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Fantasy Walking Hand and Hand


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Walking Hand in Hand
(A vampire and werewolf arranged marriage rp)


Once upon a time the vampire and werewolves were at war with each other but after years of this war resources, funds, and able bodies began to dwindle on both sides. In a attempt to make peace and cease fire between the two fighting armies the king and queen of both sides came together and formed a treaty to hopefully end the war. However one of the agreements was to marry the two heirs of each opposing sides to one another as a show that they may go together in peace.

The ones Entangled in the Treaty



Lenora Ash
30 yeas old *Vampire* The General

Lenora is one of five generals of the vampire army, she is fiercely loyal to Natale and offered her services as a body guard of sorts. She is fierce on the battle field but a lover at heart.


Aspen Gray
31 yeas old *Werewolf* The softie

Aspen is the Eldest of the 13th generation of pups born, also heir to the Gray pack. He is a softie his father wishing he was much more authoritative. But he would much rather be curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, or taking walks through the forest in his wolf form.

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Lenora was quiet as she watched outside go by, the trees in beautiful colors which fell down as the crisp air rustled them. They were on the way to the Gray household to meet the heir and Natalie's husband to be. A lot of people were enraged by the idea that the princess to be married off to some brute of a dog. While others were glad that the fighting was to stop due to this. For Lenora she was in the middle she didnt know how to feel who knows what this Aspen the werewolf was like. She never heard of his exploits on the battle field so he didnt seem to be a fighter but that didnt mean that he could be nice. For all she knew he could be nothing but a dog a rude and evil being. Her mind swirled over and over about the possibilities. She cared for Natalie like a sister would so it was why she offered herself up as a body guard of sorts for her.

Speaking of which she looked away from the window and to the raven haired princess by her "Lady Natalie?" She tilted her head "Are you doing okay? If you need we can stop for a rest whenever you need to we still have some hours before daybreak." She wanted Natalie to be comfortable she had expressed she isnt exactly thrilled to getting married. Lenora could relate to this, she also didnt have marriage on her mind especially so young.


Aspen looked up from his meal when he realized he was being called to, "Apen have you been listening?" his mother asked as she looked to him. She sighed roughly and looked to him again "Your bride to be is coming tonight so you better be cordial with here. We need this to work we dont have the resources to --" Aspen growled softly and looked to his mother "I know mother but have you even stop to think who is coming? A vampire... not one but TWO of them. How are we going to feed them? We dont exactly have mortals laying about ready to go and willing to offer their blood to them." He sighed and pushed about his food "and what if it doesn't work what then?" It was clear to say Aspen was worried about this.

But he sighed softly as he shoved some food in his mouth it was hard to think about anything but the worries he felt. Would he have to be her source? He wasent sure if he could take it if he had to. It scared him to the point that it made his hackles stand on end. The table was quiet after his small outburst it definitely gave them food for thought. He quickly finished his food and stood letting the servants clean up his food. "Im done im going to go decompress..." he spoke to them before he left. They all knew what it meant the only way he could get it all out was to turn into his wolven form and just run. Which is what he did, running into the forest that surrounded his castle home he transformed. He was a blond wolf, golden even his pelt shown brilliantly in the moonlight. His size was nothing to but large he could easily take down the largest of grizzly bears if he wanted. His father always said he would of been a great warrior for the war but he would never see the battle field due to temperament.

Aspen ran and ran till he felt his lungs would give out this is where he slowed panting before he collapsed where he stood. Flipping over on his back he looked up through the trees to the moon and just pondered. What was she like? was she as nervous as he was?
Natalie sat uncomfortably on the drive without a single hint of noise. Suffocating in a thick, black dress pulled tightly around her chest in a corset blocked any chance of oxygen getting to where it needed to go. Despite still being undead, as the vast majority would reference it as, vampires still needed some bit of oxygen to still keep going. She could've survived this whole trip without breathing a single breath but it was mere habit and it became a nervous tick. Fiddling with her silver pendent fastened along her neck, her attention was captured by Lenora. The two are family by blood, but their bond goes beyond to their souls. They found one another easy to confide in, and what a relief it was to have her on this new journey with her.

In the pit of her stomach, she felt as if she was falling from a high-rise building. Everything seemed to be passing by her at the speed of light. Time had melted all together into this consistent purgatory. And while she never had actually felt love, much less really know what love felt like, she had yearned for it to be natural for her. For her to find her someone along the way that just fit into her life. She wanted centuries of happiness, was that too much to ask for?

She was concerned about her husband-to-be. Was he excited? Did he even like vampires? Did he smell? She could imagine him feeling the same sense of overwhelmed she had been consumed with. Or maybe not.

