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Advice/Help What’s the best way to Rp


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Hey, new here obviously

I’m looking for honest opinions. What’s the best way to RP? Paragraph or two? Or maybe a page? Just wondering what others feelings are on this. Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance!


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I'm just gonna start by saying what I know many feel immediately as they read that title and what I know the vast majority of the replies to this thread will probably consist of: There isn't a best way to RP. Or, better said, there isnt' a DEFINITIVE best way to RP. Some (most) would say that's because it is a subjective thing. Others would say that that is because it depends on factors like what your goals are when you RP, what your tastes are, your available time etc...

So, all in all, you can't expect universal perfection from any given style.

Personally, I feel like the later group's proposal much more reasonable, but I'll leave it at that since that's not the topic.

In my personal opinion, the best way to RP would be defined by the following questions:
-->What is RP?
Just as the name would suggest, roleplaying is a form of collaborative writing where you take the role of the character, the idea is that you are getting in the character's shoes as you write the story. The best roleplaying style has to remain in character as much as possible, but still craft a good story.

-->How do you RP?

At least for forum roleplaying, you do so by writing. This implies that common sense, boundaries and rules in roleplay will often reflect those of writing.

-->Why do you RP?
While simply having fun and escapism are certainly part of the reason, I'd say the biggest reasons why I roleplay is one as an outlet for my creativity, a place to share all those useless but sometimes really fun or awesome ideas that my brain comes up with at random times and two as a wait of exploring a hobby within a great community that has become almost a second home to me.

-->What makes you enjoy an RP?
I find that I enjoy myself the most with well-fulfilled plans over cascades of surprises. I find that I enjoy myself most with a well-built story. I find that I enjoy myself most when I am reading my partner's posts and you can feel their character drenching in it and truly immerse yourself into their reactions to what I bring to the table. I love it when there is good atmosphere, and when people show love or curiosity towards my ideas.

As a result of thse answers, I have a preference for long detailed posts (give more room to explore ideas and craft better woven pacing in the writing as well as creating a good atmosphere), roleplaying in first person with a pre-planned plot that is fleshed out in the RP.

Still, that is scratching the surface. I could probably go deeper into my preferences, the reasons behind them etc etc but frankly if I explore every preference I have, I would be here all day (I am pretty opinionated :P ), so unless someone poses the more specific questions to me, I'll leave it at that.


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imo i like it when people try and describe as much as possible without overloading what happens in a post. Aka don’t make 1,000 actions happen in one post, instead describe the surroundings, thought process, maybe a bit of background for the thoughts and however much space that takes is what’s good. Doesn’t have to be an essay lmao
(Again just imo)


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Most of the time people will tell you their feelings on this in their search thread/interest check m.

Something to the effect of pls write XX many words / paragraphs per post.

If a requirement isn’t listed they probably don’t care


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I agree with the above comments. I like a good amount of detail,but too much can get very overwhelming and stressful,which isn't what rp is about. Communication with a rp partner is so important. Nothing will go right if you don't know what the other wants/ is expecting.

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