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Futuristic The Tribes


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Set in the year 2134 about a hundred and ten years after an apocalyptic event caused the world we know today to crumble. This is a story of survival, warfare, superpowers, odd creatures, and the people who face them. Im still kind of figuring out how im going to structure it but thats what i have you all for. Lets see what kind of world we can make!!!

In 2024, as the world’s governments crept towards a global war, the plans of the powers that be were interrupted. A beam of purple light nearly three miles wide slammed into the planet and cut all the way into its core. No one is sure where it came from or even what it was because right after its impact the world seemed to fall apart. Physics itself changed, the way electricity flowed, the way chemicals react, and worse it wasn’t uniform. In some parts of the world electricity and gunpowder just stopped working, in other parts they were amplified in power and volatility. Communications were cut nearly immediately and technology the world over began to fail. It hadnt even been a week before the Odd-zones began to pop up. Weird chunks of the landscape wrapped in Shifting light like a oil slick floating atop a puddle. Curious researchers went in and disappeared for decades, only to return as twisted versions of themselves. Apparently it effected animals as well, with many new creatures and species being generated.

Mankind attempted to get a grip on things, but after the first year strange creatures began to attack humanity, and with our technology failing us, we could not resist them. In under a year we lost four billion, with most of the remaining population falling in the remaining three. Eventually only small groups here and there were left, and each began to believe they were the last of humanity. Thus attempts to reach out to others became fewer and further between, the struggle of learning to survive in this new world became paramount. With each tribe believing that mankind would perish with them should they fall.

Now over a century later the tribes have grown, as have the Odd-zones, many have been displaced and many gather in one of the largest areas that is considered safe. The long strip of the central united states which exists between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. However the growing populations will find themselves struggling for resources, and a new threat begins to emerge from the mountains, the remnants of the old world military climbing from their bunkers with technological advances adapted to suit the new physics of the world, hoping their advancements will give them an edge over the primitive peoples that occupy the world.

Yet these tribes are not without defenders. Many of the primitive tribal communities have survived for over a century eating meat from strange new creatures, drinking water from rivers that flow through Odd-Zones and it has changed many of them. Strange abilities seem to be found within the populations of the tribal peoples. Ranging from telepathy, to superhuman strength, even flight, and none really posses the scientific capacity to study these abilities and find out why and how they are manifesting. Not that too many even care, whatever the source these ability having individuals have kept the tribes alive in many cases where they should not have been able to survive. Yet something brews in the future, something a few of the empowered tribal peoples have been seeing in dreams and nightmares. The coming of…Something unexplainable…something that thinks in a billion voices, something that hungers and reaches out to them.

Alright so thats the general idea. Im not sure what direction i want to take it so ill leave a few options here. If you can think of some fun ways to map it out ill be happy to see if we cant make your ideas fit. The general idea is to make a story that allows for freedom to be creative while having the structure needed to keep the ball rolling. So should we…

A.) have one tribe be the main focus with every player hailing from that tribe and trying their best to ensure their peoples survival?

B.) play as the Old world Bunker people, coming out into a strange world filled with monsters and superpowered savages, clinging to experimental technology for survival and slowly developing abilities from exposure to the strange new world.

C.) have a free style where players can make their own tribes and pick whatever side they want To be on.

in any case i will actually be joining in with you guys with a few characters of my own that will be determined by the selected play style.

If you are interested let me know here and put which play-style you’d be most interested in. Or make your own suggestion.​

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