"I am fine." She lied. While delaying the ride further seemed enticing, she was really just so consumed with nerves that she wished to just get this part over with. To see the new home, to see who and what would surround her for the rest of her days. There was a morbid sense filling the air in the vehicle between the two of them, and the shared eye connection expressed much more than any verbal words could. There was a tinge of jealousy in her heart in regards to Lenora. A portion of her, which had remained secret, wondered why Lenora wasn't the one having to do this arrangement. She was far more qualified for this commitment, and her skillsets have not gone unnoticed.

"I do hope they are welcoming." She certainly wasn't ready for any kind of feud on day one.

Another punch was embedded into the bark of a tree as Caiden practiced more of his defense moves. He was a young fighter, and he never ceased to back down from a fight or a bet. Bouncing around the tree, the white-haired man laughed at his imaginary component before sending the bark to it's fatal doom of cracked despair. Sweat beaded along his skin, despite the crisp air of the fall. The jacket hung off of his shoulders from the exertion of his internal battle coming to life. He paced around the tree, waiting a few more seconds, before going in for another strike as if on repeat.

Hearing something in the distance, his ear twitched. He could smell it was one of their own and a wicked grin spread across his face. Before long he had shifted, and was readying his timing to pounce on the incoming beast when he went to leap, the beast had rolled and flopped onto the ground willingly sending Caiden in full wolf form over and tumbling over him in a delay of dirt. Hissing, Caiden stood up and paced over to Aspen. Lifelong friends, they'd been through everything together. Sure, they certainly had their disagreements, but it was never anything that they couldn't settle.

He could sense something was aloof. He cocked his head before rolling over to lay next to the beast in a form of silent condolences.
Lenora frowned her painted lips at the fine she could tell that she wasent fine but she wouldent press it further. Slowly she reached over and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Im sure it will be they are expecting us anyways and if they do decide to be hostile im here." SHe gave the princess a reassuring smile. "It will be fine, im sure they are just as nervous as we are..." With a nod she took her hand away and placed it in her lap. Lenora then went back to gazing out the window. They were almost there the trees had slowly began to change into pine and into a forest. She had been here before, not at the castle mind you but close to the werewolves domain for some war counsel. "The moon is beautiful tonight." She spoke trying to give Natalie something to focus on.

It wasent long before the driver cleared his throat "We are coming up to the castle now your highness." He spoke which made Lenora crane her neck to see the castle. It was large nothing like the vampire's domain, while theirs was imposing and looked like a cathedral theirs looked almost homey if you can call a castle like that. A tilt of her head she saw servants coming out of the large doors to help with grabbing the stuff that they brought with. "Well here we go...deep breaths okay? We got this." she squeezed Natalie's hand and smiled before getting out of the car. She then went to help with getting the luggage. The Driver then came and opened the door for Natalie "Your highness?" he asked as he offered his hand.

Aspen sighed as he closed his eyes his ear twitched at the coming feet paws and the flop next to him he was silent for a minute or two. Then he finally he slowly looked to Caiden his little brother. "Hey..." he looked back up at the sky paying attention to the stars now and how many there were. "I dont understand why this was a stipulation in the treaty... we could of instead just worked toward peace another way. Like trading goods or not having the war anymore. I guess i should be glad i didnt have to leave the castle...i cant imagine what the princess must be going through..." He was quiet for a moment "Sorry Cai i didnt mean to voice my discomfort...I just...i guess im just scared you know? And she is bringing a general of the army as a body guard! You think he is scared too going into the den of ex enemies?" He whined and hid his face in his hands his ears flat "im not cut out for this but mom and dad think i am..."

Aspen's ears flicked up suddenly as he listened he sighed softly and looked over to Caiden "they're here...do you think i can stay out here for the rest of my days and not go back?" It was more so a joke but he wasent laughing at it. He laid there for the time being until the motor of the car stopped and he sighed. "Might as well go back....will...will you come with me please? To meet them?" he asked his little brother.
When they pulled up to the castle, Natalie all of a sudden felt very out of place. Was she expected to just live here for the remaining of her days? Eternity? It became difficult to swallow, and her mouth went dry. Somewhere in that castle was her future husband. They were to be the two, disposable pawns in this whole treaty idea to mend a multi-generational battle. There were so many of her kind that were lost at the paws of those beasts. The kills and attacks were equal on each of their ends, which was why something must come to the end before they all come to an end.

Plus, there are rumors of a hybrid species which will make the new-found royal court extremely powerful.

But babies were far from her mind as Natalie tried to grasp at whatever amount of time she could to sit in the vehicle. It wasn't until the driver had come to her side to extend his hand where the delay had to stop. She got out, fixated on the castles' tall peaks. She wondered what window would be hers. She wondered what kind of flowers grew in the garden. She wondered what the hunting grounds were like. She wondered what the prince would be like.

Gathering her dress she stepped forward before watching for Lenora to ensure of her comfort. Why did it feel more like walking to her funeral than to her future kingdom?

