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Fandom Weewoo’s Partner Search / Fandom 1x1

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Horror, LGTBQ, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural


Hello, I am currently looking for long-term partners for one x one roleplaying. I only have few things I ask before we do roleplay so, please read through it all and I will insert a code at the end of this. Thank you!

I am looking for diversity and open minded people to roleplay with. I don't want anyone who isn't willing to put any effort into their replies, it just not fun and I need something to work with. I I just need to mention a few things before I get into the fandoms and pairings.

  1. I ONLY roleplay with people who are 18+. Please be 18 years or older.
  2. I’m comfortable with all genders, sexuality, and pairings. I prefer to play female, but I am willing to play male.
  3. I am willing to play with one or more characters
  4. Please let me know if you're not interested in the rp so, I don't sit there waiting for a reply. Just tell me so we can end it or figure out another plot.
  5. I typically match the length of my partners response so, the size of the reply can vary. Please be able to write out at least one or two, 5+ sentence paragraphs. It's not the complicated.
  6. Be open minded and if you're unhappy about the rp, please tell me so we can fix it! I love to talk OOC. I'd love to get to know you :)
  7. Please use realistic face claims.
  8. Be nice! That's all I ask.
Now for the fandoms!

Stranger Things

The Haunting (Bly Manor/ Hill House)

American Horror Story ( Seasons 1,3,8,9)

Scream The TV Series (Seasons 1-2)

A Typical

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina


If you’re interested in any of these fandoms, please let me know! Code: What is your favorite animal?

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