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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist


Chapter I - A friend in need

Waterdeep map

In Waterdeep, a gold coin is called a dragon. And when you heard about an open hunt for half a million of them, you knew what your next destination was.

You heard the full story of the treasure hunt from Peter Theodonos, a travelling scholar you had the luck of meeting one night on the road. You let him into your camp and granted him protection and in turn he told you the story of Waterdeep's biggest treasure vault:

Before he was ousted from his position as the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember embezzled half a million dragons and hid them in a secret vault. Built long ago by dwarves, the vault is warded against all forms of magical detection and intrusion. Its current protector is an adult gold dragon named Aurinax. As another security precaution, he arranged for all knowledge of the vault's location and defences to be magically erased from his mind and the minds of his subordinates. The wizard who performed the procedure trapped this knowledge within an artefact called the Stone of Golorr. One way or another, the wizard disappeared shortly thereafter and Dagult hid the stone in the Palace of Waterdeep. Dagult was off rebuilding the city of Neverwinter when the other Lords of Waterdeep voted him out of office. He immediately made plans to retrieve the Stone of Golorr and smuggle his cache of dragons out of Waterdeep. His spies plucked the stone from the palace but were killed while trying to leave the city. The stone was stolen and passed from one hand to another like a common jewel until it wound up in the clutches of Xanathar, a paranoid, megalomaniacal crime lord. And from here on, every trace of the Stone is lost.

Peter left your camp the next morning, while you debated weather or not you should go join the hunt. You did not debate for long.


Waterdeep is a huge city on the coast, one that would take days to fully see and decades to learn all of its secrets. Thankfully, you only need the one. You stride straight toward the Yawning Portal, a well know inn and a hub for adventurers in the centre of the city. A great place to start your investigation or overhear any whispers.

You find The Yawning Portal in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. The place is a stone building with a slate roof and several chimneys. Most of the ground floor is taken up by the tavern's common room, which contains a 40-foot-diameter open well (actually the outer shell of a sunken stone tower) that descends 140 feet to the first level of Undermountain, the sprawling dungeon under Waterdeep. A rope-and-pulley mechanism is used to lower adventurers into the well and hoist them out. Not that you want to go dungeon crawling right now.

There, sitting at a table with a drink (or without one) you have the time to reflect on why are you here. What made you want to join the hunt for the embezzled dragons?
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The idea was to listen in on people's conversation to find out more about the treasure, but everything that happened made him a bit distracted.

Waterdeep is an entirely new locale for Milon. He had been in a settlement a few miles off the city's gates in a request, but he never went into the city. But now that he had time to observe the goings-on, Waterdeep represents an entirely new opportunity for him. The populace is no stranger to weird things happening every day, and someone with his specific skill set seems to be at an almost constant on-demand, case in point, the hole leading into an entrance to the Underdark in this very establishment.

Milon sighed and regained his concentration, now back to try and listen to others' conversation. Trying to make a living in this city is all well and good, but that's at best his C-plan. If he could land the treasure, he wouldn't need to do months of hard work just to get back where he was back with the mercenaries. Maybe slightly better off.

Taking a sip of his drink, Milon immediately regretted his decision. The weird, bitter aftertaste lingers on, tipping him off that the alcohol is for quick consumption, not to slowly savor. He then tries to stay calm by redoubling his efforts to try and listen to something interesting. If nothing else, it'll keep his mind off the persistent shoddy aftertaste of the drink.


Behind that Crazy Premise
"Good afternoon. How is your adventuring going?"

"Fuck off!"

"Evening. Done anything interesting lately?"

No comment.

Lucidian was trying to get a conversation going about the stories of people, but without much luck. Most people were probably more concerned with their drinks than with other people. Or maybe the tiefling had a certain intimidating aura around him, or was just an outsider. Maybe some of the people weren't even there and it was just Lucidian talking to the air. He sighed, his lord had grown a little impatient, he needed more stories for his dreams. Lucidian had come here in the hope that these adventurers had plenty, and maybe to join on one himself. He did not care much what it would be, but this story about a dragon and treasure was very present in the public consciousness, so it would probably make for a good dream. He looked around for someone else to question and his eyes fell on a rough man drinking by himself. He did not look very approachable, but at least he was not talking to someone else or caught up in his drink.

