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Welcome to the Luke Oddsmaker Academy of S.T.E.A.M.M.


Totally human, I swear!
Many freshmen and transfers might have thought they were going to an ordinary school. That notion might have wavered when they realized that at the mere mention of the principal, people shuddered. It became apparent that the school wasn't normal when they realized there were a few vampires attending. But certainly, all ideas of that the school was like any other flew out the window when one of the cafeteria workers turned into a giant tardigrade and half the school didn't bat an eye.
They never guessed that the extra M was anything but a mistake, but as it turns out it stands for "magic."

I'd like this to be at least a semi-long term roleplay. As well, if you must abandon the roleplay, please make sure your character isn't in the middle of an interaction.

The general attitude of the group should be inclusive towards different styles, lengths, and aptitudes of roleplaying, as well other demographics. Therefore, unless the hostility, stereotyping, or elitism is in-character, it will not be tolerated.

Et cetera.

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