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Realistic or Modern Trust, Love, Death~ (MxM, Modern, Assassin's)


Yiling Patriarch
All characters are (18)+
Tags: Romance, Modern, Assassin's

While romance will be a big part of this plot I don't want myself or my RP partner to have firm stances regarding 'top/bottom'. I don't like the one-sidedness of that, personally. Secondly, I would really like my RP partners to write somewhere between 3-6 paragraphs, or 300+ words. I also prefer writing in 3rd person. No offense to anyone who identifies or enjoys 1st or otherwise, I just get extremely confused when trying to write or read in that POV.
Lastly, I just want to clarify that these plots are MxM (MalexMale) only.


Our characters are both assassin’s, top tier ones at that. My character (Death’s Hand) is six years older than yours and at one point in time, your character’s mentor. My character is one of four Founders of the organization. Aptly named Crimson Council, the Top Four are titled ‘Reapers’. My character was the Leader of their organization. He was also the only Founder who had not taken an apprentice until your character came along.

At 6-years-old, your character was given to the Crimson Council as a peace offering from another organization. All Four Reapers were present but it was Death’s Hand (12 at the time) who stepped forward, pulled out a gun and killed the clearly abused childs’ conniving Father, destroying the organization and taking the child under his wing. From then on Death’s hand was also at the kid’s side, training him and watching as they raised through the ranks.

While my character saw the other as a fellow assassin and comrade, your character developed feelings for mine. He hid them, trying his hardest to ignore what he felt. Then one day when your character was 27 and mine 32, my character was severely injured- supposedly betrayed from the inside. My character was hidden away (rumors about him being in coma) from even your character and a whole year passed with no word. But now my character has strode into an important gathering of Assassin’s to announce that he has plans on bringing the Crimson Council to ruins. So pick a side, because if you’re against him he will kill you. He also has a mysterious woman at his side. Lover? Comrade? How will your character react? Will his feelings for his former mentor decide which side he chooses?
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i'm totally interested in this, pm me with more details!

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