He walked over and stood next to the mans table.

"Excuse me sir, could I join you at your table?"

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Sitting cross-legged on a couple of books to prop her up to the table's height, Boo sipped at a mug of milk. It gave the illusion that she was drinking, as were a majority of those in the Yawning Portal, but without the risk of potentially growing too tipsy to manage herself. Especially when she needed to think. Taking another swig—Boo also found milk to be exceptionally refreshing most days—she thought back on recent events.

A trip through the woods for an odd job to collect info on a nearby hermit led her to encounter Peter Theodonos. In exchange for protection (and a quick meal of squirrel by the campfire, which Boo had offered), he shared the story of Waterdeep's biggest treasure vault.

When he left the next morning, the tale of treasure so vast still lingered in her mind and she found herself heading to Waterdeep, despite yet having made a concrete decision. There were a thousand reasons to go on the hunt; with that amount of money, she could acquire enough glory, fame, and funding to right her wrongs. Return home a hero instead of a criminal. Yet, Boo hesitated. An adult gold dragon was no small thing, literally or figuratively, and she feared what would happen if she made her decision on a whim. On the other hand, if she contemplated for too long, the opportunity may vanish.

"Hmph..." she dropped her head into her hands, feeling overwhelmed.

Attention drifting, she caught wind of a conversation beginning at the next table over. Chin still nestled in her palm, she angled just enough to see the encounter unfold nearby without appearing too conspicuous. There, she saw the tiefling who'd been approaching several patrons around the tavern ask to join a half-orc at his table. What's he trying to accomplish? Boo wondered, taking a long sip of her drink.
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A Bit Suspect
By now, Milon had realized that the establishment is one that you visit with other people's company. To sit on the table by yourself is, to be perfectly blunt, kind of pathetic. Or maybe a sign of someone wanting to be left alone. That one's not his objective either, keeping himself passive in an unfamiliar social establishment isn't going to do him any favors.

Keeping down whatever remains of his first sip, he began to tone his body language down a bit. To see a big, burly half-orc like himself looking like he's on edge will probably already intimidating potential conversation.

Then again, maybe not.

Looking up at the source of the words, Milon would find the peculiar sight of an infernal-blooded looking back at him. Tiefling, was it? You can find a number of them on Neverwinter as well. They're the type to get a few curious looks here and there, perhaps for all the wrong reasons, but not too curious that you'd turn down one in a tavern. Hell, he's one to talk about getting questionable looks.

"Yea, sure. No one's taking the seat anyway."

While he waits for the stranger to take his offer, or otherwise, Milon tries to give the gentleman another look. He does have the air of a traveler about him. That doesn't mean that he's a traveler from out of town, though. Being an adventurer's not out of the question either, given where they are. There were probably already a half a dozen adventurers coming and going in the time it took for him to begin to drink.

"So you a local or somethin'?" He started the conversation with a question.
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Behind that Crazy Premise
"Thank you, kind sir." Lucidian pulled back the chair and sat down. The Orcish man was not that well mannered, but at least he had the decency to actually talk to Lucidian and he was thankful for that.

"No, I am not. I am a traveler, as I assume you are as well. I travel the roads in search of stories. Heroic adventures, tragic backstories, scary nightmare. Really any kind of story that emotionally resonates with people. Lately I've been hearing rumors about this dragon guarding a treasure. It sounds thrilling and compelling, so I am here to investigate the source of this rumor. What is your business in Waterdeep?"


Some of you sit together and some sit alone at a sturdy wooden table lit by a brightly burning candle and littered with plates cleared of food and half-drained tankards. The sounds of gamblers yelling and drunken adventurers singing bawdy songs nearly drown out the off-key strumming of a young bard three tables over.

Suddenly all the noise of the inn is eclipsed by a shout.

"Ya pig! Like killin' me mates, does ya?"

Trouble. Led by a half-orc woman.

After her shout the seven-foot-tall half-orc is hit by a wild, swinging punch from a male human whose shaved head is covered with eye-shaped tattoos. Four other humans stand behind him, ready to jump into the fray. The half-orc cracks her knuckles, roars and leaps at the tattooed figure - but before you can see if blood is drawn, a crowd of spectators clusters around the brawl.

Do any of you join in? Everyone who joins in roll for initiative, please.

