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Fantasy Wheel of Calamity- CS



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First and foremost there are a few rules to the development of characters in this that are needed for the plot to work.
1.) No Royal family members- I have plans for them and the king, queen, princes, and princesses are taken.
2.) No other worldly creatures- This rule is a bit odd. You cannot be a Demon, Angel, or Dragon. However you can be a Dragonborn (half dragon) or a Tiefling (Half Demon) or an Archon (Half Angel) with each hybrid form granting both a Physiological change like wings, tails, or horns/halos in addition to a single supernatural power.
3.) Characters are expected to be reasonably powerful and competent but far from the best in the kingdom. We aren’t making a story about a group of heroes saving everyone, this is a group of average joes and janets trying to make their way out of the city and possibly becoming badasses along the way.
4.) No monster characters- basically you cannot be vampires or werewolves, or other powerful creatures. The main races are Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Goblin, and Halfling. The Above mentioned Hybrid exceptions to rule two can be of any of these species.
5.) No legendary magic items- A magical item is gonna be a rare thing that has probably been passed down the family for generations. Not only are they hard to come by but even someone who was a master at the creation of them could take up to ten years to construct a single one. And all that is just a regular enchanted item. Each character will be allowed one magic item.

Image: (If applicable)
Age: (Limit 400 for Elves and Halflings. 120 for everything else except Orcs and Goblins Who have 90 as their maximum. A Tiefling, Dragonborn, or Archon stops aging at 30 years old then lasts another 500 years regardless of the species they are.)
Species: (Choose above listed species from rule 2 & 4.)
Gender: (optional)
Size: (Height and Weight.)
Notable features: (Scars, Tattoos, Glowing Runes?)
Personality: (You can make this a list of traits or a paragraph though I prefer the latter.)
Occupation : (What is your job within the city. No two survivors can have the same exact job.)
History: (How has your life been, are you an Ogden native? A tourist from another nation? Think of Ogden like New York but with magic in place of of electrical and digital technology.)
Items: (list your weapons here though you may want more than weapons, and weapons are not even required for your survival.)
Skills: (Far more relevant to survival than any thing else in the story you may list these talents as you see fit but bear in mind realism, no one will be a master of all things and you only list what you are at least notably above average in.)
Magic: (Here is where it gets weird, in this world magic is not an all encompassing umbrella term for superpowers it is a very specific spell that does a very specific thing that is repeatable. For example the Archers Spell Bolt Recovery allows the user to pull a crossbow bolt that has been fired back into their hand like a Jedi pulling their lightsaber back. Almost all spells are just as specific and we all have a massive disadvantage as mind altering spells do not effect those afflicted by the Madness so don’t even bother with them, luckily the afflicted also seem incapable of casting mind based spells.)
Foil: (What is your characters primary weakness?.)


No lights please
Name: Reggie Collonade
Age: 66yrs
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Size: 6ft 1in, 186lbs
Notable features: Hunters Mark, Platinum colored tattoo.
Personality: Some men are proud of their history and their work, others hate it and refuse to mention it. Reggie falls somewhere in the middle, he is proud of what he has sacrificed for civilizations sake, but he refuses to discuss his hunts or in any way glorify the dangerous job that cost him so many friends and family members. Due to this he is known to be a bit overprotective in regards to his small family and his employees or regulars. However most men of little resolve find his presence to be unnerving, many claim they can feel danger when around the man and those who know his past will confirm that such danger certainly exists. Rumor throughout the city seems to suggest that a drunk man who got a little too eager with Reggi’s daughter may have met his end to The old mans crossbow though no evidence has ever been found…Most who know Reggie however will tell you even if he did do the deed, there would be no evidence to be found.
Occupation : Tavern Owner/ Ex Platinum ranked Monster Hunter
History: Reggie was born in Ogden to famed monster hunter Obadiah Collonade, a man known as the Baneslayer. Like his older brother Reggie would be raised in a state of constant training to join his fathers trade and of course with the two having one of the best trainers in the world, they would go on to be famous hunters in their own right. However a particularly difficult hunt would test the family of warriors and find that only Reggie would have the potential to become truly great. The three hunters had went on to challenge the Dracolich Zanthanelle and despite their preparation and guile the mighty lich would not be caught unaware and the three faced a hellish opposition.

