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Futuristic To Never Question | Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic / Semi-Futuristic


The Freechoicer
Basically, a DMed roleplay set in a post-apocalyptic, semi-futuristic universe where you attempt to survive a war-torn dystopian hellhole, ruled by a totalitarian government. You will have to decide whether you wish to escape, or take sides with the government or the rebels. There can be a romantic element if you want, but I don't pre-plan things, you'll likely have to meet a character yourself.

As the DM, I control the NPCs, the environment, and the results of the actions you take.

To Never Question

Over a century ago, the world was cleansed in cinders and smoke during a supervolcanic event known as Ashfall. This brought about the Great Apocalypses; the Winter Years, the Starvation, and the Chemical Wars. The old nations fell as much of the world was reduced to an ashen wasteland. Many humans were left dead, or mutated in the aftermath of the Chemical Wars. Over the generations, many others "naturally" grew to have dramatically different appearances as they adapted to the post-Ashfall environment. Some examples are those who took refuge underground, eventually adopting aspects of albinism. Others had the color of their skin change to green due to being forced to eat algae-derived rations due to crop failures. Those people who did not become mutants or posthumans are known as the 'Orthodox', or pure humans.

Over time, new nations would arise, but much of the world would remain a harsh wasteland. Sanctaria is the only country left where the Orthodox are in the majority. Presided over by the tyrannical Autumn Party, Sanctaria is a brutal regime which has suffered war and internal strife for decades. Conditions are wretched and miserable in the vast majority Sanctaria's cities, with many people living in bombed-out buildings and going barefoot throughout their day-to-day drudgery. Despite the fact that many people essentially live on the same level as peasants, the technologies being used to wage war are only improving. Recent innovations such as the assault rifle, hovercraft, and combat walker are beginning to appear on the battlefields. Still, the average Sanctarian soldier is only equipped with a coat, some padding, an iron helmet, and a bolt-rifle. These hordes of troopers pour into the bloodsoaked battlefields where they fight against the many enemies of Sanctaria, dying for their evil generals with mindless, eager sacrifice.

Sanctaria, as the last bastion of the Orthodox, has numerous foes. Posthumans and mutants, which outnumber the Orthodox four-to-one, are deemed barbaric, corrupted species that will bring about the end of the Orthodox if they are not defeated. The Autumn Party's ultimate plans are to exterminate them until they are in the minority, whereupon the survivors will be enslaved.

You are a civilian living in a war-torn Sanctarian city. At the age of eighteen, assuming you did not enlist in the police or military, you would have been forced to complete a year of mandatory civilian service as a labor conscript, working on clearing rubble and making repairs to the infrastructure that was damaged during air raids. If you have already made it past this point in your life, you would have been provided with a government-designated spouse at the age of twenty-five, and expected to produce a large, healthy Fami-Unit. None of that would have happened if you were mutant or posthuman, however. If you are one, you live in even worse conditions inside the city's Seclusion District.

You go about your day-to-day life under the eyes of the Watchmen, the Autumn Party's secret police and death squads that ruthlessly snuff out dissidence, as well as any unorthodox forms of thought. The regular police and the army also serve as enforcers of the Autumn Party's will, though they tend to be a uniformed presence rather than a shadowy investigative body.

You are constantly watched. You are constantly in danger, both from your own government, and those against it. You will need to decide whether you become fully loyal to the Autumn Party, or become part of the internal resistance movement that is only known as The Connection.


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