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A jest for the Gods
Your day had been normal so far, well as normal as it can be when there's an alien inside you and it's telling you of the impending doom of earth. Yep, just another Thursday, February 28th for you. You're doing normal things, may it be sitting in a classroom listening to a boring lecture, or working part time at some cafe that no one visits but it was the only place that would hire you. Maybe you are just sitting at home drinking some water and watching some Anime.

Doesn't matter really, it's just another day for you. One that you will forget come next month and will just be nothing meaningful to you or your future. Just another day doing the usual shit that you do every other day. Well... it started out as that. Started out normal until you felt something weird that only you, well you think only you feels. Like a transmission, someone else's thoughts forcing their way into yours.

Well thoughts isn't really the right words, more of a feeling. Something out of the blue like a strong craving that you have to fulfill or else you would be squirming in discomfort all day. It wasn't easy to ignore either. It didn't fade away no matter how much you distracted yourself. Something telling you to meet somewhere without any reason given and without any promise of anything. It was just there, but something inside you knew that you would have to fulfill it.

Plus, your alien kept bringing it up that they think you should go there, even if they might be a little nervous about what might lie in store for you if you do go. But both of you knew you couldn't ignore this feeling, after all you had already tried in many different ways to and it had yet to give you any of the results that you craved. So you had no choice, this was something you were just going have to do. Even though it is super suspicious and feels like a trap, it was the only way to get rid of this damn craving to go to the pier this evening.

So, as the sun set on the end of the month of February you found yourself making your way through the cold and empty streets, looking left and right in a nervous fashion as a light snow fell around you. The meeting time, or well the craving time, was approaching quickly as you stepped over the chains that read 'do not enter', knowing that this may have been wrong but this craving was only getting stronger and it felt as if it was pulling you towards the place, controlling your feet.

As you rounded the corner of one of the metal supply crates, much to your surprise, you are met with four other faces, all rounding different corners at the same time. Why were you all here at the same time? What was going on? Maybe one of the other's know? All you know is that this is where that random thought had directed you to go, and this was where something was going to happen. To what that was, none of you knew, but you would find out soon.
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Praise the sun
Xavier walked down a street, with his hands in his pockets and a generally hateful look on his face. Carrying himself with a slouch, any passersby would assume him to be some troublemaking hooligan. Which to be fair Xavier pretty much was. He looked around eyes flitting from side to side as his angry eyes took in the surroundings. "This better be worth it" said Xavier with a half annoyed, and half undeniably pissed voice. It should be, so long as you control yourself came the advising, and usually scolding voice of Ignias. Xavier's little "friend" who'd been taking residence in his head and took every and any opportunity to tell him how to handle moral dilemmas. Such as, how hard should I hit this guy? Why should I hit this guy in the first place? Is this worth stealing, or should I leave it and not take the chance? Which unfortunately usually fell on deaf ears as Xavier stubbornly refused to take his advice. "I'll control myself if I like the situation" 'promised' Xavier to which Ignias scoffed.

Don't spin that web again, control yourself, period . Xavier gave a sarcastic and precocious grin, while laughing at the voice's insistence. Whenever a snowflake fell on the boy it would melt and then a bit of steam radiated up from him as he moved. He stopped as he reached the pier looking at the sign before sneering at nothing in particular and vaulting it. He tended to avoid the pier for a few reasons mostly because he didn't like the ocean much, and because after dark this was wear the people who were really bad news tended to hang out. Luckily Xavier didn't really need to worry much about them, due to the fact that last time one of them had tried to fuck with him he'd almost burned them to death. The boy continued forward ignoring Ignias who continued to chastise him and pretty much wrote it off as ridiculous rambling.
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As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom

Haru walked down the street as the sun was setting. He hoped it wouldn't be too long, he didn't really like the dark at all. It reminded him of those closets.
Don't let your mind linger there, Haru.
Haru nodded to himself (well....Vex) and tucked his hair behind his ear. He pulled out his phone and went to switch the song he was listening to but Vex shouted to keep it playing so he put his phone back in the pocket of his jacket.
"Thank you for derailing me, Vex..."
We don't want another panic attack. Those are not good.
He laughed softly and looked up when he made it to the pier. He took out his earbuds, ignoring Vex's whining about their loss of music. He stood off to the side, trying to figure out what was going on. He idly played with the hem of his sweater. Vex wouldn't stop talking though.
He is like us.
Those words had Haru's eyes widening.
"Like us....?"
He whispered softly.

