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The Vampire RP

"Where am I?! How did I get here?!" - "You're at Castle Dracula in Romania. I don't know how you got here. You just appeared in front of my door." - "Who are you?!" - "I am Count Dracula and I bid you welcome to my home, new vampire." - "No! That's impossible! Dracula doesn't exist!" - "Yes, I do exist. Wouldn't be here talking to you if I didn't." - "And... did you just call me a vampire?" - "Yes. That's what you are." - "No! That's impossible! Vampires are made-up!" *Dracula smiles and shows his canines* "They aren't. Now, come and follow me! I'll teach you everything you have to know."

If this sounds interesting, feel free to join us! We're always looking for members. http://www.rpnation.com/forums/the-vampire-rp.1266/
@Melody Frazier

Then, feel free to join :)


There is no real plot. Just that you are a student of Count Dracula. But that's not because I'm too lazy to develop one. It's to make the RP different from others: Everyone is able to develop some kind of plot without having to care for much (despite the rules).

They're listed in the "Rules" section. But I can copy+paste them here if you want. 
The rules


About the RP

This is a horror/comedy-RP.

Creatures that don't exist

Hybrids. These are, for example, vampire werewolves, vampire witches or zombie vampires.

Which creatures exist?

- Vampires.

- Humans and animals that really exist.

Which creatures can be played?

- Vampires.

Can a member have more than one character?



The vampires' abilities

- Hypnotizing humans

- Climbing up walls

- Control animals and the weather

- Turn into any animal in the world

- Read minds

- Extreme strenghth (vampires are 10 times as strong as humans and their strenghth doubles after drinking)

- Very good senses

- Telepathy

When do vampires die?

Only if they didn't drink enough or lose too much blood or are cut into pieces and burned.

What are the vampires' weaknesses?

None despite bloodlust.

Other characteristics of vampires

Vampires are un-dead, which means they don't breathe and have no pulse.


This RP is primarily in English. It is allowed to write passages in other languages, though, but please translate what you have written. Example:

"Wie geht es Dir?" (= "How are you?")


Do I have to introduce my characters?

Yes, you have to introduce any character you create.

Can I play someone who doesn't like Dracula & Co.?

Of course.

When will members be deleted?

When they ask. Before deleting someone who has been inactive for a long time, I'll ask them. Also, members will be deleted when massively violating against the rules of this RP or of rpnation.com. That means: No sex, no insulting of users (their characters may be insulted), no coursing.


Please note that these rules can and will be changed, especially when opening a new chapter.

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