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Drank dumb bitch juice
Your resident dumb bitch is here. With a thread.
Um, time to type, I guess.

Hey, I'm Ash. I turn 22 in two weeks. I know I seem to be kind of apathetic but in reality when people bring up my interests I get so excited that I seem entirely different. I write whatever people ask me to, unprompted I'll write 2-5 paragraphs. Fandoms listed below-I don't have any serious rules or triggers.

- HxH
- My Time At Portia
- My Hero Academia
- Pokemon (Dunno sword/shield yet.)
- BotW
- Harry Potter
- Divergent
- Vocaloid


Drank dumb bitch juice
Kudos to the 14yo girl on my Discord who roleplays better than some adults I've met and knows what an abusive relationship looks like. She deserves a mention in this bump.


Drank dumb bitch juice
Bump before I inevitably crash from The Motherfucking Flu (GET YOUR FLU SHOTS. THIS IS NOT PLEASANT AND WHILE I'LL SURVIVE IT'S STILL SUCKY)

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