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Following the stars
Scarlett Conway

Scarlett lightly tightened the scarf around her neck as snow started to slowly fall, along with the sun. She sighed softly, her breath taking form as if it was it's own being, disappearing as fast as it formed. The cooling breeze reminded her of the approaching night, but nonetheless she continued on her walk, her music turned up within her Sonorous X headphones, drowning out the sound of cars passing by. Evening walks were always a favorite of hers, a time where the day seemed to stand still, allowing her further embrace into her own world. While Scarlett never truly followed a specific path for her walks, this evening seemed to carry her feet further out of the city than usual; it was as if during her absence of attention, another force guided her feet. As the realization crossed her mind, on queue, the confident voice of Vita spoke to her, the words drowning out the music;

"Here we are... my darling Scarlett, tonight is going to be interesting...we have a little meeting tonight. It is of capital importance we attend, we must see what this is about. Just cross that innocent border there, we are close. Nothing to fear! You have your Vita here to protect you anyway." Vita dared. It would appear this was her form of encouragement. This voice no longer surprised Scarlett as she had become used to hearing it's continuous comments throughout the days since the "alien's" arrival. Scarlett still wasn't sure if this relationship was symbiotic or parasitic, but it hadn't lead her to any issues until now, aside from the awkward stares she received when she accidentally spoke out loud in response to Vita.
Scarlett stopped in her tracks, glancing around as if unsure what Vita was talking about. She groaned as her eyes came to rest upon the "innocent border" labeled "DO NOT ENTER" next to her. "Hmm, that isn't creepy at all" She stated sarcastically, turning off her music and lowering the headphones around her neck as she squinted her eyes, her hair now blanketed white. She didn't feel the cold however, the sudden feeling, similar to what Vita mentioned, now fluttered within her own stomach. Most likely nerves. Like a magnet, the dark pathways between metal crates called for her to come, to investigate.

"You know we both arn't getting any younger here, Scarlett. Let's go have a little look at least. It will be fine." Vita prompted.

Scarlett bit her inner cheek for a moment in contemplation, her own curiosity flared, most likely sparked by Vita. She nodded, responding "Well then, what is the worse that can happen..." as she reached into her pocket, taking out a mikado stick, resting it between her teeth and taking a bite. She immediately regretted bringing up that thought as she crossed the barrier, cautiously walking further until she cornered around a metal crate. She stopped suddenly as she noticed two others around the general area further up. She jumped back behind the crate, taking a deep breath. The realization that this was, well real, quickly settled. She found herself glued to the crate as she fought off Vita's urge to go further. She watched the people from afar, hoping to gauge their intentions here, even though they too looked lost like her.
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Potion Seller
"Hurry Tina! Faster! We could miss it!"

"Hey, how do you even know where to go? You could be making it up as an excuse to go for a walk." she said, her voice rising into the air in soft white puffs. A man gave her a strange look as she passed, but she didn't think much of it. She kinda got used to it.

Kormag's voice rumbled on the fringes of her thoughts like distant thunder, the excitement oozing from every word. "Its a hunt! I hear it's call! Any hunter can!"

Tina gave a shrug and accepted the statement. Seemed legit. It's not like she could prove the statement wrong, and besides, 'Hunter Instincts' were mentioned in movies and games so maybe alien creatures could use it? I mean telepathy was just a made up thing until Kormag came along. But she would be lying if she said she couldn't 'sense' this call as well. Ever since class ended she had felt uneasy. It was like she couldn't sit still, or at least more than normal.

She readjusted her cat-themed hat while she walked, pulling on the plushie ears so that it fit more snugly over her own. The night was a cold one, the chill nipping at her cheeks and flushing them with red. Snow drifted gently down from the amber street lights, collecting on her eyelashes and crunching beneath her boots. All around her the quiet settled in a thick, peaceful blanket.

"What is it anyway?"
"What is what?"
"The thing we are hunting."
"I dont know! But that adds to the fun! We'll stalk it and then we'll pounce!"
Tina scrunched up her nose. "No killing. Well, unless they're bad guys, zombies or vampire-demons."

She hopped over the chain-linked fence and looked around, mildly surprised at where she had ended up. The pier? She had never been to this part of town before, since it was off limits. 'It's close now!' Kormag urged, so she went against her better judgement and walked between the metal crates.

She rounded the corner and suddenly there were four people there. Tina blinked in surprise. "Uhh..." she stuttered before going quiet. Even Kormag was silent, which was a little worrying, until his voice returned. 'Wait, that scent...' he said. 'It's familiar. Are they here?'
'Others, like me. Like us'

Other hosts? Kormag had mentioned that there were other creatures like him, but he had always made it sound like there were more than just four. Unless they weren't here yet? Or...

"You all are hosts too?" Tina asked, about as plainly as someone asking about the weather.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom

Haru turned around and jumped at the sound of someone speaking. He whipped around to face them. Who was this person and how did they know--?
They are like us too, Haru. Do not panic.
Haru wanted to argue with Vex that just because someone had an alien inside them like he did did not mean they were trustworthy, but he didn't want to speak out loud to Vex.
"Wh-Who are you...?"
He asked quietly to the girl.


