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Fantasy Waters of the Womb

Dummy Dumbo

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Trigger Warnings:

This RP will brush on topics involving death, femicide, and female-abuse. I will not go into to much depth when roleplaying, but it is for world-building purposes. If this bothers you or if you a minor, please pass.


By "female," this story is referring to AFAB people, not like weird incel shit. I am fully aware that sex and gender are different things, so your character can identity gender so long as they are not AFAB. It has to do with the lore.

There are no more females left in Girlworld. God transformed their bodies into a bloody sea to punish mankind. For the remaining male population, the coasts surrounding the "Waters of the Womb" are trading hotspots. Despite there being no possibility for reproduction, men still believe that their futures are bright.

The youngest man in the world, Larymarc, has visions of a girl hatching from an egg. Where she is, he does not know. While he may be blinded by youth, he is fully aware that finding a woman could be a step in the right direction for saving humanity.

You can play any role you want in this tale. You can be traveling along side Larymarc, guiding him, actively trying to harm him, etc.. Hell, you can be Larymarc. I want to see what twist you can add to this tale. I am okay with any length of post, so long as your messages are clear. This is just a rough concept.

BASICALLY... it's "Lisa the Painful" and "The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker." I am willing to change the concept too.

General Rules:

Do not P.M. me if you...
🚫 are under the age of 18
🚫 are looking for sex-roleplay
🚫 are triggered by mentions of violence or discrimination
🚫 dislike long roleplays
🚫 are uninterested in world building
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