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War for the Underdark (D&D 5e)


Maelstrom Engineer

Ironrock Delve. Most of this large walled castle is delved into the side of a mountain. The Lord of the castle, a dwarf named Thakar Ironrock, is part of a long line of Ironrock kings. In the depths of the mountain, Ironrock and its settlements encroach on the Underdark. For 52 years, dwarven axemen have defended the Delve against the ruthless and excessively tactical hobgoblins. King Thakar has kept the castle's courtyards filled with forge smoke during the long brutal war.

But the enemy has grown stronger in recent battles. The stout dwarves fight valiantly, but their territory is slipping through their bloody fingers.

As a last ditch effort, King Thakar Ironrock has hired mercenaries to bolster his forces and to attempt risky missions that could pay off.

You are one such group hired to fight for the dwarves. And you are being pressed into battle.


In this 5e game, you fight a war for the Underdark. All characters start at 1st level. No Unearthed Arcana or unofficial rules. Standard array or standard point buy. I'm looking for 3-5 players. The game will be collaborative in nature with world-building and story. Also, many of the dice-rolls and combat will be conflict-based with single rolls determining the outcome with agreed upon stakes.
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This sounds both interesting and fun! I'd like to join, if it's still open. I'm a newbie when it comes to DnD, however, so I may need some help every now and then with the dice, bonuses, etc.


Maelstrom Engineer
No problem. You're the first so far, so you're definitely in. We just need one or two more. I'm shooting for at least two more, but we can play with one more as well.


Maelstrom Engineer
Just written up in the characters section when I make the thread for it.

I want to give it a bit more time before we start to see if we can get a third. I'll give it to the end of the day. And then we'll fire this bad boy up.


Maelstrom Engineer
Always up for a good game of 5e. You guys still recruiting?
Yes! We'd love to have you. That makes three. If anyone want to join up until I get the thread started tonight, I'll take another two at max.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to getting this started this evening.

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