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Waterdeep: Hunt

Dice System
D&D 5e


Naruto is my special interest o.o
Waterdeep, City of Splendors... It is truly the greatest city on the Sword Coast, possibly in all of Faerun. It is a melting pot of culture, with members of all races calling the city home. The diverse population has led to an open-minded community, full of outspoken and social people. Every culture and religion is seen as a valuable part of the city. It's little wonder that such an enlightened atmosphere would attract artisans and scholars from across the realms. Most come to Waterdeep in search of education, but stay due to the wide variety of resources. As the center of trade for the Northern Realms, Waterdeep has everything you could possibly need.

Waterdeep is one of the most peaceful cities in all of Faerun, thanks to the well-trained City Watch, as well as the presence of several of the most powerful people in all the Realms. The City Watch has an active presence across the city, enforcing the law and seeing to public safety and wellbeing. Their presence has prevented criminal organizations from growing in the city. However, in recent years a new guild has gained influence. Although the Harbingers are not outright criminals, the guild toes the line of what is legal, and there is suspicion that they deal in illegal activities in the shadows. Until hard evidence can be found, the City Watch begrudgingly allows their presence.

Although Waterdeep is a peaceful city, beneath it's streets lies a dungeon filled with danger. The Undermountain attracts adventurers from across the land with promises of glory and fortune, with the knowledge that comfort and help will always be nearby. In fact, the main entrance to the Undermountain is a massive well in the Yawning Portal tavern. Adventurers of Waterdeep always find their way to the tavern, even if they have no interest in delving into the Undermountain. There are always allies to be found in the Yawning Portal, and citizens know it's the best place to find adventurers when you're in need.
Chapter 1: A Friend in Need


Naruto is my special interest o.o
The Yawning Portal was as lively as always. Chatter filled the air, accompanied by some lively music from the current bards. Around the tavern people sat in groups, holding intense discussions and sharing stories over ale and food. In the corner a game of cards was being played, and in a back booth a pair of tieflings were getting in an arm-wrestling match. Despite one being just a teenager, it was an even match, much to the delight of those watching.

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