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Eavesdropping, Boo hummed into yet another sip of her milk mug. The tiefling only wanted stories and the orc was quite hospitable compared to the folk she'd people-watched since arriving in the tavern. With her curiosity sated, Boo looked away, no longer interested.

That is until she heard mention of a gold dragon guarding treasure.

Nearly choking on her beverage, Boo coughed into her sleeve and wiped her lips of its small white mustache. So, there are others after the treasure, she thought, eying the pair again. She didn't know why she was so surprised, for this was Waterdeep and she doubted the rumor was all that much of a secret. Still, she had hoped for more time to decide whether or not to join the hunt. Hearing of others' interest spurred her to make the decision then and there: She'd find the treasure before it was taken by someone else, dragon be damned.

Yet, before she could hop down from her barstool and introduce herself—Boo worked best in teams, after all—chaos erupted a few tables down. Inwardly cursing, Boo moved towards the crowd instead; barfights were not her scene but the distraction they caused provided an opportunity to fatten her coin pouch, which had grown a bit light. Introductions would have to wait until after she'd pinched a few coins from unsuspecting purses.

Dice Roll 8 + Sleight of Hand 6
Total: 14
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It was said that Neverwinter brewers produced the finest mead to be had in the North, and it did not disappoint. It was slightly sweet and refreshing, pairing well with the small platter of roast chicken and potatoes the little gnome supped on. The woman had to stand atop the stool in order to comfortably reach the counter, but she minded not- the hot food and drink made it all worthwhile. The tavern was a lively establishment, the patrons being a bawdy lot, but by the bar it was somewhat calmer than where the singers and gamblers sat.

Alma’s mind was lost in thought, mentally reviewing the findings from the past few days. Since arriving in Waterdeep two nights ago, she’d been able to confirm the scholar’s story- a team was being gathered to explore the great Waterdeep vault. This was by all accounts an excellent discovery- if she could find a group of companions to accompany, it would certainly be safer than going alone. A couple of adventuring dwarves were staying in the same inn, and initially she’d hoped that they’d let her tag along, but so far no such luck. Of course, she hadn’t actually gone up and asked them whether she could join them yet… she was working up to that. Maybe tomorrow if she ran into them at breakfast…

Her train of thought was suddenly derailed as chaos erupted, a vicious roar bringing the lively ambience to a standstill. Freezing in place, the wild-haired lady turns around just in time to see an orc-woman dive towards a tattooed man with a loud clamour.

Nervously downing the rest of her cup, the gnome grabs her pack and a chicken wing from her plate before scuttling behind the counter, peeking up cautiously as the scene unfolds. Even standing atop the counter, she could scarcely see anything beyond the crowd of onlookers, but knew that this conflict was no business of hers. Fleeing the tavern at this time seemed risky though, what with all the ruckus going on- the gnome had no interest in getting caught in the crossfire. No, surely if she kept her distance and waited patiently, everything would be alright and work itself out. All the same, Alma called the gentle tingling of magic to her fingers, ready to cast an illusion should the need arise.

Glancing around, the gnomish woman’s eyes widen upon catching sight of a small cloaked figure picking through the pockets of unsuspecting spectators. Of course, one came across their share of thieves and miscreants when travelling about the world, but this was just another level of mischievousness. Now, during a bar fight? Really?! she thinks to herself, dark brown eyes staring in bewilderment at the scene.

Initiative: 9

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A Bit Suspect
When the Tiefling said that he's not a local, Milon' attention had begun to wander elsewhere again. It only lasted for a brief moment, however, as he heard of what his newfound conversation partner seemingly said in passing.

"Wait. Did you just say a dragon guarding a treasure? Does it, well, happen to be a Gold Dragon?" He feels a bit awkward in asking directly, but this is the first lead he got all day. Even if it doesn't turn out to be strictly a lead, at least it's something.

However, even as he continues talking, he could feel his voice getting drowned by the increasingly rowdier tavern.

"Oi! Quiet down, will ya!" He shouted. He could tell, though, that his voice probably won't reach anyone except for perhaps the man currently sitting in front of him. It's something about too many loud cooks spoiling the broth or something to that effect.