Long, midnight hair draped over a shoulder as the vampire meticulously watched the beating hearts around her hurry as if they were brainwashed, too, of the vampires' unruliness and destruction. Now, if only half of those rumors were true, they'd truly be a force to be reckoned with. Finally, after realizing she was being watched in her amazement, she offered a smile before she accidentally showed her fangs and realized the terror in some of the maids' eyes. Before long, she shut down her smile and cleared her throat. "Please inform the Prince of our arrival." She simply stated, not wishing to be an object of speculation for much longer.

This was going to be more difficult than she had imagined.

Caiden could sense the turmoil within his brother. The two of them were born to be best friends. Sure, they had their battles. And there was often the stark contrast between their ages and maturity that always held root in their arguments. But nonetheless, at the end of the day, the boys were brothers. And brothers just stood together. It was their thing. Pack mentality. With a heavy sign, Caiden didn't know how to comfort his brother. Werewolves came with a truck-load of passion, so to take away the ability to imprint an find love their natural way was almost like stripping a beast of their nature.

But there was nothing natural about this world. Vampires and werewolves would end it if they couldn't settle on some kind of neutral grounds. This was the responsibly that his brother had to carry on his shoulders. He wasn't sure, in reflection, if he'd be strong enough if he was faced with this sort of task. "If you ask me, she should count herself lucky. You're a catch, and you're going to bring a lot of honor to our family. I'm just sorry that it has to be this way. Maybe if you're lucky, she won't like you and will refuse to marry you?" The last part of his statement was an attempt at cheering up his brother, when in fact, it seemed to do the opposite.

When the maid came out to formally announce the arrival of the princess, Caiden looked at Aspen. His brother rarely ever asked him of anything, and the way he asked him to go with him, it tugged at a few heart strings. "Sure. Let's go see your new bride!" He said, hopping up and without much effort formed back to his human form while he pulled his shirt back on.
Lenora helped the maids and butlers being careful not to spook them but she feared that just them being here was enough to send them on high alert. Truth be told she was as well keeping an eye on Natalie as she did her task. When all of the luggage was taken and accounted for did sh return to Natalie's side. She stared up at the castle with her and glanced over at her charge. Nudging her gently "It will be okay im with you." She spoke gently trying to reassure her. Lenora walked when Natalie walked keeping an eye on things just in case.

Inside the Castle was cozy but elegant at the same time, off to the right was a waiting room which held comfortable looking seating and a roaring fire. They were seated in here while they waited to be received. Their things being brought up to their rooms She heard that they would be next door which was a relief. Lenora was quiet as she sat down on the couch looking over to Natalie she gave her a reassuring look. "Its going to be okay, once you get to your room so you can distress maybe take a nice hot bath too?" She nodded as she patted the couch next to her for her to sit.

But it wasent long before a servant came in and cleared his throat "Nice to meet you both I am Felix the night servant stationed at your wing where you will be staying. Sorry for the delay missus the prince has been notified and returning to castle as we speak. In the mean time may I get you anything?"

Aspen was quiet as he laid there with his brother, speculating the worst what if she was a tyrant, what if she killed for fun? All these emotions swirled his body and made him feel sick to his stomach. He closed his eyes and wished it was a dream but at the same time not a dream. Since he was a pup he wished the war would end, he wished that it would end before he had to take up the mantel as Alpha or king. But now it was happening but it was the cost of his freedom to find a mate. He was jealous of Caiden he didnt have to worry he got to be himself a find a mate and have pups if he wished. While him...marry a vampire and eventually produce a heir to carry on the mantel just as he did.

But Caiden then spoke to him, it was an attempt to cheer him up, he appreciated it but no she had to like him and he had to like her otherwise the war would probably continue. He however gave Caiden a small smile when he accepted the invitation to come with him to meet her. He sat up and looked to the maid "Alright...let them know im on the way." The maid nodded before turning to return to the castle to do just that. He transformed back into his human form and sighed standing up getting his clothes back in order before he looked to his brother. "Shall we then?" He asked as he began to walk the way that the maid had came.

Slowly this walk was however due to them talking about other things, the weather, the forest, mother and father. Anything to keep his mind off of what was to come. But once he got to the front door he froze for a minute looking at the door handle. With a sigh he looked to Caiden "Ready?" he asked mostly himself but to his brother as well. He grasped the door handle and yanked the doors open and walked inside. The smell of vampire in his home was something he had to get used too, it was easy to find them. It was just in time when the servant was offering something to them since he was talking a while. "No need Felix im here..." he spoke a little glumly.