Praise the sun
Once Xavier had gotten onto the dock he'd leaned against a crate and simply watched with a passive aggressive expression on his face as slowly one by one more people seemed to arrive at the docks. Xavier didn't like the look of them, but to be fair Xavier didn't much like literally anything. It didn't seem to be a trap but he wasn't about to let his guard down for a second, he wasn't in the mood to get jumped today. Why don't you try to make conversation, they all look like nice young men, and women. Advised Ignias in the nice reasonable way that made Xavier want to do the exact opposite of what he'd just said. Nope fired back the disagreeable teen. Ignias made an angry tsking noise. And what is your infallible reason not to try and get to know these other hosts said Ignias. Xavier shrugged and leaned his head back looking into the sky. Because I don't feel like it, and trust me it'll be a waste of time said Xavier. Leaving Ignias angrily chastising his host who was pretty much ignoring him. He looked over at the girl who'd asked whether or not they were hosts, and Xavier decided to actually say something which made Ignias quite suspicious. Do NOT be rude commanded Ignias. Xavier didn't speak to his little head hitch hiker and instead gave her an answer. "You hear voices too huh" said Xavier? Ignias huffed.and stop making that ugly face. Xavier did not get rid of his angry expression



Caspian Morray

Swift and rushed thumps rocketed around Caspian, he had been preoccupied with reapplying his boxing tape when an annoying and guttural voice chimed into his inner thoughts. Once he picked up on the gruff inner voice of Ronak, Caspian forgot messing with his wraps and dug around with his hands to locate a string connecting to his earbuds. With minimal effort in blocking out the grumbling that echoed in his skull, Caspian slipped in an earbud, only bothering to listen the annoying buzz of whatever was inside his head, and then tossed another part of the earbud in. Before long he had plugged in the other end to a phone, and then went back to unwrapping his hand, unraveling the wrap until it was left to undoing his fingers and then lastly freeing his wrist. Aside from the sweat dripping down his jaw, and his reddish brown hair laying messily against his head, he was already up and ready to leave. Having tucked away his wraps from both hands, Caspian slipped his phone into his sweat pant pockets, the wire from the earbuds hung around loosely until it had to spring back to extend itself.

'I told you to have been gone by now! All you did was hit a bag of sand, can't believe this is what you were reduced too. I liked you strong-not so whimpy,' a voice called out aggressively, it was the first thing Caspian bothered listening to while going in and leaning down to tie his shoes, long fingers gripping the shoe laces tightly while a frown graced his jaw. 'Now you are listening to me, finally. Now get up, and run your sorry rump over to the exit, and then start running. You'll need the exercise anyway, you need to loose some weight, you'll loose all the valuable muscle otherwise. You'd be no use to me afterwards-' the voice kept cutting in. There was a reason Caspian tried to constantly ignore the buzzing voice of Ronak, all he tried to do was get what he wanted, quite aggravating when he would lash out nastily just to get him to get out of bed or punch a wall even.

"Ronak, don't get so snippy--bye Olly!" Caspian called out before raising his hand up, and then waving to an older fellow. Once out of the store, he dropped his duffel bag to ground quickly, hands tugging at the familiar material of his coat that was wrapped lazily over his bag, once he had pulled the material on he slipped his hand into the bigger pocket. Caspian pulled out a cap and flipped it on, waiting for Ronak to get back into a more chatiable mood, more so he could give directions as to where he wants him to go. Caspian listened to Ronak when there was nothing else to do, he had heard the mumblings about how important whatever is going down is, and so Caspian would afford Ronak some time to get his things together, possibly leave him alone and no longer use Caspian as a host. To be frank, Caspian had felt a craving or urge to leave the gym before, but had fought it to the point he even tried to block everything Ronak said or tried to do from him. Before long Ronak did start chatting away again, grumbling to Caspian about how slow he was going.

'Around that corner, oh don't cross that chain. It smells weird, better go around the other way,' Ronak urged, though with the hint of sarcasm Caspian ignored his advice and went over the chain with little effort. It didn't take long to arrive, the pier was decently close so it wasn't much of an issue jogging down. Caspian brought his hand up to tuck a strand of dark red hair behind and under his cap, that was when he felt the breeze hit him in the face. The snow leaving more droplets as he walked forward towards what looked like a crowd of some people gathered around staring at each other. He couldn't count how many were all standing around, maybe talking while he hung back observing it all cautiously. Usually he was the more social type though this time with random strangers in such a closed off area, he was unsure of himself. Flicking his grey eyes over the entirity of the situation he observed more so as they seemed to get together before Ronak began grinding his teeth almost. 'Oh for--just move out there and converse! Why you such a wuss, you seem brawnier than the lot of them. Maybe that's why you are hiding back here, scared they'll out smart you. Kinda like how karma did you during the accident-' Caspian quickly cut Ronak out of his conversation, he was already dreary of him from yelling inside his skull constantly. Caspian had enough of Ronak, and even if he could hear him currently, he didn't care, he was far too exhausted from the pest using him as a host for who knows what.​

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