The Traveler's Tavern

Aniasta snorted,"you'd think you flipping barrel"she said then saw a girl drawing,"are you good at drawing"she asked curious she was such a non-shy fox actually she was kinda nosey.
Yukari nodded shyly, her rabbit ears flat against her head. She didn't like foxes, considering they ate rabbits. SeeU put a hand on Yukari's shoulder, letting her know she was right there. Ia looked at the fox, her eyes narrowed slightly, not in an aggressive or angry way. As a cat, it was very unusual for foxes to be near her, especially since they're in the dog family. Usually they'd just complain about her scent and stay away from her.
Aniasta blinked,"oi what's wrong.... Oh I get it don't worry I only eat pigs and cows other then that my diet is animal free"she said smiling,"besides I would never hurt an artist"she said smiling.
Lochrose grunted, "I'll eat any meat," he looked over at the triplets and the fox, "Well...not meat that talks,anyway." he smiled deviously at them.
(Aries is actually thousands of years old, but she looks like she's 20 and acts likes she's 20 haha.)

(No worries about the writer's block, when you really can't think of anything a short post is fine. I just think longer posts are more fun to read and give you greater depth on the characters and the story!)

Aries snapped out of her daze when Lochrose came over to her and said hello. "Ah hello!" She spoke softly, startled. She took a quick look around her tavern, enjoying the conversation and the people. She watched over the poke war and laughed to herself. Her green eyes then moved over to the triplets, eyes narrowing slightly. She knew they were in no real danger, after all she would have sensed it, but still... she didn't want the girls getting freaked out and leave. As the one girl went back to drawing Aries stood and put her book and pen away.

"Alright guys, anyone hungry? Thirsty? If you are lemme know!" She knew for the past few hours she had neglected her duty as the owner but worked on making it right. She went to the bar and grabbed a few bottles and juices, skillfully she mixed them together in a large glass. Putting them all away tidily she grinned at her concoction and took a sip. The tigresses tail swayed lazily and her eyes unfocused slightly before refocusing on her patrons. 'Our lovely tavern is doing so well... couldn't have asked for anything better could we.." She thought to herself. If only her family and friends were here to see all this... well besides the dragon, Liz that was there for a few minutes.

From the back of the kitchen a little boy walked out. He's pale, his eyes are silver and his hair is shaggy and black. He walked right over to Aries and looked up at her. "Evening Aries, would I be able to get a bite to eat?" He spoke like he was much older. The boy looked over the bar and his eyes widened slightly, the tavern was actually bringing people in! This was amazing. He had to go tell everyone... well after he ate. Most people would put him around the age of 7, which was somewhat true but there was much more to the boy than met the eye.

He walked over to the edge of the bar into a shadowy area of the tavern and sat there. He waited patiently, Aries knew what he liked to eat. They had known each other long enough after all. He sighed softly, before looking around. He watched the playful banter between the fox and wolf and the curiosity from the fox to the triplets. His deep silver orbs kept falling on the triplets, they were fascinating. He really didn't like being nosy, but after he ate he wanted to go say hello to them. If he got shot down the so be it! He just really wanted to know more though.

(Crap just got real in dis tavern of teh travelars)

Durk enters the bar, his tall demeanor only barely getting under the door. He strolls, passing by the anomalies around him with quite a nonchalant attitude. When he appears at the bar, he pays no mind to the customers around him. He turns to the twenty year old woman nearby, whom is most likely the bartender, and announces "This hungry adventurer, conqueror of Elzior the seventh demon, slayer of the mighty Lich of Drak'zul, demands that liquor which shall quench his thirst post-haste. No matter what price, Durk shall pay!" He slams his fists into the bar, most likely annoying those around him more than anything else. A sly grin, crosses his face from the knowledge that his presence is now known, and is so pleased. He crosses his legs on the stool, ready to be served.
The tigress raises her brow slightly at the tall man, Durk, who had entered. A bit rude, maybe he'll be an entertaining addition to this small group at the tavern. The tigress walked over to him with a grin, "Well hello Durk, your thirst shall be quenched. What would you have? We have any and all drinks so pick your poison." Her tail swayed softly, finally ready to make an alcoholic drink instead of juice. Her ears rose slightly waiting for him to respond.