"On second thought, excuse me for a second. Please hold that thought." Milon excused himself soon after, acting perhaps the politest he's ever been this evening. He didn't even manage to catch what caused the bar fight, but in his experience, a few punches would be enough to make someone sober. He can't imagine this time would be different.


Initiative: 17 + 1 = 18
Accidentally clicked to roll the die twice. That's not an advantage, just ignore the second roll.

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@Felix roll the initiative when you are ready (providing you want to).


Boo manages to walk in between the gathered crowd, her small frame (and the fact she did this before) allowing her to easily go unnoticed. With a couple of careful moves and her hand in a few selected pockets, she manages to gather the following treasures: 3 gold pieces, a vial of scented oil and a corkscrew. (add the two in your Treasures, they are trinkets that could be useful later).

The bar brawn is still going on strong as the rest of you decide whether or not to join in.


Behind that Crazy Premise
How rude?! Lucidian face-palmed. However, the orcs reaction did peak his interest.It was indeed about a golden dragon. Maybe this guy knew more about the mystery and had a possible starting point. It was not really his style to go into the brawl, but the sooner it was over the sooner he would get to question the man. He got up and walked over to try and subdue the fighting.


The fight is almost over by the time you push through the rowdy spectators.

Milon manages to push through first and reach the brawlers just in time to see the man with the eye-shaped tattoos visibly battered, trapped underneath the half orc woman. The other four men are poised to tackle her off of their supposed leader.

Alma is just behind him, making her way over, while Lucidian is a bit of a way off, still trying to make his way through the crowd.

If you want to attack the half orc or defend her from the men poised to drag her off, roll for attacks. If you just want to restrain any of them roll a Strenght check. Here is the initiative order:

Man 1
Man 2
Man 3
Man 4

On the other side, at the edge of the crowd, Boo hasn't been detected yet and can continue minding her own business or check out the fight.

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After plucking a couple of gold pieces and some neat little trinkets from unsuspecting onlookers, Boo took a moment to assess the situation. The bar fight had yet to cease and, of all the people in the tavern to get themselves involved, she noticed the tiefling and half-orc from before make their way towards the fray. Did they have some sort of need to play hero, or did they have a reason to get involved aside from partaking in the chaos?

Whatever their motivation, they'd opted not to steer clear of the mess, and that changed things. The fight wasn't too terrible at the moment, but joining in may offer the opportunity to prove her prowess and introduce her to the pair who'd caught her attention. Boo weighed her options: She could introduce herself spectacularly and risk her low profile, or she could keep picking pockets and hope to catch them later.

Pickpocketing it was, then.

Dice Roll 14 + Sleight of Hand 6
Total: 20


A Bit Suspect
The good news is, the fight looks like it's almost over. The bad news is the ones who are losing seem to be eager to continue.

Now, Milon's not usually the kind to make chivalrous remarks, but five to one odds against a lady doesn't seem to be fair, even if the lady is a good head taller than himself and seemed to be able to handle herself.

"Alright, break it off!" He moves to restrain the four men trying to dogpile the half-orc lady. Whatever the cause of the fight was, they could tell him later. Now he just wants a little peace for a change.

Strength Check: 6


As the scene played out before them, Alma watched the proceedings with bated breath. As the thief continued to plunder from the oblivious onlookers, a pair from one of the nearby tables stood up as though to intervene. “Alright, break it off!” The half-orc calls out, the crowd parting as he draws near and giving her a window into the fight. The tattooed man looked thoroughly beaten, but with four lackeys waiting in the wings it was a wonder they hadn’t already jumped into the fray. Biting her thumb, the woman’s eyes darted between the gang of thugs and the tavern doorway. She knew neither party, but saw no reason why this conflict need end in bloodshed.

Popping her head over the counter once more, her gaze catches sight of the well, the cogs of the mind whirring. Ducking down and out of sight, the gnome cautiously hops down from the counter, back to the tavern walls as she inches around the perimeter of the brawl. Finding an overturned chair the gnome takes cover, praying that everyone was still too distracted by the fight to notice her presence. The tiny creature pauses to catch her breath, mentally recreating the scene in her head before clutching at her broach, a tiny hand peeking out to gesture towards the mouth of the Undermountain.