After a long struggle in which the hunters destroyed many of the dragons horcruxes the lich fled unleashing a last surprise attack which would consume both his father and elder brother in necrotic flames. Reggie would slay his now undead father and brother and use their souls to charge his final crossbow bolt with the strongest Bane Curse he could muster, mere fractions of a second before the mighty undead dragon could escape the cursed bolt struck true and the beast was felled. Being that this was one of the most dangerous creatures in all the lands Reggie was heralded as the worlds greatest hunter and would spend the next two Decades proving that rumor true.

Eventually his age would catch up with him, a hunt that should have been easy almost caused him to meet his end, the werewolves claw was certainly about to hit his throat when he felt some invisible hand shove him out of the way. He would go on to dispatch the last wolf before collapsing in exhaustion and seeing the form of a beautiful red haired woman carry him off to his hunting cabin. As it turned out Reggie had a guardian angel named Belle, and she would stay the night with him informing him that this would be his last hunt as his time of having a guardian had come to an end and she would be reassigned after that night, however she had grown infatuated with her ward and he with her after putting together the times she had saved his life. The two would stay together in the cabin, and when Reggie woke up in the morning the spot on the bed where she sat was empty.

Reggie retired after that last hunt seventeen years ago. He set up a tavern with the money he had saved and hid his hunting supplies under the floorboards of his new establishment. It took a lot of preparation to get the building up and running and after he had finished that work he found himself with much more work to come. On the day he was scheduled to open the establishment he found a Basket on his doorstep with the Scent and signature of Belle on it, within the basket was the daughter the two had conceived that first and last night they were together. He hired the elderly widow Missus Newman to both cook for the establishment and paid her extra to help him tend to his daughter in her youngest years. Eventually when she was ten his daughter would help with the tavern, and sadly when Missus Newman died of age Malory would take over as the cook and waitress of his establishment. Only once did he ever need to tell anyone to keep their hands off of his daughter, especially after the Drunk man fiasco. Despite a lack of wealth, a lack of nobility, and a lack of political support Reggie had earned himself a nice place in society his voice carried weight and none would dream of crossing the old man. However yesterday when the madness came the fear of reggies reputation became replaced with a defiant anticipation. With his home coming under assault he fled with his daughter to their Tavern where they hope the strong Oak and Stone structure will be able to wait out the madness. Luckily for the other survivors, Neither Reggie, nor his Archon Daughter were willing to bring themselves to keep the doors locked so they opened their doors to survivors and Reggie donned his old hunting gear.

Masterwork Enchanted Crossbow- no matter where one looked one would be hard pressed to find a crossbow that rivals this ones design. Made to optimize the range and speed of the projectile and specifically designed to hit creatures far faster than a human this beautiful machine shoots steel shafted ,silver coated, Tungsten tipped bolts with enough force to embed them seven inches into solid stone. Furthermore it is enchanted with Power Word Zoom, meaning if Reggie says The designated trigger Word in this case “Eye” it will allow his scope to magically magnify his vision by up to 14x.

ManaBanger- the cylinders on reggies hips are actually ancient Djinni artifacts which have been modified by a master artificer for his repeated use. There are two of these cylinders, each one has on one end a soft gel like material where the crossbow bolt is put into it mounting the Mana Banger on the top of the arrow head. The other end of the cylinders is a half dome that extends all the way down the small cylinders ending in several lights going around the cylinder in a stripe of small rectangles. One can charge these artifacts with mana, a process that takes Reggie three hours per cylinder. If fired the cylinder will unleash a tremendously powerful concussion wave from the epicenter of where it hit out to up to a ten meter diameter. This concussion can crack stone and shatter bones as it shoves all things away from the epicenter.

The Renzel- An enchanted nine inch dagger which never dulls and replenishes the uses mana with each drop of blood drawn.

Hunters Leathers- the coat, gloves, boots, and vest of his old hunter uniform. All are enchanted with sound Muffling and reflective dampening enchantments making it harder to spot or hear him. It masks the scent of the user and offers heavy resistance to disease, poison, curse, and venom.

The Platinum Mark- A mystic platinum colored tattoo which cannot be replicated. It offers no benefits beyond allowing hunters to access the Hunter board, a magical informational network that spans the globe and any and all hunters can use it. The Platinum mark allows Reggie to post hunts and claim any hunt he wants.

