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Virginia is a historical state as are most of the towns and communities within it, including the small Eastern town of Larson. A town full of hopes and dreams and even crumbling ones, it’s not much different from your own hometown. On this last day of Summer, high school is officially back in session for the teenagers of Larson, VA and there are many mixed emotions depending on who you are.

Are you the head cheerleader who’s been practicing all break or are you the new kid filled with dread? Wherever you land on the food chain, the school’s principal, Ms. Hayworthe, would say all are welcomed and all are celebrated, even if it’s not one hundred percent true. All in all though, Larson High is reasonably welcoming and accommodating, so don’t be too stressed to enter these averagely hallowed halls.

This school year is whatever you choose to make it students, so go off into that warm breeze and get your asses to the school before you’re late for your first class!
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  • Julianna reapplied a coat of her clear lip gloss in the rearview mirror of her brand new Porsche. She pulled her half ponytail tighter, the remainder of her ginger hair falling just past her shoulders. It was her first day of her junior year, and she was looking forward to every second of it. She was finally co-captain of the dance team, she had bought an entirely new wardrobe for school, and on top of that, she had a brand new car to flaunt - paid for in cold, hard cash by her beloved father, of course. What more could a girl possibly want?

    She opened the door to her car, extending her long legs (and Louboutin heels) out onto the asphalt below her. Junior year was going to be the best year yet. She rose to her feet, grabbing her bag from the passenger seat before closing and locking her car door. Jules slung her bag over her shoulder before turning to face the school looming before her. With her thin white turtleneck and her checkered black and white mini-dress, she was dressed to kill. Julianna took a deep breath before starting for the school, taking long confident strides as she did so. Larson High wasn't ready for Julianna Burke...or so she thought.

    As soon as she made her way inside, she immediately felt as if she were two feet tall. She wasn't the popular girl she aspired to be at all, when it really came down to it. In all reality, Julianna Burke wasn't ready for Larson High. But her pride wasn't shaken one bit - it was just a minor setback. She was going to be someone this year, whether she liked it or not.

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  • First her alarm didn't go off, and now her car wouldn't start. Aspen cursed under her breath as she turned her key in the ignition yet again. The car finally purred to life. "Thank God." Aspen sighed, backing out of her driveway. It was her first day of her junior year, and she was going to be late. She knew that she shouldn't care - it was punk after all, but yet, she couldn't help but race to Larson High.

    She turned up the Fall Out Boy song raging through the speakers, finding herself singing along to the chorus. "So, when it all goes to hell/Will you be able to tell me "sorry" with a straight face?" Even though the light had just turned red, Aspen slammed her foot down against the accelerator, zooming through the light without a scratch. She liked her music loud and her cars fast, and luckily for her, today she had both.

    Aspen knew well that she was late as she pulled into the school's parking lot. That didn't stop her from taking her sweet time finding a parking spot, however. After finding a slot suitable for her needs, Aspen got her bag from her back seat, getting out and making a start for the school. The office staff knew her quite well by this point - Aspen wasn't really in trouble much, but being tardy was a different story. She had never been late to a first day, though. If this morning had any say on how this year would go for her, though, she was in for quite a bumpy ride.

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MOOD: Rough start

OUTFIT: First day

LOCATION: Parking Lot

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TL;DR Average day for Nikolai
— Life After Salem

The end of summer. The beginning of the countdown to May. More importantly, just nine months until Nikolai would have freedom. If everything went to plan, they’d be on the other side of the country by this time next year. The Virginia air never smelt sweeter.

Most teenagers lived for summer, but Nikolai always felt as though it suffocated them. Too much free time meant too much time spent at home. The one place they never wanted to be. Even now, leaving the house was an intricate dance. Every turn started with a pause, taking a moment to listen for steps. They weren’t always this careful, but today would be nicer without an interaction.

Five feet from the door and their effort was all for naught. Quick steps made Nikolai panic, only able to freeze in place. “Where are you headed off to so early?” The trap had sprung, now they’d have to carefully dislodge it.

“School.” No confrontational words, just an answer. Nothing for her to twist.

“It’s Sunday.”

No, she slept through Sunday thankfully. “It’s Monday, and I’m going to be late so I should-”

Nikolai tried closing the distance to the door, but she’d already latched onto their arm, claws digging in tight. “Oh, the first day of school, how silly of me.” They tried to hide their grimace as she looked them over, eyes searching for a weak point. “We should take pictures, for the memories.” Memories they’d rather not have. “Only…” There it was, she’d picked up a scent and there was no turning back. “You’ve always looked so ugly in blue.” She sneered at the top. “Why don’t you go change? Into one of my designs.” They threw a longing glance towards the door, wishing they’d gone faster. “Nikolai,” No give in her voice, “Now.”