It begins as a low rumble, largely masked by the din of the fight, the heaving breath of some gargantuan beast. Just as a couple people begin to perk their ears, a distant, piercing shriek cuts through the voices. It goes on for but a second, abruptly cut off by the crackling of flames and a guttural roar which reverberates through the tavern. As it seemingly swells forth from the abyss, the more observant occupants would catch one additional sound: the relentless, growing footsteps of some unknown entity scrabbling up from the pitch black hole.

Surely that would frighten a couple of the scoundrels, right? Better yet, the lot of them might just snap out of it and turn tail out of there.

Stealth Check: 9+1 = 10

Intimidation (Wisdom) Check: 20+2=22
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Milon, manages to hold back one of the men before they get to the half-orc woman.

The other three are caught by Alma's spell, which so effective that the three men first stare in horror at the illusion which only they can see, then place their hands over their ears, before finally letting out frightened screams. As one, all three of them push through the crowd and out of the tavern, tripping over a halfling that just entered through the door.

The man with the tattoos that is trapped underneath the half-orc woman is not looking good. He's howls of pain had stopped long ago and now you can barely see his facial features underneath all the blood. After the last good punch, the half-orc leaves him alone, stands up, and spits down at the man, who is no longer moving.

The attacker held back by Milon wiggles free and makes his escape as well. The fight is over when Lucidian finally approaches.

"Well, ya all didn't really need ta interrupt, did ya?" The rugged woman asks, giving a look at the three of you gathered there, but then she just shrugs. "Thanks, I guess." She adds as an afterthought.

In the meantime, Boo has picked up a carved wooden horse figurine (another trinket) and two more gold pieces. The crowd is now dispersing and she won't get any more chances to pickpocket.
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Behind that Crazy Premise
Lucidian watched as the guy he just met grappled one of the thugs somewhat clumsily. When he heard the sounds of a creepy elder monster, he thought that it must have been an illusion his master sent. However, all the other people in the room also seemed to shiver and react, so maybe it was real after all. This could get interesting ... "An monstrous entity strolled into a bar ..." could make quite a compelling start for a horror story or something slightly comical.

When the fight was over and the Orc lady responded Lucidian was a little offended. "That's no way to say thanks to the people who just defused a situation that could have been very violent." He looked at the man with the smashed up face. "So far as it wasn't already. Why did you do this to each other?"


Future Crazy Cat Lady
After pocketing two more gold pieces and a carved wooden horse—Interesting thing to bring to a bar, she thought—Boo mentally mapped a roundabout route back to her table, just to try and confuse any onlookers who may or may not have seen her in the crowd. Yet, just as she made to move, a thuggish trio let out frightened screams so unexpected Boo wondered if she had been spotted after all. When they fled past her and out the tavern door, she released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

If not her, though, then what or who had caused such fear? Looking around, Boo didn't see anything out of the ordinary. A couple of onlookers remained, such as Boo herself, and the pair that offered the half-orc aid fell into a conversation. Boo was just about to return to her table and wait until they were free again when she noticed, under a chair with a clear view of where the battle had been, crouched a gnome.

She lifted a brow.

Curious and more than a little amused, Boo hovered around the aftermath of the fight, if only to watch what the hiding gnome would do. Had they been part of the battle, or a simple onlooker too scared to do anything but use a bar chair as a makeshift sanctuary? Plus, sticking around would give her the opportunity to speak with the tiefling and half-orc from earlier.


A Bit Suspect
See, handling the situation peacefully is a lot harder than it looks. Even if he's more muscular than the average man, someone who had momentum and intent behind their actions will still be able to give him at least a bit of trouble. Case in point, he only managed to restrain one of the men momentarily - and clumsily at that - before he threatens to break off of the grip and pounce on the lady.

Luckily for him, and perhaps for the lady as well, the man's friends got sudden second thoughts and decided to hightail it out of there, screaming all the while. The situation got so awkward that Milon just released his restraints on the man, who seems as confused as he is. Exchanging a brief look at each other, the man decides to follow his friends awkwardly, if at a hurried pace. At least he'll get a straight answer that way.

"The Hells' that all about?" He expressed his thoughts succinctly. His conversation partner's already beaten him to the punch in addressing the newly-rescued lady, who, as he thought, doesn't need rescuing anyway. He didn't expect a thank you, so that's one thank you more than expected. Good enough for him.

"You're welcome, by the way." He added, "Yeah, the hell happened to you and sleepin' beauty over here?" He nudged at the now-sleeping, bloodied man.