Legendary Trapper- Reggie is a literal world class trapped having been brought to nations all over the world after his retirement in order to teach young hunters his old tricks. Magical trip wires, teleporting bear traps, homing Pungi Pits, or the Feared Bad Traffic Curse. He not only has several of his own traps in trap manuals all over the world, but he survived the hilarious prank war between him and the old Trapmaster Fugin and even came out on top with his Airbag Kayak trap. Few in the monster hunting career path don’t know this mans skills.

Master Marksman- While not a skill he is quite as renown for as his trap mastery, Reggie is a very impressive marksman having hit several 2000 Meter shots,Trick shots, and even felling multiple targets with single shots. His trigger finger is quick and his muscle memory so developed that he can fire just as well while impaired. There are ample better marksmen out there however so he does not teach his skills there besides to his daughter.

Alchemist- while far from a master or a pioneer in this regard Reggie is a bartender and at least knows basic medicinal alchemy.

Brawler- While he may not be as skilled an unarmed fighter as his daughter is, Reggie does get directly involved when bar fights break out. And while he has woken up several times regretting that decision, many of the townsfolk respect him greatly for it.

Campfire Cook- Reggie cooks food decent enough to live on but it is notoriously bland. Hence why his daughter kicked him out of the kitchen.

Awareness- While his senses have dulled somewhat with age, his mind has not in any sense. He watches everything in his bar and notices every concealed weapon bulge, every twinge of magical energy, and every creaky floorboard. He hides it well however and people will often mistake his ignoring something as him being ignorant to it.

Bolt recovery- Reggies go to spell to conserve ammo, the user creates a magical line to a crossbow bolt which was fired at least one hour ago. The bolt will then fly to the casters hand at the same speed it was shot only slowing down once it is close to the caster. Reggie is particularly skilled at using the return stroke to fell enemies even though doing so interrupts the spell.

Trap relocation- A notably difficult spell to perform as it is basically teleporting an entire trap system carefully enough for it to still function. Reggie is a master at this spell and is actually the inventor of it, though he used a literal ghost writer to avoid it being tracked back to him. It is said that he has dozens of traps stashed away in his tavern and outside of the city which he can call upon on a whim. The validity of this belief is unconfirmed as Reggie himself is always vague about it.

Lightning bolt- Another archer spell and one that Reggie tries to avoid using because it renders his bolt unrecoverable most times. After firing the crossbow bolt it will turn into a bolt of lightning and streak through whatever is in its path. Unfortunately it also flies at the speed of lightning causing it to almost always hurt his arrows over the horizon or off into space.

Spiders Strike- A spell used in melee which can be cast on his dagger or his hand. In either case any amount of damage done to a foe with the enchanted object will inflict a painful and potentially fatal venom onto the target. The venoms potency is directly proportionate to the damage done, so a slap would hurt, a punch would be debilitating, a stab would be fatal.

Old man- Reggie tires easily and his mana pool is relatively low. His senses have filled and he is not half the hunter he once was.

Name: Malory Collonade
Age: 17yrs
Species: Archon
Gender: Female
Size: 5ft 8in, 144lbs
Notable features: two large white tattooed looking lines on her back where her wings emerge from.
Personality: Malory is the perfect hostess for the tavern her family runs. Her attitude is nearly always a seemingly flirty sweetness that encourages people to buy things off of her. However this is no act, Malory is as kind as she can be as if compulsively driven towards helping people. Most associate this with her linage but she also seems to exude an almost glamour spell like aura around herself and is surprisingly bold, never biting her tongue but never having much to say that would need her to do so. Those who do engage in conversation with her and get past the pleasantries may find her to be incredibly knowledgeable for one of her age. While she is by no means lazy she does look forward to sleeping each night as she claims to meet her mother in her dreams. However literally no one would guess what this girls late night hobby is.

Occupation : Bar maid, Underground Fighter.
History: Like most Archons Malory actually remembers and understands almost everything from the moment she opened her eyes. Her mother birthed her in the second heaven where angels dwelt, and for three short days she was shown around the realm where she met and was blessed by at least a dozen other angels. However her mother would tell her that she could not stay with her and must instead go to her father. The infant was obviously perturbed by this revelation as the crying would indicate however Malory’s mother silenced her with a promise, she would go to the mortal realm and bring people joy and safety, and when the time came for her to leave the mortal realm she would return to the second heaven just like her mother.

