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Fantasy Vengeance


Total Video Game Nerd
Before I start, some things need to be mentioned. My character is almost guaranteed to be anthro/furry. If you can't accept that, feel free to move on. Your character can be whatever you want. If you choose to roleplay with me, please try to have some decent grammar. When it comes to detail, quality over quantity. You're free to give some extra details, if you want, just be sure to give me something to work with too. I think that's about it...

So, I have this idea for a story. Basically, some malevolent force attacks and decimates a kingdom, throwing everything into turmoil and chaos and reducing the kingdom to ruin. So, everything's gone to crap. Stuff is in ruins, things are going bad, and it looks like it'll only get worse. But then, a spirit of vengeance is born. A brutal, ferocious fighter whose only desire is to end this catastrophe at any cost. (This will be my character. Not up for debate, sorry.) From here, stuff happens, and whatever's responsible for all this falls at the hands of the spirit. With their purpose fulfill, the spirit expects to vanish as there's no longer a use for them...but they don't. Now, with their purpose fulfilled, this spirit of vengeance is lost. There's nothing to avenge, so now what? And the story continues.

Sorry if I didn't describe that very well. In any case, if you're interested or have any questions, send me a PM or comment below.
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