed to get here and finish the monster in time. Together they achieved what shpuld have been impossible and although he was injured and worn down, Daruk was alive and well, making that the last of the Champions they needed to save.

"Great work, little guy! I knew you'd come through in the end!" Daruk said confidently, as always, giving a rather hard "pat" on the back to the Hylian Hero. "Together we all managed to send that monster to oblivion and Rudania is stable again!"
The Goron was always one to stay confident and optimistic, no matter the situation. Even now, when he was barely standing due to wounds and exhaustion, Daruk was treating this as if this was always going to be the outcome. Even if just minutes ago, Daruk had honestly been doubting his chances of survival...

...Yet, there was so much more left to do. Saving the Champions was only part of the problem. They all still had a Calamity to face. And if they already struggled...

No. Daruk knew they would all pull through. ...But perhaps resting was in order for now. He wouldn't say it aloud of course but Daruk was doubting he could even lift his club again today. Maybe the tiny princess Zelda will consider them taking the rest of today to recover. If they really could....
Daruk said:
"Great work, little guy! I knew you'd come through in the end!"
The 'little pat' on his back didn't hurt at all, even if all his body was sorrow because of the fight. Link was too happy to even care about bruises and aching limbs. He loved Daruk's optimism, it made him feel that everything would be just fine... and only Hylia knew how much they needed some positivity at that moment.

"Thank you for your help, Link! ", the newcomer exclamed, seemingly excited that for now things looked good. The hero had some questions in mind regarding the young Goron, and it looked like that his facial expression showed it, because soon after he was all shy and trying to explain himself. "I'm sorry...! I... uhm... well, I'm Yunobo, and... uhm..."

It seemed that the young one was confused about what happened so far, because... well, it really was difficult to understand how all of them, the little guardian and now those four future individuals, travelled through time just to help their past relatives.

There was so much to ask, but so little time to really talk about it...

"Thank Hylia you all did it", Mipha's voice woke him from his thoughts, making him feel a mix of relief and disapointment. Relief because it was good to see his childhood friend better than he saw her a while ago, and disapointment because he really wanted some more time to rest.

"Thank you, all of you", Zelda smiled, her voice showing how tired she was as well. However, the smile she showed when her eyes met Daruk's was nothing but pure relief and joy. "It's good to see that we made it in time..."
It seemed that Urbosa and Revali, who were also saved due to similar happenings, were left at their campsite to rest. Afterall, this had been the last of the Champions to be saved and there wasn't any sign of either of them here. Hopefully they hadn't been too banged up in their own battles.
Daruk didn't particularly care for Revali. The Rito was always rude, especially toward Link and himself for some reason. What reason should Revali be angry at them? They were all Champions. They all needed to work together and stop the Calamity, yet Revali continued to hurl rude comments at them left and right. The worst of which had been one of few times that Daruk actually attempted to get back at Revali, stating about him flying to help guide them through the fog of the forest. Daruk really didn't mean much by the comment - the Rito was complaining about them probably being off track and Daruk was just giving a suggestion for how he could maybe better utilize his time. However, Revali came out with saying he can't fly in the fog and then went on to ask if Daruk ever even thinks before speaking. Ever since, Daruk just chose to distance himself from Revali. The Rito was a jerk but they still had to work together. But it didn't mean they had to talk outside of business and Daruk didn't, just to avoid conflict with Revali.
Urbosa, however was a different story. Daruk didn't know her well, being as how he rarely ventured into Gerudo Town. For some reason, the no men rule was never applied to Gorons, them being allowed to come and leave as long as they had business. Such seemed to be the case for most of the cities, likely due to the race being Sworn Brothers to Hyrule. He did appreciate how much Urbosa has been able to support Princess Zelda though. Lately, things seemed hopeless as she kept failing to awaken her powers but Urbosa always got to Zelda in a way the other Champions never could. It made Daruk happy to see that someone could lighten the tiny princess's mood, even for a little bit. That, and the woman was a good sparring partner from time to time, even if Daruk had a slight advantage due to a Goron being naturally resistant to electricity.