Felix perked at the sound of his master "Ah my lord you are back..." he cleared his throat "May i present Prince Apen Gray...Ah and Prince Caiden Gray as well." He spoke gesturing to both of them. Aspen then gazed at His bride to be. She was beautiful to say the least. Long raven black hair that went well with her pale completion. He inhaled and exhaled her scent getting used to and memorizing it as well before he outstretched a hand "Pleasure to meet you Natalie..."
The castle was very inviting. Something warmer than what she was used to, too. Their castle was stuck in rigid traditional structure and nature, but she did already miss the stained glass windows. Regardless, this was quite a pleasant castle and she could at least cross one worry off of her list of the home not being fit. Despite the maids and Felix being of the upmost hospitable, she hesitated to touch anything or sit. It was hard to find comfort in such a suffocating situation. She asked for wine, really she just needed anything to calm her nerves, before she finally forced herself to unbuckle her knees and take a seat. Goosebumps were bubbling on her arm as the silence built. It wasn't that she was expecting a whole welcoming parade, but she was hopeful that there was some enthusiasm of the upcoming arrangement.

Even if she didn't want to get married, she still wanted to celebrate it. It was a wedding, after all. Parties were her thing.

Emerald green eyes flickered to the two beings entering the area and Natalie immediately felt herself standing. She wasn't sure if it was in shock or in a habit of manners, but she brushed her skirt straight before letting Aspen's eyes hold hers. Mentally, she crossed off the fear of him being ugly from her list of worries. He was very captivating. Refreshingly unexpected. She wasn't sure if she expected him to show up in wolf form, or to smell like a wet dog - neither which were true. Hesitantly, she reached her hand out to his. "Pleasure is all mine, Prince Aspen."

The two lingered in the silence as the contrast between the two hands were noticeable. His was incredibly warm. Hers, eternally cold. She had noticed them looking at their hands before she pulled hers away and begged for any top of conversation to come to her mind to break the silence. "This is General Lenora, my trusted protector and best friend." She mentioned, introducing the two. She watched the man for a moment too long before she moved on, "Beautiful castle!" She claimed as she sipped her wine to force herself to shut up and not embarrass herself any further.


Caiden entered cautiously. As if he had already made up his mind about the two known guests. They were vampires. There was nothing good that could from from them. It was literally brainwashed into his brain since he was a pup. So it felt very sacrilegious to to be standing here and watching his brother just get married off to a bloodsucker for the sake of world peace. The war was surely stoppable in another way! His idealistic mind tried to grasp at whatever ounce of an idea he could come up with other than watching his brother seal his fate.

Caiden just grunted a 'pleasure' as his body was in defense mode. It was jus the default gut-reaction that he had when he was around people of their kind. He wondered if this would be how he'd feel all the time now that they'd be staying here. His hands unknowingly went into fists. He was measuring his brother's reaction to it all and for once it did seem like he was actually going to give this a genuine go. If he could do it, surely Caiden could do it, too. "I hope your travels were easy." He confided. His eyes looked over to Lenora who seemed to watch him with detailed precision, and this was when he noticed his hands were in fists. He finally released them, feeling the tension lesson in his body. "It's unfortunate that you feel as if you need protection in this situation of unity." His eyes looked over at Lenora again, now filled with distrust.

"Wouldn't you?" Natalie asked, curiously. The weight of the room shifted and she began to regret speaking out of turn. She immediately bit her tongue, knowing very well Lenora's eyes would be darting at her. But she held her head high, watching the younger one to gauge what kind of threat he was. "I would hope this arrangement will help build the trust that is needed, but given our history, the trust has been broken many times." She could feel her blood boiling. The anger from the past was quickly building internally, and she had to remind herself that those were previous generations and not the people standing in this very room. The people in this room were going to change that historical curse.

Empathic eyes looked over at Aspen, who she surely didn't want this to be his first impression of her. They were both stuck in this predicament for a magical solution that wasn't even guaranteed to settle the blind distaste between the two species. She was really just wanting her parents to be here. She felt extremely exposed and felt as if she was an outsider. Surely, the King had previous engagements to attend but he'd be there with the Queen in two days. There was a major wedding to be planned.

"I apologize for my haste, my Prince." She bowed, exiting herself from this eternal embarrassment. But it was the first time she truly exposed emotions under such a polished exterior. How was Aspen able to hold it together so gracefully? Did it even matter to him?
Lenora sat there with her charge she at least was able to get her to sit. She didnt like how tense she was but in this situation she knew that it was almost impossible to be not so. However when two werewolves came in and not just one she was on guard, standing with the princess she began to gauge them. Aspen the eldest she was right to assume that he wasent a fighter, the other brother however was. Lenora watched him carefully to the look he gave to the balled fists. He didnt like this one bit, she didnt like it either but orders were orders and she had to make sure that Natalie was safe and went through this whole ordeal. She looked up however from Caiden when she was introduced and she bowed to the princes "Pleasure." She spoke evenly and as calmly as she could.