"None of your bloody business-" The half or woman snaps back, her temper flaring again, but her words are cut off.

Shouts of alarm suddenly ring out as a hulking creature climbs up out of the shaft in the middle of the taproom - a monster with warty green skin, a tangled nest of wiry black hair, a long, carrot-shaped nose, and blood-shot eyes.

As it bares its yellow teeth and howls, you can see that a half-dozen bat-like creatures are attached to its body, with three more circling above it like flies. Stirges.

Everyone in the tavern reacts in fear except for the barkeep, who shouts, quite unhelpfully:


There's no escaping this fight, the troll lumbers toward your group and even those of you that are hidden are revealed as the tavern empties out of most of the people. The bartender holds his spot and so does the half-orc woman.

Three of the nine stirges dive toward Milon, one focuses on Boo and the other on Lucidan, with only Alma not attracting their attention for the moment.

Milon, Boo and Lucidian, roll a Dexterity saving throw to evade the attacks.

Everyone roll initiative.
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Boo doesn't have much time to observe anything before a troll clambers out of the Yawning Portal and a stirge, one of many attached to the lumbering creature's body, dives towards her. 'Yikes!" She spins on her heel in an attempt to maneuver out of the way. Those things look like massive, nasty mosquitos and Boo isn't interested in getting bit.

She hadn't been interested in fighting at all, actually, yet here she was, pulling out a pair of matching daggers in preparation for battle.


Dexterity Saving Throw:
Dice Roll 20 + Dexterity Mod 2 = 22

Dice Roll 5 + Initiative Mod 2 = 7


From her hiding spot the gnome looked on in stunned silence as the blood drained from the goons’ faces, their expressions conveying sheer terror. Not a moment later they fled from the tavern, bumping into a poor halfling fellow on the way out. It was only after the remaining customers began to return to their drinks and games that Alma released the breath which had been lodged in her chest. Truth be told, she hadn’t been sure if they’d fall for the ploy, but that, well, that had far exceeded her expectations. A swell of pride blooms in her chest, a massive grin spreading across her face all the while. “Ohhh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.” the gnome chuckles under her breath, gleefully content at this turn of events. De-escalating the conflict without resorting to bloodshed and remaining inconspicuous all the while?! Yes, this was a good evening without question- another round of mead was most definitely in order. Mayhaps that would provide the boost of courage needed to scout out her options and ask to join one of the adventuring parties…

So consumed the woman was in her plotting that she was oblivious to being spotted by the female rogue. Snippets of conversation passing through one ear and out the other, Alma was just barely aware that the tiefling and half-orc had stepped forth to speak with the orc woman. It was only when a fresh bout of screams erupted in the tavern that the gnome came to her senses. For a moment the cleric thought the thugs had returned with reinforcements, but as the thunder of running feet filled her ears she realized something more serious was afoot. Praying that the patrons didn’t trample her, Alma hunched over as close to the overturned chair as possible. Only after the bar was nearly empty did she glance about and see the source of their panic.

“…..Oh dear.” the gnome breathes, audibly gulping as she takes in the massive troll and the winged insect-like creatures accompanying it. This was most certainly not part of the plan.

Ducking down behind her measly cover, Alma quietly pulls out a shield from her bag and straps it to the forearm. Sensing that fleeing would only attract the monster’s attention, the gnome readies herself for whatever is to come next.

Initiative: 11+1=12


Behind that Crazy Premise
Lucidian was not satified with the answer of the orc, but he did not get the opportunity to respond. The troll was not as menacing as the elder monsters he had hoped for, but it was still quite a fearsome best nonetheless. The ugly looking fly came soaring towards him at a rapid pace, but he nimbly avoided being hit by it. He got out his flask of gold speckled dust, ready to retaliate with some magic.


A Bit Suspect
Maybe building a tavern over the entrance of a dungeon full of monster isn't such a good idea after all.

Milon had no time to critique the questionable architectural decision, however, as their conversation was interrupted by the reason why it was a bad idea in the first place. He instinctively reached out into his sword on his side, just in time to hopefully intercept the three flying bugs zooming in on his side.

"Ya think?" The remark was unhelpful indeed.

Dexterity Save: 3
Initiative: 8

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