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Help what do you look for with a freebie?


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Ola amigos!

As you may know, I like to make freebies and have my lil shop. However, I'm very curious to what people look for in the freebies. Do you want to see more placeholders? Do you like small codes? What do you like to see in CS sheets? Let me know your thoughts so I can help to create codes suited for all different types of audiences!


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Most of the CS sheets I’ve encountered use tabs, but I prefer a layout with no tabs. I like seeing a few scroll boxes placed beside some unchanging photos and text work, I feel like it keeps everything concise and in one place which is something I enjoy.

Also soft but bright colors. Light pink. Pastel green. Sky blue. I love minimalistically cute stuff. There are a lot of geometric and edgy codes, so I’d love so see something a bit more squishy, but not super dramatic.

Also, matching sets <3


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i like when they're mostly mobile-friendly, or at least the text is. in general, i second kikuQ's minimalistic notion, but keep it functional and not too small. big codes just drive me nuts, like the full-screen ones. idk why. anyway, good matching color schemes are also important, but nothing too gaudy or bright. i usually edit around the color schemes anyway, but when they're made aesthetically pleasing in the first place is obviously a+++. i do enjoy tabs, but the text boxes should be plenty big too, and something with a tagline space and plenty of picture space is also important, but not like... too many pictures. lol.

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