Its when the weight of the room took a turn about security. Her eyes went to Natalie and then back the two who seemed to be also on edge. Great what was she to do? She thought on it before she could say a thing Natalie excused herself. She frowned and bowed again "My apologies if you would excuse us..." She then followed after the princess and sighed as felix was there to show them the way to their rooms. On the way he pointed out where was what before they got to the wing.

Felix then nodded to the two rooms "Princess Natalie this will be your room all your belongings have been put away already, there is also a bathroom attached with fresh towels for your convenience. General Lenora yours is through this door and yours is the same. If there is anything you need please dont hesitate to call for me." He bowed before he walked off to his post to do other tasks.

Lenora was quiet until Felix left before he looked to Natalie "Hey you okay?" She asked with a frown "I know this is hard and if i could change places with you i would in a second. I wish you didnt have to go through with this either..." She sighed softly "Do you need anything from me at the moment?" she asked as she looked at as a friend and not a princess and a general.

He gave a small smile to her as she grabbed his hand, it was cold ice cold even. He hadent spent long around vampires to begin with so this would be a lot to take in and learn. But in his thoughts he didnt realize he was still holding her hand and she let go it snapped himself out of his train of thought. He cleared his throat and nodded to Lenora "Its a pleasure to meet you general Lenora." He gave the red haired vampire a smile and nod before the comment about the castle was brought up "Ah thank you you will come to find that its warm here...thanks to mother anyways. She likes to keep the place looking sorta like the homes in town." He spoke as he looked around the the waiting room.

But that was when Caiden piped up about travel but then having Lenora here, he frowned slightly as the tension sky rocketed he had hoped this wouldent happen. He had hoped it would be a nice meeting as awkward and embarrassing as it may be. But wasent all meetings that way? At least for him anyways....he was a awkward kind of guy. It was when Natalie excused herself and he blinked "Oh! No its totally fine. Uh you must be tired too from the ride here...please go rest and relax and ill see you later?" He bowed as well before he let the two women go.

When they were gone he sighed and frowned "Well that went great..." he spoke to his brother " Did you have to mention about the whole haveing a guard Caiden? If i was her i would want you by my side for protection too. Shes probably worried and scared to be here. That and not wanting a marriage too. Not to mention this place probably smells off to her as well." Aspen sighed and looked to his brother. "Well whats done is done i guess...wanna go raid the kitchen im hungry from that..." he spoke rubbing his stomach.
Natalie felt as if she could scream once the two finally were in their own space. She felt her breathing rapidly increasing, and her grasp of reality slowly slipping from her. It did feel like a death sentence. And she'd have to go two days without any of her family here? She was feeling the heat internally just bubble as she catastrophized over everything that has happened up until this point, and as far as she knew it, her life was over. Eyes met with Lenora before they became misty with the sting of tears. Biting them back, Natalie pushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear before she shut her eyes and tried to regain her composure.

"I hate it here." Her words fell into the space in clunky weights of disappointment. "I do not know how to ever see this place as home."

And with that, the raven-haired woman sat up on the window bench, looking longingly out at the garden. There was a nauseating sense of her new normal settling in, and she felt as if she wanted to fight her way out. "The minute our King and Queen sees this place... these people..." Natalie spoke, taking strides between her words as she couldn't find any sense in trying to settle.
"How does someone love something they've hated all their life?"

"Okay, okay... I admit it. I was maybe too harsh." Caiden admitted as the two entered the kitchen. "I can't even trust a vampire, I have no idea how you're marrying one."

Caiden wasn't always the best at saying things at the right time. He had a chronic issue with his word choice and surely didn't miss a beat to drive the salt deeper into the wound. He listened as Aspen had reasoned with him about Natalie and her sense of need of protection. While in one hand, he saw it as a weakness, the other was exposed as the option that he would probably bring backup, too, if he were going into the enemy's territory. Grabbing an apple, he bit into it and leaned on the counter watching his brother. How was he seemingly so calm and collective with this? "At least she's pretty."
Lenora frowned when Natalie admitted that she hated it here, she didnt blame her it was very different then what both of them are used to. She watched as she went to go sit by the window and gaze outside. She sighed softly and stood straight, She wasent sure how to counsel Natalie. How do you make this better? Usually she had an answer but with this she had no clue she was at a loss for words. There was silence for a moment before she sighed slow "I wish i knew what to tell you Natalie but i dont. I know being here is probably like hell but you have to try and be optimistic...try and find the silver lining. Maybe try and find something you like about this place...or maybe try to get to know Prince Aspen more? He seemed alight for a werewolf. He didnt smell like wet dog at least right?" she was grasping at straws here but its all she could do.