"So you saved everyone else too? Of course you would!" Daruk smiled again at the hero as he saw Zelda and Mipha appear...alongside someone else? "Wait a second...where did HE come from?!"
He could have sworn he saw a Zora like this before when he went to Zora's Domain for business once. That whistle on his neck looked oddly familiar. But wasn't that Zora a little baby? This one was full grown...

"My apologies for not introducing myself formally before." the Zora started, noticing the confusion. "Why, we were so caught up into helping my sister that---"

"So you ARE that little Zora! Sidon, I think his name was?" Daruk interrupted, which made the Zora back off a bit. "So you must have time travelled to help Mipha!"

"Yes, we all did. It's all still a shock honestly. I had just been thinking of my sister and suddenly I was on the battlefeild alongside her..." Sidon explained. It was still a shocker for him too but he had succeeded in changing his sister's fate and that was all that mattered. It likely wouldn't change things for him, but at least he woukd know there was a timeline where Mipha didn't lose her life when he was young...

"Well, I don't know a lot about this time travel stuff, " Daruk said after a bit, not really understanding how time travel was even possible. "But you and anyone who came with you is an ally to me! The more hands we have, the more of a beatdown we can give that Calamity Ganon."
Link really was tired, because he didn’t notice that yes, that huge Zora had some similarity with Sidon. If it wasn’t for Daruk, probably Link would take more time to notice that fact. He really needed some sleep.

“So, you also came from the future?”, Yunobo seemed excited when Sidon said who he was. “I thought I’d be the only one!”

The young Goron was relieved that at least he was not alone. And now, thinking carefully, why should he be only one, right? All the other champions had died in his timeline, so why only Daruk would be given the chance to have his destiny changed? It didn’t make sense… at least if the entity that gave them this chance was benevolent enough.

“There are other two that we think came from the same period you two came: Teba, from the Rito, and Riju, from the Gerudo”, Zelda declared, as if responding Yunobo’s thoughts. “Everyone is fine, just need some rest…”

Mipha looked at Link, who had this tired expression and she understood: he needed to get some issues addressed… and she knew what they were. She knew him well enough to understand what he was thinking.

“Yes, Link, we need some time to at least recover… but I’m afraid that we don’t have much time…”

“Mipha is right”, Zelda had a sad expression. “We need to go to Akkala Citadel to rescue our troops that are fighting Ganon’s minions… and I heard that Fort Hateno needs some assistance as well.”

Just great… Link just wanted to go to the castle and kick Calamity Ganon’s ass himself. He was so tired that he really thought that he could do that.
There probably wasn't a single person in the group who wasn't tired. Daruk showed a bit of the weariness that'd become difficult to ignore by rubbing his eyes a bit before shaking his head a bit. If they had allies in need of help, then they didn't have the time to be waiting around. They had to keep going. But the sun was indeed starting to set. It was always dangerous to be trying to travel at night since monsters oftentimes would show their spinless little behinds at night. In all honesty, Daruk doubted he would even be able to deal with a set of those guys right now without potentially falling out. All he wanted to do was relax and eat another one of his favorite Prime Rock Roasts...

"Did you leave the others somewhere? We should probably get back to them before the sun sets and we all end up having to deal with more monsters while we're seperated." Sidon suggested, he and Mipha having not been to their camp since Mipha's rescue just a few hours ago. He was sure that his sister could not handle another fight. She already had needed to rest awhile on Va Ruta after Waterblight Ganon had been defeated.
"Right - those spineless Monsters always want to show themselves at night." Daruk chimed in, as if coming back to reality. As much as he was trying to stay strong it was becoming pretty obvious that he was just as tired if not even more tired than Link. "We'll have to get to those others tomorrow..."

Daruk was stopped midsentence when he flinched visibly. He got a pretty nasty woud on his side from Fireblight Ganon a bit ago. Combine that with hunger and exhaustion and it was pretty dang obvious that he wasn't going to be able to stay upright much longer.
Quickly Yunobo went to Daruk’s side, trying to help the champion. The young Goron didn’t know what to do, and when he looked at Link’s direction to look for answers (the only known face, besides Daruk), he started to panic: the hero was lying on a random Vah Rudania’s pilar with his eyes closed.

“Don’t worry”, Mipha saw how he reacted, and quickly tried to calm him down. “He’s just tired… let me help Daruk, at least enough for us to think of what to do.”

