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Fandom Voltron Highschool AU

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AU, LGTBQ Friendly, School


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Thinking of starting a highschool AU for Voltron! Feel free to respond to this thread and let me know what character you'd like to play and if you want to be added. (It will be literate rp only.) Headcannons and OCs are allowed. *THIS IS A HIGHSCHOOL AU SO THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT AND WE CAN USE ANY AND ALL CHARACTERS* I'll go more into detail about rules and such later when I make the group.

Obviously I will play the part of Pidge so I'd like to just give an idea of how I play her(headcannons included);
- Pansexual
- She/her pronouns
- Tech nerd
- More feminine (clothing wise)
- Colorful language
- Smokes weed
- Class pet
- Weeb
- Hacker
- Gamer

Please feel free to pm me if you want to join or even have questions. Have a nice day/night and hope to see you soon!


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Hey there! I would be very interested in rping as Lance with you! I can't pm you just yet as I do not have the post count met yet!

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