Lenora frowned at Natalie she hated seeing her this way she then looked to her "Hey...lets get you out of those clothes no need to be formal anymore yeah? Lets get you into something more comfortable." She spoke slowly and calmly even if feelings of turmoil for Natalie was underneath the surface. She strolled over to the closet and looked through the clothes before she found what she was looking for "Here, your favorite pajamas. why dont you take a bath? ill wait for you and take your time." The drive was long and mostly quiet on the way there. The King and queen insisted that they both wear formal attire which never was comfortable.

Aspen began to rummage through the cabinets for something he could snack on. "Its for the good of werewolf kind right? I dont exactly care for it and im sure she doesent either but we have no choice...unfortunately." His shoulders drooped and he frowned as he tried the fridge. "I hate to say it but its our duty or some bullshit like that. I just hate that they couldent sort it out some other way." He then pulled out some left overs and began to heat it up in the microwave.

He snorted softly when Caiden spoke about her looks "Yeah i guess but it doesent matter if she is a horrible being. I dont care much for looks dude." The microwave then beeped and he opened it and began to dig in happily. "Im just worried you know what if this does fall through what then?" He asked his brother with a frown. "but at the same time i hope it does? Uuugh i just dont know what to think or feel about all this." Aspen spoke softly as he stare at his food.
A bath did sound nice. Something to calm her shot nerves. She wanted to order more wine but that, unfortunately, wasn't very lady-like to get trashed in her own room on Night 1. The bath was a good middle ground.

Once in solitude in the overside bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. It was kind of silly that people didn't think vampires could show in mirrors. But it was mere lore. Mirrors operated off of light refraction, not superstitions. She didn't look well, though. She looked stressed beyond her years. Touching her skin under her eye, she went to look down her neck. She needed to figure out the feeding situation here. She had assumed with them being surrounded by woods that it'd be easy hunting grounds but she was unsure of the area and the safety of this kingdom's walls.

It wasn't a secret that both kingdoms were on rocky grounds. Neither had a full army, neither had complete resources, neither had a proper hierarchy. The vampires seemed ran by a few families in control, with Natalie's family being one of them. She had fantasized of marrying another strong, vampiric man from one of the other families to secure their fortune. But no, it was peace that her parents had looked after. In fact, there was a lot of grief over this war. Plus, there was the possibility of becoming much more powerful with this type of ally.

And that was why she was doing this, right? To secure the peace? But her heart felt heavy with her duty to provide to the kingdom, and she feared she wouldn't be able to spending her time within these confinements.

Sinking under the warm water in her bath, all of those thoughts were silenced. Black hair suspended around her as her body slipped into the oversized tub easily. There wasn't a single bubble that surfaced with her being under the water. The paleness of her skin contrasting with the copper of the tub. The calm, peacefulness of the mirror-like surface of the tub with her body laying as still as one could lay, until -- she screamed.

Resurfacing, she felt much better. Perhaps she just needed to get it out which what just surfaced in a few muffled bubbles surfacing to the air. Dark black hair clung around her shoulders as her eyes focused on a candle still lit.

It wasn't long until she was coming out of the bathroom, braiding her damp, long black hair into a thick raven braid, and slipped into a dark purple nightgown and flopped defeated onto the bed with the world's pettiest sigh. "Perhaps I could get to know the Prince better..." She mumbled before she rolled onto her back, drifting off into a heavy sleep with the last remaining memory of thinking about the Prince.


Caiden watched his brother wrestle with this internal dilemma. He really didn't have a choice, and that was probably the most painful part. Perhaps if he had chosen Natalie himself without the assistance of the two families, it'd be a different story. But they are two strangers who never had shown interested in one another. It's just wasn't natural. And it made Caiden uncomfortable.

He committed to a snack as he crunched on some carrots deep in thought. "What if you just ... pretend you guys never broke up?" He said thinking out loud as he tossed an apple in the air and caught it with his other hand. "Actually, this is pretty brilliant!" Caiden gained excitement. "You two get married. Bring the peace, or whatever, from this arrangement. Let things die down. Once everything is the way that our parents see it, just secretly split from her. It's not like she wouldn't agree to want to live her own life, too. We don't have to make it public. She could still live here, if she wanted to... unfortunately." He rolled his eyes.

He watched his brother carefully as he gauged his reaction and his eating slowed down. "Don't tell me you think you could actually see yourself liking a vampire?!"
Lenora nodded as she seemed to take her offer up on a bath, it always made her feel better at least she hoped that it would be the same for her. "Ill be next door if you need me." she spoke before taking her leave. She went to her room and began to familiarize herself with the room. The closet had a few clothes, she didnt own much clothes due to living in armor. She took out her pajamas which was a flannel two piece. She decided on a bath as well, while she waited on the bath to fill she grabbed some towels and hummed as she smelled them. No wet dog smell she was surprised by that.

