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What were your characters name on FF/WCRPG?


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This is an attempt to connect to old and new users of the FeralFront website alike! I'd love to catch up and maybe come across some old friends <3

I used to play a TRUCKLOAD of different characters but my most notable however were:
Antonio/Aristotle S.S. [The Elite, Bloodclan, Skyclan, The Insignia, Boneclan]
Alejandro's Last Cigarette/Alejandro R.S.S. [Tribe of Rushing Water, Boneclan, The Insignia, Volary Flights]
Aristocraticanarchy [The Democracy]
Celestialsaint [The Sanctum]
Demarcus [The Elite]
Privatedancer E. [Bloodclan]
Preposterouslies [Boneclan]
Loveletter [Trad. Riverclan]
Lovino [Boneclan]
Nightvale E. [Bloodclan]
Valentine [Bloodclan]


It's been a few years so to be honest, I don't quite remember all of the characters I had. I played a lot of different cats with a lot of different people and the only ones I remember with certainty are my characters Foxeyes and Doveheart, and I don't even remember what clans they were in. I'm gonna keep trying to remember though. ^^"


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well, i actually kind of dropped out of feralfront in, i think... 2017/18? it just really wasn't my thing anymore, but i've actually been on there since the old WCRPG days. it was literally my entire childhood, i admit. but as for characters, i had so many of them i can't remember half of them - but my most developed and active characters were bakshi, who was briefly the king of phantomclan. joslyn grimes, who was a part of the tribe of the harvest moon. and kirka, who was a part of radicalclan; but she is so old that i don't think anybody is gonna remember her, haha. my username on there was medical neon for the longest time, though! (highkey, if anybody i used to rp with on feralfront sees this, please send me a pm bcs im gonna scream.)

loveletter sounds super familiar though - not sure if our characters ever interacted, or if i just read it somewhere. 0: were they a hp, by any chance?



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Deer Spots-@umbradeep

Before Banning for Nightsun's backstory because staff and crybabies didn't like it:

River Through Cool Valley-@vgcrucis
Leaf That Glides in Wind-@ZAlcyneous (before ban)

Vukasin Garnet Crucis-lupercta @vcgrcuis (prisoner/pet to Carnivorous in Sanguine Ruins)
Alcyenous-@Alcyenous & Whisper-@SilentRequiem (basenji hound siblings in the coven)
Kereengaya-@wynterherbs (painted brigade/The Sanguine Ruins)
Amahle Spot-@amahlespot (volary flights until I left it, Court of Halcyeon)
Tarelnodr + his sister-@zombie.hound (Shadow Veil-adopted children to Natsu)
Kereengaya's daughter in Thunderlands
Kereengaya's son in Azure Tribe that never got any response
Rowan-unicorn @mysticdryad
Fleetwing-hippogriff @mysticdryad
Auckaneck-Akhlut @umbradeep (my favorite character)-was in the exiles for a while
a hellhound, grizzly bear and dire wolf under @umbradeep
a snow leopard played by ice-eclipse (flights-nomad)
Galewing (a hipoogriff that never got anywhere before I was banned and was under a subaccount Galewing of ZAlcyneous)
a unicorn that I was going to play in Solaris Kingdom-that got me banned for 'ban dodging'
Kereengaya's sister (@fnaf-trap), his little sister, his little brother (@fnaf-trap)-all Painted Brigade)
Raiden (my catsune I had in sanctuary before I had him kidnapped by Cicero and taken to The Exiles)-@wispknight

Lizard-River's brother
Pond When Ice Melts-daughter of Lizard
Scorch-son of Lizard
Wolf Howls In Night-son of Lizard
Fishkit-sister of Aspen and two other kittens (can't remember the brother I played)

Did have a cat in River Clan but I left that due to the rudeness of the clan leader at the time in my opinion. She was a kittypet that was spoken to rudely and then I had her leave. I think her name was like sunglow or something....something sun.


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Hiya, I'm glad to see some people trying to settle into RPNation from FF. I joined FF way back when it was WCRPG in like 2011, though I've been off and on between both of these websites since 2016 as my life since then has been pretty turbulent and I've had issues in the past on FF. I've gone by quite a few different names on FF, my most recent username had been Incantation, though the username I went by when I was most active was Cinema. I only ever had a few notable characters such as Flintlock Pistol who was the leader of Graveclan for a time, and Diable who was the leader of Scarclan for a small amount of time, though its been so long since I played them that I doubt anyone remembers them ^^ If ever any of you want to RP together or maybe even need someone to talk to who was familiar with FF then shoot me a PM, I'm more than happy to talk ^^


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I use to be Spectrum on FF. I mainly roleplayed in Shadowclan as a Lynx with Earth powers. I doubt anyone recognizes me but it was still a really good time!!


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I had Blossompool and Chillybreeze in WindClan! Blossomool was always nervous about the rules while Chillybreeze was more goofy.


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I haven't played on the main cat game for years. But if any of you remember when westeros was a thing I managed to be leader for a month before cracking under the pressure and passing it to someone else LMAO


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Wow! I actually recognize a lot of ya'lls characters but I don't exactly remember a one on one w/anyone. Probably in passing or when I stalked threads in other groups.

I played from 2011-2018 (occasionally in 2019) a pretty good handful of HP's in my time tbh I played main game for a very long time.

Prep was like a boneclan bodguard or something? I don't really remember what they were called.
Alejandro has been a leader twice and a vice-leader. Privatedancer was a deputy and a semi-hp on/off in Bloodclan.
Aristotle was an elite guard, cryptclan deputy, Blizzardclan semi-hp, and a leader. Played a couple of semi-hps I don't recall.

Loveletter was a medicine apprentice for Riverclan back in 2012 for a very brief time. There was also another loveletter I believe in agrelos from 2016-? im not sure who played them but you may have seen them instead.


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I don't quite remember the name of it, but YEARS ago I used to belong to a Warrior Cats forum and got introduced to rp... I don't think it was FF but either way this just brought back so many memories reading about the clans again :)

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hello FF people! i joined back in 2010 back when it was WCRPG and i've been by many names, including captain swifty, machinima, blitzen, rexcaliburr, and most recently, jxckal! i used to play a thunderclan warrior called foreststrike way back in the day, and my most recent character was crystalpool, a former kittypet turned warrior. i wasn't super active but i just found out FF went down yesterday when i went to check up on the site and found it archived

i've been here on RPN for about... 4 years? i had an older account that i forgot though, which is why i have this new one. i hope everyone can find each other again! and if anyone remembers crystalpool or wants a thread, i'd be happy to bring her back c:

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