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Realistic or Modern What If We Chill In The Backrooms?

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This is a short story about the backrooms and acceptance. Maybe the backrooms will not be such a scary and unwelcoming space if we decide to just find a cozy spot, sit down, and chill?
It makes you wonder......
What if we chill in the backrooms? 😳


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Here Be Dragons
I created this to force myself to write again, questing allows me to move things at my own pace. This thread may ultimately die but well, damn it, I have to start somewhere if I am going to create something ever again, I will try my best to update this.

Anyone can participate.

This choice influences the main characters.
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Here Be Dragons
Miss You Juju!!! <3 @Juju
Hope you are doing well during the quarantine! Stay safe! Stay comfy! Stay chill!
Hopefully you can help me to vote just to start things off!


Potion Seller
Hi Dreamy! I've missed you too! You better be safe as well, alright? :angels:

Okay I have placed my vote!


Here Be Dragons
"I am proud of you, I want you to know that."

"Hey, we will miss you, Lemon."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

The parents shared a brief moment with their son before they ultimately had to part ways, the parents were still a bit hesitant while the young man confidently marched forward the hostel without turning back, the pigeons gathering at the front door made way as the young man stepped forth, he was clearly ready for this day, the only thing holding him back was his heavy luggage.
"Be presentable, whew, you have to make a good first impression alright?" Before realizing it he had successfully navigated the building and was already fast approaching his dormitory, "886... 887..." He adjusted his yellow jacket briefly with the little window of time he had before running into someone.
"Triple eight, alright!"

"Oh, hey!"
The young man attempted to initiate a conversation as soon as his eyes scanned someone around the vicinity, meeting someone new was something that he made sure to prepare himself for.
"I am...Lemon Jones, you can call me Lemon-" Lemon's smile stiffened as soon as he sensed a hint of distaste given off by the fellow student's gaze, he could feel the pressure within his chest growing with every passing second.

"Oh, Lemon as in...Lemon, the fruit?" The fellow student with a chiseled face spoke as the hallway grew quite all of a sudden.

"Y-yeah! That's my real name, my mom-"

"Okay, I get it......"

"Well, you will be living next to me right? Did you happen to spot the student that will be sharing the room with me?"

"Your roommate? He never showed up."

"That's weird...I thought I am already late-"

"Hm...sorry, I am in a bad mood now. Honestly, not in the mood for socializing, maybe clean that bird poop off your pretty brown hair before you talk to people okay?" The student cut Lemon off before he could finish, attracting eyeballs from the surrounding students when doing so.
"Oh, and just so you know apparently triple eight is haunted or something..." The soon-to-be room neighbor reminded Lemon before he went into his room.

Lemon forced a smile and nodded lightly before heading straight into the room, closing the door behind him immediately to momentarily went into hiding from the judgemental eyes.
Lemon grabbed his phone from his pocket and used the slightly reflective phone case to check his hair, the bird poop was indeed on his sleek brown hair.
"Trying so hard to make myself presentable...ruined by something like this huh? I am not even sure if that's the real cause." Lemon mumbled under his breath as he grabbed a tissue and wiped off the contaminant that ruined his first impression, too defeated to be bothered by the need to rinse it.
"What's with that attitude, I don't get it......" He stared at the empty room that reeked of the smell of moist fungus, with two beds occupying most of the space and nothing else pleasing to the eyes.
"Is it just me, or it is getting harder and harder to be...likable?"
A burst of muted laughter could be heard coming from outside the closed door, breaking his train of thought.
"It's just me, then..." He couldn't help but let a breath escaped from his chest, he knew the answer to the rhetorical question better than anyone.
"So tired..."
He felt weak and limp, his let himself fell onto the dusty bed as a gust of dust flew into the air. He wanted to forget about putting up a facade already, mingling with people used to be something that comes naturally to him, it was something that used to energize him, now it was just a hellish chore.
"I don't know if I even care anymore..."
"So tired..."
With his trusty phone in his hand, the young man slipped into a deep, deep slumber.

When the young man opened his eyes, a strange buzzing noise faded away from his ears, he saw the pale white ceiling that remained the same before he closed his eyes. His body felt heavier from the sleep inertia, the dorm room was still empty, nothing had changed. Lemon stood up and noticed the dead silence surrounding him, the first thing that crossed his mind was the schedule that he had given up following, knowing clearly that he would not be able to attend the welcoming ceremony, still, he needed to know the time. He checked his phone, the time displayed indicated that he had slept for a few minutes, the young man felt that something was off but what was more concerning was the low battery life. He instinctively tried to reach for his luggage only to realized it was nowhere to be found, that was when the panic set in.

"What- "
"Seriously? I put everything in there!"

The young man began to fidget his fingers as the repeated searches were to no avail.

1)Continue to inspect the room and beds.
2)Go outside.
(Reply with the choice you made.)
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Here Be Dragons
He knew that his eyes couldn't miss something so big in such an empty room, but he searched the room all over again just to stop his mind from going crazy places, the only logical explanation he could think off was that someone stole it, but he didn't like that possibility. Soon his eyes fixated on the dusty bed, there was something strangely compelling about it, but the boy couldn't put his fingers on it, except he could do that literally.
The boy approached and attempted to touch the bed that he had been lying on just to satisfy his strange compulsion, he didn't mind any of it until he noticed that the bed was strangely soft.
"Oh shoot!!!"
It didn't take long for the boy to notice that the bed was not 'soft' but was, in fact, caving in in a highly unusual way while gently sucking his hand in. Lemon withdrew his hand out of shock and made sure to check if his palm was whole.
"What...was that?" Lemon's eyes fixated on the bed, he was petrified for seconds until he took a step back from the bed, frowning out of confusion, refusing to fully trust what he just experienced.
Soon after, footsteps that were exceptionally loud amid the silence was heard coming from outside, it was slow and erratic. Lemon held his breath as the footsteps faded away.
"Phew, what are you panicking for, Lemon?" The boy pressed his cold palms against his cheeks as he felt waves of uneasiness within him.

"I guess I'll just have to quickly check..." Lemon mumbled to himself, he held his breath and reached for the door handle, opening the door, beyond it was a scenery that he would have never expected. Rooms, rooms that stretch for as far as Lemon could see.

"Yeah...I knew something is off."
Confusions after confusion, he didn't know where to start, all he knew was that nothing made sense, he would like to imagine himself dreaming but his senses constantly denied that, everything felt too real, still, he has to move on while fooling himself that this was something like a lucid dream just to keep himself from having a panic attack.

Lemon stepped out, cold sweat rolling down his forehead as he looked around and saw nothing but yellowish rooms lit by fluorescent lights that are interconnected like a labyrinth.
"Hello?" Lemon raised his voice, hoping that he would catch someone's attention if there happened to be anyone around.

Lemon turned back to look at his dorm room before he stepped further into the peculiar space, he was hoping that he could find some answers, so he kept walking. Lemon looked at the phone in his hand, the battery was low, he didn't have much time, something came to his mind, but he was quickly distracted by a faint music, suggesting the presence of someone else. Lemon saw it as a good sign.

Left with no choice, Lemon decided to follow the music coming from the void of silence as the music became more and more audible, he had to bet on it, he was desperate for some form of company or even better, a way out.

Reply with the choice you made. 🍋 😳


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