Malory was delivered to her father and she was determined to be the perfect child. She spent her first few years with miss Newman learning to read by the time she could walk which only took her eighteen months, talking came a good deal later when she was three however she claims she could’ve spoken when she wanted but had never wanted to. Thinking Malory to be a genius miss Newman attempted to teach her magic and other higher concepts but the young girl seemed much more interested in helping her father get the shop ready, or cleaning up afterwards. It wasn’t until she was six or seven that she would move onto the more complex lessons such as her father showing her how to handle a knife, miss Newman teaching her to cook, and learning basic magic from her Tudor. However she always seemed to struggle to master any magic beyond basic cantrips and low level spells.

Her progress with a crossbow was average at best but her prowess with a knife began to catch eyes, more than that was the strength the young girl displayed, while being a small child she was almost as strong as a young adult. That was when her father decided she would best thrive spending some time with the Monks of the Nine Divines. With the death of miss Newman, her dad would approach the topic with her and Malory understanding the strain her father would be on agreed. She spent four years being trained and educated by the Monks in a wide variety of culturally significant theological studies and Self defense martial arts. At the age of 14 she thanked the monks and left their temple returning home to help her father with his tavern.

She found her father was rather happy with the changes she underwent, which he first recognized on day one as the girl seemed far more confident and sarcastic with her humor. He began to trust her far more after a bar brawl broke out and he joined in only to be struck with a bottle and pass out. When he came to he found his daughter mopping the floor with several drunken men with a smile on her face as she tossed them out on their backsides. However she has found that as this madness progresses she may need to rely more on the skills her father gave her if she is to survive.
Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do: A chain hanging from her waist at the front and back of her right side. Eight throwing knifes hang from the chains. While not enchanted they are masterworked blades with a honed edge given to her for her fifteenth birthday from a the same man who made her fathers crossbow.
Expert Brawler- Trained by monks and tempered by bar brawls Malory is one of the cities most well known underground fighters known throughout the city for her terribly effective kicks which have been known to completely floor Enraged Orcs in a single blow. However those who bypass her kicks will be shocked to find this young woman is an even more proficient wrestler, absolutely manhandling grizzled soldiers and young bulls alike.

Expert Knifefighter- Malory learned knife fighting from her father, but it’s her natural strength and monk training that made it truly formidable, both near and far, foes would be wise to be weary of any edged weapon in her hands.

Gift of Gab- Most people find it hard to not hold a conversation with Malory, she brings a blend of Flirtation and Coyness mixed with innocence and knowing expressions that seem to lure the words out of men and women alike. Unfortunately she mostly uses this gift for gossip.

Archon Boons
Mystic power- Wings of the angel- Malory can spawn a pair of angelic wings from her back, these wings are not actually flesh and blood but rather are made of pure light and magic. These wings allow her to fly at up to 120 mph carrying weights of up to 500lbs

Physiological power- Divine Might- Malory possesses the strength of a angel, while this makes her notably more powerful than she looks, keeping her strength in the ballpark of an enraged Orc, it also seems to be an untapped resource as she does not often exercise and could very well grow much stronger.

Smite- A Holy spell she learned in the monks temple, this spell imbues any weapon in her hand or her hand itself with holy energy than greatly improves the damage, making a simple kitchen knife capable of cleaving through mundane swords, or a punch capable of fatal damage. This spell can only be cast using angel energy which limits her to three uses per day.

Chefs Edge- A summoning spell that allows Malory to call to herself any tool of the kitchen such as ladles wooden spoons, or her trusty chefs knife.

Dancing Torch- a spell which spawns a small fireball that dances a foot from her hand lighting dark places. It can be used to cause minor fire damage.

Foil: Malory suffered from Inexperience having literally never been in a life or death fight and lacking the resolve to actually take a life even if it saves her own.
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Name: Tyr "Brionnu" Hadur
Age: 43
Species: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Size: 5’8’’ and 240 pounds
Notable features: Shiny scale in the middle of his chest, and 2 tattoos on both of his shoulders.