She got near both Gorons, already manifesting her healing power on Daruk’s wound. The Zora princess knew she couldn’t do much for her friend, but at least she could try to relief the pain. That way they could do something without delaying everybody else.

“Urbosa and Revali are with our troops, in a camping nearby”, Zelda answered Sidon, thinking about what he and Daruk said about fighting more enemies during the night. Yes, they were right, they needed to think calmly: it was no use going to fight desperately without planning anything. They’d lose for sure if they do it. “I think we can go to our camping so all of us can rest and discuss what to do next.”
"I didn't even notice that wound until now...." Daruk admitted as he watched Mipha get to work on healing it. The wound was a rough one but it wasn't anything that Mipha's Grace couldn't aid with. He glanced over at Link. "We should take tonight and regroup. I don't think the little guy can handle any more fighting today and I don't think you can either, tiny princess."

Again, the Goron directed the attention off of his own state and onto others. But it was clear that he needed to rest just as much as the others. He rubbed his eyes once again as Mipha continued to help. He kept an eye on the Zora, not wanting to have her pushing herself too hard on his behalf. Seems Sidon had a similar idea for he was doing the same thing. Mipha was still Sidon's sister, regardless of it not being his timeline.

"Yes, I agree. We should make our way to the campsite as soon as possible." Sidon suggested as he looked at Zelda. "We'll have to hope that our allies can hang in there for another day. If we go now, all we are going to do is lose. We can't afford to be reckless. Getting the others' opinions on a good strategy will make good use of our time as well."
Daruk said:
"We should take tonight and regroup. I don't think the little guy can handle any more fighting today and I don't think you can either, tiny princess."

"Yes... it looks like Link overdid this time", Mipha sighed, finishing to heal Daruk. It wasn't completely healed, but she made sure that it didn't bother the warrior anymore. "And I'm good... just need to rest a little. I hope that this works for now, Daruk. I can finish healing you when we get better."

"The camping isn't so far, I don't think we'll need the divine beasts to go there", Zelda said, getting near the sleeping hero. "He's really tired... does someone is in condition to carry him?"

"I can do it", Yunobo was already getting near Zelda and Link, thinking of a way to carry the hero.

"Thank you... again, thank you for you all", the princess was tired, but happy. "See you all alive is the most important thing that happened today."
"It's fine. Don't go pushing yourself either, Mipha. We all aren't 100% but we have to keep going if we're gonna beat down that Calamity Ganon!" Daruk said, determined. His wound was slightly sore and the slash from Fireblight Ganon's sword could still be seen but Daruk could at least walk on it now. He glanced over at Yunobo, who was trying to find a way to pick up Link.
"Gorons like us can easily pick up a Hylian! If we csn pick up boulders then this is almost nothing!" Daruk said as he moved over to the fallen hero, easily picking Link up, although the Goron clearly could have been a bit more...gentle with him. "There we go! Now all we need to do is get back to the camp."
He himself felt like falling asleep and without being able to rub his eyes to keep himself awake, the exhaustion showed. It was truly something about how much the Goron could hide. Hopefully he didn't end up overdoing things.

"We should get going." Sidon said after Link was securely in Daruk's arms. "We're losing daylight and we cannot afford to be running into any more monsters right now."
Yunobo felt embarrassed when Daruk came and carried Link. He didn't want to harm the hero, that's why he was thinking of a way to do that... ow well, at least it seemed that Daruk was OK enough to carry the hylian.

"We should get going." Sidon said after Link was securely in Daruk's arms. "We're losing daylight and we cannot afford to be running into any more monsters right now."

"Sure, let's go!", Zelda exclamed, going in the direction of the divine beast exit. Yes, they really didn't have much time to get out there, so it was better if the princess guided them, she knew how to get there faster.

It took a while, but they got in the camping in time. Some noticed their arrival, so it was easy to get all those who needed to the medical facility... and there were Urbosa and Revali. It looked like they already got treated and was just waiting for the healer to release them.

