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Go Green, Go White
This is a question my family and I often pose. What is your favorite word? Is it based on the context in which you can use that word or is it based on the sound/feeling of the word when you say it?

My favorites are dirigible and moot.


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Open the video on youtube and hit the share button and it should give you the link. I can't seem to find a way to post the link here bc RPN automatically embeds it into the player.


Magic Eight Ball
I love the word flicker and dapple! They both have to do with light and shadows and I think that's absolutely beautiful.
Also how flicker feels when I say it is really nice and pretty haha


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My favorite word is dolt, it's simple and to the point, plus I laughed when I looked up it's definition in the dictionary.


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not something i've thought of much, but i have a particular fondness for the words 'eviscerate' and 'melancholy'.

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