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Fandom To repair a fractured Fódlan [FE3H Anyone?]

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Hi all.
Haven't posted here in a while but if you clicked on this, you are probably making your way through Fire Emblem: Three Houses, just as I am. I thought I'd expand my search in finding roleplay partners and see if any skilled writers around here might pick up this gauntlet I'm to throw down.

Currently I have just beaten the Golden Deer route. I don't want either of us to spoil the other in regards to plot points, however so I would like to keep discussion fairly basic if we both picked different routes (which is likely). In this RP however, I would like us to ignore Byleth as a character as I want our focus to be on the other relationships between other canon characters. As I have gone the Golden Deer route, my experience is skewed in that direction regarding exposure to characters and backgrounds. Though I am open to exploring other characters, what matters is the writing and we may even learn more about characters from outside of our designated class (if we didn't recruit them anyway). I'm happy to do some research into other roles possibly.

Plot wise, I'm fairly open. I'd love to strike a balance between exploring, traveling, slice of life schooling, and battling. I'm not just looking to clash blades, I'm looking to build a rich story with layers and a natural progression of romance. Politics are not my strong suit and I'm still new to FE3H's lore and political dynamics so I'd be open to having a partner more attune to those things. Or we can just read up on them together or fudge things to suit our needs. I'm not super picky! I would love to do something before the timeskip and then skip ahead and work on that together, but if you'd prefer to jump ahead already, that's okay too. I will operate under assumption that all our characters are 18+ years or older of course. I would also be cool with bringing in Fates characters from Nohr or Hoshido too.

Speaking of characters, I will now list the ones I feel capable of playing from most comfortable, to somewhat comfortable. If you want me to read up on a certain character, it might be arranged depending on the character you are playing. I can also double up if we can agree on two pairs. I'm willing to give most guys a go.

Characters I can play: Hilda, Leonie, Lysithea, Flayn, Marianne, and maybe Bernadetta or Dorothea.

Characters I'd like you to play: Seteth, Lorenz, Claude, Sylvain, Jeralt, and maybe Dimitri or Raphael.

Writing wise, I can work on RPN but am open to off-site means if we click well enough. I would like someone capable of giving several paragraphs of thoughtful detail. I don't mind if that means I wait a few days or even a week or two for a response that isn't rushed. Detail is what brings a story to life, it drives the story forward as much as the plot and characters. If writing a few solid paragraphs isn't of interest, please do not seek my partnership. My time is precious give how much work I do offline, so I want to make sure the stories I craft are ones that we can see to the very end. I am in this for the long haul and that requires both skill in writing and communication. My partner's interest matters to me but at the same time, my own investment matters as well.

If you think we'd get along and be able to craft some fun, balanced stories, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

If you'd like a post sample, I'm happy to provide one. If you wanna chat pairs and shipping before committing, that's cool too.

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