"Ow, thank Hylia! It's good to see you all!", it was a little out of character, but Urbosa really was worried, so she didn't care to show some of her concerns.
Daruk may have been okay enough to carry Link at the moment but it wasn't going to last. Just walking to the campsite was an effort for the Goron, being as how he still had numerous unattended injuries. However, he managed to hold out enough, even when they got to the camp. Honestly, the main thing Daruk wanted at the moment was a Rock Roast and a bit of rest. But of course, after the little Hylian in his arms was somewhere safe to rest! He saw Urbosa come out first, a bit surprised to hear her have this much worry.
"What? Did you think that I would end up bested by that monster?" he asked the Gerudo. "It was hard but we all pulled through in the end!!"
He stopped when he saw Revali come out. Out of all of the Champions, he had been the one with the most injuries being as how he was pretty much shot out of the air by Windblight Ganon. However, somehow, Revali was up. Daruk backed off, not really wanting to talk to the Rito too much. He still was not very happy about the comments said back in the Lost Woods, afterall.

"So even you made it." Revali scoffed before glancing at the hero in Daruk's arms. "And this is what our so called hero came to? Had I been out there I know I wpuldn't have come back like that." he added, finding the hero's state to be quite pathetic. Or maybe it was because in the back of his mind, Revali knew he would have seriously been no better had he been out there.

Daruk didn't say a word, though he really wanted to. Link had tried his best and tiny humans could only take so much. But something about seeing Revali scoff at Link's state really got on his nerves.
"You know, you could cut the little guy some slack. We have been travelling a lot lately. And we all owe him. If it wasn't for him and the help from the future we got, none of us would be here, right?"

"Oh, please. He had nothing to do with it." Revali said, not changing his tone in the least. "It looks to me that you had to do the saving to him in the end!"

"Can we please not have an argument?!" Sidon tried to get rid of some of the tension by speaking up, stepping between the two. "I don't think ANYONE is in the condition for it at this point. So please, calm down!"

"Argument? Who's arguing?" Revali asked. "I was merely making a statement. Nothing more."

Daruk tightened his grip on Link a bit. Being tired made him irritable and more likely to fight. Honestly had he NOT been carrying Link, he may have just drawn his club right then and there. Instead he turned to the others.
"Is there a good spot that we can put the little guy for the night? He needs the rest more than anyone." he said, again, disregarding the fact that he too likely needed to be seen by a healer, Mipha as well since neither of them had gone for a check in after their near death expirience.
Urbosa was about to point out how Revali was even more beaten up than herself, and she wasn't that good when she first got there. If it wasn't for the tall Zora, she'd really talk more than everyone needed right now.

"Hold your tongue, Revali", she murmured when she decided to go talk to Zelda and passed near the Rito. "You're going to get in trouble if you keep this façade... and don't even try my pacience right now." The Gerudo chief was tired, worried with everybody and still healing, so her humor was the worst right now... and if Revali was clever enough, he wouldn't mess with her.

It wasn't that she hated Revali... it was just that she did like him either. That Rito had a ego bigger than Death Montain, and that annoyed her, but since they didn't interact that much, she was good with just let it go... if the interaction with the others wasn't harmful in any way. However, right now, the last thing they needed was this ego thing taking all over the place.

The woman noticed that one young Goron was near Daruk, trying to be gentle while taking Link from the older one to put the hero to rest. She heard him saying something like "I'll take him, sir! Take a rest, you need to heal", and Mipha also was with some healer... it seemed that every one of the champions had their bad time in this battle.

"You all did well, little bird...", Urbosa had a sincere smile when she got near the princess. The Hylian looked up at her and smiled back, reliefed to see that her mother figure was fine. "Thank you, if it wasn't for you, we sure would be..."

"Don't say that, please", Zelda cut right away. "I don't even want to think about the possibility..."

She just smiled and kissed the top of Zelda's head. Urbosa understood how the little one felt.

"I know we are all worried with Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno", one other Rito, Teba if Urbosa wasn't mistaken, started to speak. "However, I was talking to one of the soldiers, and it seems that they can hold things until tomorrow... I know it isn't too much, but I think that we can recover and rest enough to help them by dawn."

"It seems good enough", Urbosa answered, looking at the others for some kind of response.
Revali luckily did shut his mouth upon hearing Urbosa speak to him. In a way, he respected Urbosa. All of the Champions seemed to do so, seeing the Gerudo Warrior as a mother figure during their journeys together. Up until now though, those journeys were often very short. Yet the authority seemed to work all the same. Revali simply crossed his arms and turned away. Like everyone else, he was tired and really didn't want to deal with any other extra drama either. Luckily though, Teba's report immediately made everyone, including Revali himself, drop the tension for now.

