Viewpoint What is a role play you would join every time


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I’m absolutely weak for the last ronin/the final member of a long legacy looking for revenge type of plots or underdog stories. Dark, brutal, but full of raw emotions - that’s the stuff.


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Any time I see something centered around MMORPGs whether in a "The Guild" type of way (slice of life) or something along the lines of SAO/dotHack (people getting trapped in the game) it's an instant join. My other two weaknesses are secret agents and heist/thieves' guild style plots.


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Most of the stories I'm reading right now are about reincarnation or otherworlders. I'd love to play something like that. If any of you guys have a suggestion I'm all ears. Hook a brother up.


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Barbarian Sword & Sorcery (i.e. Conan the Barbarian analogs)


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crossover or worlds collide - any kind of rp where the limits of who you can use are anything and everything. i'm a huge fan of seeing the way canon characters react in an incorrect setting, and i also have a number of ocs that are very niche and don't see the light of day too often

i toyed with an rp idea a few years ago that was called "roamer's raffle" that essentially was just a little pocket dimension any character could accidentally stumble into regardless of setting. it did poorly but that was because nobody seemed to grasp the concept of "nobody is trapped here, you can just leave through the same door you came in"


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I love me a good high school roleplay.
I eat it up every time.


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Oh boi now this is something to talk about.
My tastes are varied, which depends mainly on the mood, but few things stay true.

If i can sense that this quote would fit the rp. "Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb."
This essentially means that found family is more important than your blood-related family, for you have chosen them or they have chosen you to be a family, rather than being forced upon you. It helps if your family is a bunch of A grade Holes, like mine.

Weirdly enough that quote fits for nearly every rp, but at the same time not really, since it requires good people, to make that covenant to doesn't it.

But back on track, i generally prefer fantasy to scifi rp's mainly because of my workfetish of trying to understand everything.
And well fantasy is fantasy, you always have that trump card of its fantasy it just doesn't work the same, but most scifi have high enough realism that i just tend to think how things work and i tend to forget to actually post for them.

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