She then got undressed and slipped into the tub and sighed, it felt amazing to just distress after a long ride, she then laid there quietly. She pondered however of today's events. It could of went better she wished it could of been better but she understood why it didnt. To marry for peace...was it possible? As a general her job was all done with....what was she to do...? She thought on these things as he washed herself. She also thought on the turmoil that Natalie was going through because of this. Frowning softly she wished she could fix it somehow...when the news was broke to them she had tried to fight it but it was already set and stone. She then begged the king and queen for her to go with Natalie to the place to be there for her. Thankfully they granted it.

Soon she was out of the bath and in her pajamas and she crawled into the bed. It was at least comfortable and cozy the comforters soft and gave a slight weight. She snuggled in and made a small sigh as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Apen was quiet as he ate his leftovers as he thought on what to do and how to feel, the thought of just running away crossed his mind but he knew his father would just drag him back. But then Caiden offered up a idea and he looked to him and pondered on it, they could do that...but he was sure they would be found out. A defeated sigh as he looked back to his left overs. Maybe he should just give up there was nothing he could do anyways. Maybe she wasent bad like all the vampires from the stories were? She had to be having the same feelings he was right?

When Caiden caught on with his thoughts he frowned " Thats not it..." He spoke trying to reason with himself " I just....I bet she is just not wanting this either. So i want to try and make it better for her...show her not all werewolves are these huge asshats. you know? We dont have to be all lovey dovey we can be friends right?" He asked mostly himself as he ate more and finished the food before going to wash it. "Maybe not all vampires are these terrorist people we were told they were growing up?"

With a shrug Aspen then turned to his brother "Im trying not to give in to this fear i have...thats all. Either way though....im beat. Im going to go off to bed." He nodded and waved "See you tomorrow." he then made his leave and up to his room. He got ready for bed and slowly burrowed under his mound of blankets and pillows before he drifted off to sleep snoring softly.

The next morning he woke up with a big yawn, He was called to breakfast his favorite meal of the day, it just held a bunch of comfort food for him. Stretching and making a noise he then crawled out of the bed and gave a big stretch today was the day he would try and make friends with Natalie. Aspen then went for his daily morning routine. First he took a bubble bath while listening to music making sure to scrub the heck out of himself. He then went for the same vigor with brushing his teeth making sure to get his tongue as well. He then dressed in something casual and went on his way.

He ate with his family they spoke about things and the vampires and the wedding that was to happen soon, his moth was excited that her baby was finally getting married or mated in the world of werewolves at least. He tried his best not to let his parents down and let them in that he wasent all that ecstatic about it. Instead he focused on the food, he loved food it was a comfort to him.

After the breakfast he went about his day reading in the library on vampires, anything about them. If he was going to try and make this work he wanted to know about his bride to be. After a frustrated search of failure there he guessed he would have to do it the old fashion way which he didnt want to do. Learn by asking questions.

It was mid afternoon that he got up the courage to try meeting her again, He took a deep breath as he walked up to her door. H fixed his har and straightened his clothes out before he gulped. He then knocked on the door and waited "N-Natalie? Um Its Aspen...may i speak with you?" He asked in a polite calm tone.
Natalie had to have overslept. And rightfully so. The woman was worn. The sleep surrendered her breakfast. Which, vampires could survive without real food. However, real food did still come as an enjoyment to them and did help stove off some nasty hangry issues they gained when really needing blood. Honestly, Natalie was relieved. It wasn't that she was trying to avoid her husband-to-be, she just wasn't wishing for any conversations to start. In fact, she was still unsure of her surroundings. She spent the morning browsing the garden and later in the afternoon she managed to sneak into the library to grab a few books just mere moments before Aspen had even been able to approach the library.

She was laying on her bed, stomach-down, relishing in pages of a book she didn't expect to enjoy until she heard the knock at her door. In her gut, she had assumed it was Lenora. Lenora had been with her many times this morning and tried to even check in this afternoon before Natalie had dismissed her. She just needed time to process. She knew she really needed to incorporate the prince in this, or at least make herself known to him, but she has had a hard time wrapping her head around the whole concept still.

The knock set goosebumps on her arms as she heard the knock and then the echo of his voice. She shut her eyes. She was absolutely forced to say "Sure." Before she quickly got up and folded her book away. She quickly stepped to the door and opened, before a gasp escaping her lips without any permission at his appearance. "Hi." Was all the Princess could muster up, before she cleared her throat, "Hi." She clarified, much less more concerning of her intention. "Is something the matter?" She questioned after she noticed his face of surprise.
Apen gulped when he heard her say sure he took a deep breath, this was going to be okay right? He was sure it would, his mind scrambled for a moment on what he was going to do after she opened the door. But that time came now the door opened and his face lifted to a surprised one. Natalie said hi and she asked if something was the matter he realized that his mouth was open he closed it and cleared his throat "Ah no...um no there isnt anything wrong." He then scrambled a little more before he blurted out "Food." Food? Yes apparently food. "I uh...I havent had lunch yet and was wondering if you would like some lunch?" He got a confused face "Uhm...do vampires even eat food? If not we can do something else! I just...well" He sighed softly in defeat and began to explain. "I feel like we got off on the wrong paw...My brother Caiden was out of line asking you that last night and well I want to start over if that is possible?" He then blinked "That is if you want to!! I totally understand if you want me to leave you be and let you decompress?"