"I can confirm that." a young Gerudo, Riju, said as she stepped out beside Teba. "Another soldier gave me the same report. We should take this time to rest and recover. Going over there to help them isn't going to be easy."

"At least they can wait, so it seems." Sidon said as he looked at the reporting persons from the future. "Daruk and my sister need to rest. Neither of them have even so much as seen a healer since their rescue. We didn't have time to drop Sister off at camp since Daruk was in trouble at the same time..."

"Me? I'm fine....honest!" Daruk tried to get the attention off of his injuries. He knew that they were right on saying that he was among those that desperately needed to rest but the last thing he wanted to do was be a burden. "But the little guy, tiny princess, and Mipha should rest for sure."
Again, he stumbled a bit. Seems that now he was finally at the camp, his body wanted to give out on him. He still remembered how his Protection shattered on him and left him open to what he thought was going to be his death had Yunobo not managed to step in. It was the first time that his Protection actually shattered. He hasn't been able to put it up again since and his complete lack of energy is probably why. He never did fully feel the same since the incident afterall. The Goron honestly wanted to pass out.

"Either way, I think they should go anyway." Sidon said. "We should also get everyone's dinner going so that we can eat before we turn in for the evening."
"Me? I'm fine....honest!" Daruk tried to get the attention off of his injuries.

Urbosa looked a little skeptical to the Goron champion, she knew how Daruk was: always trying to make sure that nobody worried about him. However, it was obvious his energy was running out pretty fast, and she wouldn't be surprised if he put his defense to its limites... she did that to her power as well. Urbosa was sure that right now she couldn't eletrocute a chuchu even if she tried hard enough.

"I and Riju can bring some food for you all", Teba said before everybody could volunteer. "I think that from all of us, we're the one who need the least medical attention at the moment, we had some time to recover a little, after all."

"He's right", Zelda replied. "Even you, Sidon and Yunobo, need some attention."

"I don't think I'll have anything to eat right now...", Mipha declared, yawning righ after she said that. "I'm really tired... I need to recover my energy if we want to help everybody tomorrow. I can eat something after I wake up..."

The Zora never used her power to that extence before, for both battling and healing... and all her body was asking for was a good rest time.
"Well, you had better eat in the morning! We all need to eat if we're gonna keep our strength up!" Daruk told Mipha as he looked at Teba and Riju. "I'm going to eat before I do any resting. I'm starving!"
He still needed to see a healer although he had not done so. Hopefully, someone would convince him to do so before the night was out. He watched as Revali just remained where he was with his arms crossed, faced away from the group as if not wanting anything to do with them. However, the Goron had probably spoken for everyone on being hungry.

"We'll get some food going. It shouldn't take long to cook a meal over an open fire." Riju suggested. "We still have plenty of vegetables and meats left to make a good meal from."

"I'm going to get Sister to a tent for the moment." Sidon said as he walked over to his sister, guiding her to the tents to where she could get a well-deserved rest. After a good meal and attention given to their injuries, the group would rest for the task ahead tomorrow....


Daruk was never what one would call an early bird. Even with all his responsibilities as the leader of his people, it was rare for many Gorons to be functional until around 10AM on most days. Combined with the amount of energy he had lost in his recent battles, Daruk didn't feel like waking up when the camp started to be active at dawn. Luckily, he had been convinced to see a healer and ended up getting the slash wound properly attended to. Mipha's healing had helped with it but the healer made sure the wound was properly cleaned and covered to prevent infection. Currently he was curled up in the ball that all sleeping Gorons tended to take, a blanket over him. Surely someone was going to come in at any moment and demand he get up...

"We don't have time to wait on people." Revali said impatiently as he stood at the campfire. "Don't they realize that we have people to save? We've already wasted enough time and we need to get going before our allies can't take things anymore!"

"I agree - we need to get to our allies as soon as possible." Sidon said, already having been awake early. "But we also need to maintain our own health as well. Judging by yesterday, it's obvious that the Champions were injured and exhausted on different levels and we need to make sure that they are fighting fit before marching out. We all are going to need to be on the battlefeild today so we need to take care."