Shoved towards the stairs, Nikolai accepted the fate given to them, continuing forward so they wouldn’t fall. There wasn’t any time for this. Life has its patterns, ones they wouldn’t fight this morning. Shutting the door to their bedroom behind them, Nikolai passed the closet, and the dresser, instead going straight for the window. Things shouldn’t have to be like this, but they had no choice.

The screen had long since been removed. Only a lock stood between them and outside. Perhaps another time they would’ve had the energy to play along, but this year, things were complicated. Nikolai stepped out onto the roof, waving silently at a neighbor passing by. The jump down had grown easier since they were a freshman, the technique now just muscle memory. It was strange to do in the daylight, but all the same.

Throwing their things in the car, Nikolai took another look at the house, catching movement in the window. They wouldn’t make the same mistake. Taking off like their life depended on it, Nikolai didn’t think about the consequences they’d face when getting home.

The school parking lot was a different nightmare. It was their own fault for not being early. But fate had its ways, and Nikolai ended up finding a spot right next to Aspen. Finally, a friendly face.

“Nice to see this thing can still run.” Nikolai got out of their car and gave Aspen a smile. It seemed like her car was always breaking down. They didn’t know about the occurrence this morning though. “Probably shouldn’t say that out loud, you’ll end up needing a ride home.” Of course, they didn’t mind, time with Aspen was time well spent.
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Aspen was lost in thought when a familiar voice came ringing through her ears. It was Nikolai, one of her closest friends. It was a pleasant surprise to see them grace her with their presence. "It's funny that you mention that. The damn thing took its sweet time starting for me earlier. I'm lucky I didn't end up walking to school." Aspen groaned, putting her head in her hands. Her expression brightened at her next remark. "And you know you'd give me a ride if I asked you nicely, so don't play that shit with me." She was teasing, of course - she knew full well that if she really needed a ride, Nikolai would be first in a very short line to do so.

"How was your summer? I didn't see much of you." Aspen asked as she slung her bag over her shoulder. Her own summer was pretty uneventful, save for her mother's sudden reappearance - the one time Aspen didn't want Angelina to be around, there she was, intruding in her business as if it were her own to deal with. Angelina had dragged Aspen to a week-long mother-daughter conference in July, which obviously ended in disaster for the estranged mother and daughter. It was the last time Aspen had seen Angelina for an extended period of time; she caught glimpses of her mother every so often when she'd come in from work at night.

But other than that, Aspen had formed Turning Pink, a band which she was incredibly proud of. Sure, it was similar to the reigning band, Kicking Crimson, but it wasn't a total replica. It irritated Aspen to no end to know that its frontwoman, Nikole Stacey, thought that Aspen had ripped her off. She gritted her teeth at the thought of Nik. If she wanted an enemy, well, she had got one in Aspen. "I can't believe school's starting already. It felt like summer just started, and now we're back in this hellhole for nine months."

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Clarke Matthews

In Clarke’s mind, her first day of senior year was to be the perfect start of her last year of high school. Sure, she knew she’d easily be getting a soccer scholarship to college, but even that would be different than high school. She wanted to take it all in, wanted to savor all of her last firsts even if they were silly. Today, for example, was her last first day.

The brunette had laid out her outfit the night before and was now working on straightening her long hair until it reached the middle of her back. She braided a few pieces in the front to frame her face before deciding all she really needed for makeup was some mascara and some concealer. Clarke always tried to look her best, after all, you never know who is watching you. That’s what her dad always said anyway.

As per usual, her dad wasn’t around to send her off or wish her well, however there was a note on the fridge which was out of the ordinary.

Good luck on your last first day, kid. Knock ‘em dead and kick ass at soccer tryouts!

Though it was short, it was still a sweet notion, one that she hadn’t gotten from him since she was a kid. With a small smile, the girl took the note from the fridge and folded it up, going back to her room to place it on her dresser.

Heading back to the kitchen, the girl pulled out some strawberries and began to slice them before dropping them in a baggie, cutting up some more and placing them in another. She always seemed to be getting food for Flynn too, but she had to make sure he was getting some sort of healthiness throughout the day. Maybe she was giving herself away as having a crush on him, but she hoped it was still a secret. First and foremost they were best friends, and even if that was how it stayed, Clarke was just happy to have him in her life at all.

As if on cue, a honking horn was heard from outside and the girl hurried to grab her things, shoving her phone in her back pocket before running out the door, only to turn around and lock it quickly. With a smile, she waved to the boy who, without fail, would always pick her up and drop her off since she didn’t have a car. Clarke tossed her things in the backseat before getting into the passenger side and shutting the door, turning to Flynn and holding up his bag of strawberries, “For you.” She grinned playfully, setting them in the center cup holder. “Are you excited for our last first day?”

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