Tyr is a simple but brutally honest man, even a bit blunt at times. He is a hard-working fella spending most of his time at work with intense focus making it worthless speaking to him when he focuses on his work. He is a man of few words, well until you meet him in a tavern then he can easily be more talkative than a parrot.
Occupation: Blacksmith
History: (How has your life been, are you an Ogden native? A tourist from another nation? Think of Ogden like New York but with magic in place of electrical and digital technology.)
Items: Hammer, Smithing apron, backpack, clothes, Magical anvil (he can summon it to a place within 10 feet of himself, it weights 300lb), basic smithing tools
  • Blacksmithing instinct- While Tyr might not be an the greatest blacksmith his instincts lead him to create many things even without proper understanding.
  • Draconic ancestry- Tyr has been granted draconic scales and breath related to his draconic ancestry in this case. He can breath acid, and his scales are tough and resistant to his acid.
  • Basic hammer combat.
  • Static Flame- It creates a stationary ball of flame which the amount of heat can be changed depending on how much mana you input.
  • Create water- It creates a floating ball of water. How much it creates depends on how much mana he puts into the spell.
  • Strengthening- Contrary to its name it does not make its user stronger but it allows the user to work at peak body condition for a certain amount of time.
Foil: Tyr never backs off a challenge be it a fight or a drinking game. Sadly though while he might appear strong he isn't as tough as he looks. So a good punch ,spicy food or strong alcohol might make him fall/ill.

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Sir Robert-Louis of Chivalria

Age: 25
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Size: 6' 1"
Notable features: Armor is worn and battered, even patchwork in place, but is noticably well maintained. He wears a blue and gold livary, his symbol being a lion.
Personality: Brave, yet humble. Friendly, but quiet. Helpful, but solemn. Sir Robert-Louis is more than happy to keep to himself, but when approached reveals himself to be a calm and kind soul, polite to all he deals with in opposition to usual Chivalrian stereotypes. The knight tends to be more assertive in combat, but all in all tends to be reactive rather than proactive. One usually notices that he often acts tired, no matter how rested, as if he has been carrying heavy weights all day.

Occupation : As a questing knight of Chivalria, Sir Robert-Louis was simply travelling through the city on his way to find (or stumble onto) his next quest. A full-fledged knight, he is currently questing around the world as many young knights of Chivalria do.

History: Chivalria, the land of knights, artisans, and defiance in the face of overwhelming odds. Chivalria is perhaps one of the oldest rivals in terms of verability compared Ogden, one laughed off by everyone but Chivalrians due to it being more a reference to the petty fiefdoms that pattern the geographical plains and forests of Chivalria. Robert-Louis is one such knight of this noble land, the fourth son of Lord Osmont-Louis the Strong. Despite being of relatively minor nobility, Sir Robert-Louis has been questing far from his homes since supposedly the age of sixteen. It is unknown why he does this, only because of some great shame. He has spent the years fighting beasts, bands of theives, and other rather average things that isolated villages and hamlets would celebrate.

Items: Steel longsword, steel shield, steel plate armor (battered, scratched, and reforged a dozen times), Bellestelle (Warhorse with armor and saddle), maintinance equipments (weapons, armor, horse), 1 basic medical kit (bandages and herbs), 1 bag of horse feed, 1 week of rations, water canteen, Ring of the Witchburner (This ring he wears is a simple magical ring, which protects the weilder from magic)

Skills: Adept swordsman (on foot and from horseback), adept sheild-weilder, adept at horseback riding, Tactical commander, corageous, noble-birth, strong

Magic: Sir Robert-Louis does not weild any forms of magic, aside from his ring and usual Chivalrian Elan.

Foil: With the end of the world, the ghosts of his past seem to become heavier by the hour. Though he may try to give forth a strong front, he can't help but feel his hollow soulin conflict with his vows. As a knight, he must uphold his vows.

The Knightly Vows of Chivalria

Thou shalt believe all that the Churches teaches and thou shalt observe all its directions.
Thou shalt defend the Chuches and Holy Cults.
Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.
Thou shalt love Chivalria, in which thou wast born.
Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.
Thou shalt make war against the beast and thief without cessation and without mercy.
Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of the Gods.
Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.
Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

For now, Robert-Louis clings to his vows like a lifeline. Who knows how far he would fall without them, perhaps even as far as to fall into madness.


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    Name: Bashere Trickfoot

    Age: 21

    Species: Tiefling

    Gender: Male

    Size: 5'11, 170lbs

    Notable features: Scar around his neck, forked tail.

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