"I get that, really, I do but the more time we waste the more difficult things are going to get." Revali told the future champion. "If people haven't started to be up and about, they need to be. We can't stay here for long!"

"Seriously? Up at arms this early in the morning?!" Riju asked as she walked up, hearing Revali already starting to get louder than anyone would like. "I think we all get your concern but yesterday was hard on all of us. I'm sure those who are still asleep will wake up soon. Breakfast is already ready so all they need to do is eat before we can clean up and head out. Some of the tents have even already been taken up. We'll still get an early departure."
Urbosa came just in time to hear what Riju said, and the older of the Gerudo couldn't be prouder of the young future leader. She seemed fragile, but oh lord, how could she be strong. Only those who saw her fighting and speaking to others could understand how strong she was.

"Good morning, everyone", the older Gerudo simply greeted. "I just talked to Zelda, she was talking to Impa and other soldiers. It seems that Mipha and Link are the only ones left to eat. After that we can departure."

"Good morning. Sorry we're late", the said Zora joined the group, with Link right after her, his eyes still full of sleep. "Link here was a little difficult one to take out of the bed."

Still sleepy, Link murmured something illegitable, going straight to get something to eat. It seemed that Mipha understood what he said, though, because she just laughed and turned to talk to him, following him to get some fish to eat as well. "I know you're OK to fight, but you can't deny that you're a really heavy sleeper... Sidon, brother, did you already eat?", and there was the all worried princess. "Did you all eat, by the way?"
"Wait a minute....great. The Goron is sleeping in again." Revali remarked upon not seeing Daruk anywhere. That only meant one thing - the Goron champion slept in. It was bad enough that Link and Mipha were late but now Daruk too?!? "Someone had better get him before we are even more late on getting out to our allies than we are already. I'm not going to go anywhere near that tent."

"You know, last night was hard on everyone, as I said before." Riju told the Rito. "Give him awhile longer. He'll wake up soon."

"So you say, and yet here we still are." Revali scoffed at the Gerudo. He glanced over at Daruk's tent. Still no sign of him getting up yet, which was becoming more and more irritating the longer he saw no movement in the tent. He heard Riju huff in annoyance at his arguing with her previous statement.

Sidon, meanwhile had his attention on his sister, not wanting to get involved in the tension that Revali was causing.
"Yes, I did eat already, Sister. Just you, Link, and Daruk need to finish getting up and eating and then we can be off." he reported. He glanced at Daruk's tent. It might be a good idea that someone gets him up soon so that they aren't waiting. However, he isn't too fond of waking any of the Champions early after last night's events.
"You say that as if we don't care at all about Hyrule", Urbosa was annoyed... really annoyed. "We know our duties here, and if you don't like how we deal with things or don't care about us at all, you can leave. I believe on what any of others say to me regarding the safety of Akalla Citadel or Hateno Fort. We still have some time, so you only need to worry about recovering as much as you can, because if I remember right, your feathers were all over the place yesterday. The only one who was worse than us was Link, and the voe there fought four blights without time to recover in between."

Urbosa wasn't dumb, she knew how Revali was picky about Link for no apparent reason. However, she mentioned the hero on purpose: she needed the Rito to just stop being so annoying and let the others concentrate in the fight that was about to come.

And the mentioned hero even tried to pretend that he didn't hear the older Gerudo, but the blush on his cheeks showed that yes, he was aware of that discussion.

Sidon said:
"Yes, I did eat already, Sister. Just you, Link, and Daruk need to finish getting up and eating and then we can be off." he reported. He glanced at Daruk's tent.

Link noticed Sidon's worried look. He knew that the Zora was just worried about the other champion. With that in mind, he finished his apple and with a light touch on Sidon's shoulder, deciding to look how was Daruk.

"Link?", Urbosa noticed when the Hylian got up. The only thing that she got as an answer was a gesture: the blonde just pointed in Daruk's tent direction. "Ow, OK. If you need anything, let me know", a quick nod was the only answer he gave the woman, and got right into the tent.

There was him, curled up in a big stone ball. It was easy to see that he was fast asleep. Not wanting to scare the Goron, but also wanting to make sure he would wake up, Link decided to tap the other lightly two times.

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