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Fandom Welcome to the 89th Annual Hunger Games!

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Hello all and Welcome to the 89th Annual Hunger Games!

In this version of the Hunger Games, Katniss never volunteered as tribute. Prim and Peeta died in the hunger games. There was no hope. Someone from District 5 won. Things in Panem went on as they were always meant to go on. The hunger games continued and the Capital remains in control. The Cycle of the hunger games continues.

I'm looking for people to join me in a hunger games roleplay. Depending on how many people show interest, you can have a ton of characters! I want to go through an actual hunger games. The reaping, the train ride, training, and the actual games themselves. And this can be recurring so you can make new characters and we'll have an all new victor for each session.

OOC and possibly whole RP will be done on Discord.

I'd like this to be 18+ and Semi Literate so at least a paragraph per post.

If you're interested, Follow the link here:

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