Aspen then blushed "Um but IF you do want to come with me and IF you do eat food the hunters came in with some deer and i had them save the blood for you as well. We can dine and get to know one another? Just you and me...no baby brother to make it awkward?" He spoke trying to cater to her needs. "Or if you want you can bring Lenora as well if that makes you feel comfortable?"
Natalie really wasn't too sure what the intentions were behind this visit. Then, when he had just simply said food, it caused her eyebrows to rise up. She could notice that he was struggling with speaking, as if he were nervous. Was he nervous? To ask her to lunch? She couldn't help but chuckle at his question about vampires eating food. She knew the generations-long feud between the two beings had blurred any truths behind their own kind and nature.

At first the gesture was awkward and felt forced. But when he mentioned he had them save the blood of the deer for her, her eyes traced back to him. A part of her was actually convinced that he might have cared of her well being. Which was a complete contrast to how she had assumed he had felt. It was actually very refreshing. This was their chance to finally see one another without the other walls up around them. Oh, but she would still keep her walls up. That was classic Natalie.

She shook her head and then raised her chin. "No. Lenora's presence would not be necessary. I-" She started, before his eye contact caught her off guard. She was going to say I trust you but that phrase didn't feel quite right right now in this moment as she didn't fully trust him. Did she? "I would be honored." She adjusted. "Give me a moment to freshen up, please. I'll meet you down there. No longer than ten minutes." She assured.

Disappearing behind her own door of her room, she leaned up against the thick wood oak and sighed heavily trying to gain her composure. It was just lunch. With her soon-to-be-husband. No big deal, right? This would be easy considering the rest of the work that is to be done. Moments passed by before she realized she did, in fact, need to freshen up. She quickly brushed through her hair, pinning a portion of it up and out of her face. She dusted her face with powder, to help her not look as pale as vampires were. She slipped into a thick, red corset black lacing along the edges. The black lace carried on in through the shirt in large overlapped layers. The vampiric empire were hardly ever dressed informally in public. It was quite an unspoken rule. She wasn't the best fan of the clothes, but she had a loyalty to her family and their image.

Coming down the stairs, to return to the main dining room, she saw him in the room and the lack of the other's presence was noticeable when the space became closer between the two. She offered him a smile before she looked around at how homey and cozy the area was. It felt like a fireside meal in a cabin somewhere. "Terribly sorry to keep you waiting." She bowed, respectively.
Aspen was nervous about this for a number of reasons. the one he was most is that she would decline which she had every right to do so. Another was meeting new people for the first time for real he wasent really good at it, something his mother and father found out when they were trying to match him with a mate before. All of them just fell flat and he he was nervous that this one was going to as well. But they couldent fall flat in this....the peace of the two races were at stake here.....right? Either way he snapped out of it when she agreed! He perked at this and his eyes lit up "Really?! Er...uh okay sounds good yeah. Ill meet you down there if you need directions feel free to ask the staff." He said with a nod before she shut the door. When she did a big toothy grin graced his face. She agreed! Okay Aspen you can do this, just like your mother taught you!

He turned on his heel and began to walk down the hall and downstairs to the homey dining hall. He wasent sure what she liked so he made sure to get everything on the plate. Venison, vegetables, fruit, and for dessert cheesecake. To drink for her was blood and wine if she so choose. He hoped she like what he picked out as he sat down he waited patiently for her to come down. When she did he stared she was beautiful sure Caiden was correct but what he was really after is what she was like. Of course he knew this would take a while but that was okay. He will make this marriage work for everyone's sake.

Aspen only realized that he was staring when she spoke, he averted his eyes to the ground but back up at her and he shook his head "No need to be sorry, i know getting all dolled up takes time." He blinked and bit his tongue of his choice of words did anyone even say that anymore? He then perked and cleared his throat "Uh here...let me..." He then pulled out the chair for her to sit in. When she did he pushed her in so she could sit comfortably. He then sat in the chair close to her and smiled "Um thanks for accepting my invitation by the way. If you didnt id have to eat all this food by my self!" He chuckled as he sat there "Not saying that it is a problem though i love food." He nodded before he looked to her and smiled "You look beautiful by the way." he gave her a compliment before he slowly sighed "I uh...I have to tell you though, the real reason i asked for you to attend this meal with me...is so i could learn more about you and your kind. Is...is that okay?" he asked feeling like he had lied to her.

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