The small boy at the end looked at the newcomer, his silver eyes watching his every move. His lip twitched slightly in annoyance when he slammed the counter. At least Aries was getting more business, from the looks of it not too many people were getting much besides water. Aries did enjoy making drinks for people, maybe this man would prove useful to keep the tigress active in her bar tending. It would be entertaining if he tried hitting on her though, the boy laughed to himself silently. Those poor fools who hit on Aries.

He slipped off his stool without a sound and went into the kitchen. He motioned at Aries that he would get his food. He quickly prepared a meal for himself and went back to his stool in the shadows. He ate his food slowly, enjoying every bite. His silver eyes watched over the tavern with a slight smile on his pale lips.
Durk, thinking on the question, stroking his short beard, swiftly answered with "Anything strong enough to daze a bull and incapacitate a rhino. But dryer then the hottest desert in the seven levels of Hell!" Durk cheered with a hearty laugh. He knew without doubt that he could down the beverage in one gulp. So, confident that, in fact...

"I challenge anywhere here to drink such a powerful drink with me!" He stated, waving his fist into the air. "I'll place fifteen silver on it! The first to fall pays the winner his due!" Durk announced, looking every able-bodied man dead in the eye. He demanded competition. "Will anyone take my challenge?"
(so much detail Rock its cool tho :D )

Aniasta jolted at the slamming,"was all that nessasary.... barbarrian..."she said glaring. She grew angry with the loud man why was he so annoying making such a slam she hated when men talked about fighting it made her angry,"calm down Ania your going to lose your grip"she thought to herself then looked at Lochrose,"don't threaten them I mean.... It is pritty funny to watch a puppy like yourself try to intimidate."she said.

Aniasta then noticed the "Durk" man again then sat by him,"I accept your challenge"she said smirking evily her fox tail swayed she was kind of angry about the fact that he looked at the MEN but not any woman. She felt offended being that she was a heavy weight drinker.
Durk eyed her down, partially confused by her audacity. "I am no barbarian, wench! I am a warrior for the wars of men, a soldier of the protective armies, a traveler among the lands of danger." He said boldly, knowing of his true position in such a land as this. He then looked at her, and her size. He smirked. I'd be like taking candy from a baby. "I accept your challenge, little girl. Do you have the fifteen silver that you'll hand me after you recover from your hangover?"
Aniasta glared,"ha wentch?!! we'll see about that!"she said,"and I'm 20 you Barbarian I've been drinking since I was but four years old!"she braged smirking.
Yukari had started to shake, not liking the new person in the tavern. SeeU looked at Yukari, noticing her shaking. 'This isn't a good atmosphere for Yukari's already frayed nerves.' She thought. 'Maybe we should go......' Ia gently hugged Yukari, trying to calm her down.
"By my beard, you witch! What audacity you must have to call me such words! And I dare say, why have you been drinking alchohol since you were four? Your mum didn't have any milk to give you?" Durk stated, following it it with a merry laugh.
"ha! Foxes grow faster then you humans!"Aniasta said glaring,"but either way it shows I'm stronger then Y-O-U!"she said and laughed angrily,"and why are you talking like that?!"she yelled.
"Would you just be quiet?!" Little Yukari screeched, her body shaking badly. SeeU and Ia looked at their sibling, shock plastered on their face like a mask. Yukari wasn't known to be angry and it was rare to see her like that.
"Stronger? Bah. Foxes are naive scavengers of their prey. Men fight, kill, and grow their food. By ourselves. You think that you're strong? Try going out to the battlefield. To war. To bloodshed. So your kind can grow faster? Try growing bigger, puny fox. And, if I may be so bold, what do you mean by 'talking like that.' Talking like what, I say! I speak in no tongue that you cannot understand, unless your mind is too feeble to comprehend it." Durk prodded, looking the girl dead in the eye. What a little girl, he thought. A small girl, ears of a fox, that claims to be stronger than I. Standing as tall as she can, only to glance my chin with her gaze. Such a small girl.
Yukari ran out, tears in her eyes. 'Dammit' SeeU thought. 'It seems this is bringing back her horrible memories.' Ia went after her, knowing what she felt. SeeU walked up to Durk and Aniasta. "Um....Would you mind taking this somewhere else. It seems you've scared off my little sister, Yukari."
Aniasta was furious,"how dare you speak like that about Foxes!"she said glaring everything else was blocked out,"this is not something to just let go and I have been on the battle field I'm just more how you say... Calm unlike you blowing out your business like a job"she snarled getting all up in his face,"I will defeat you in any game any where any how"she said.
"My, don't you seem young." Durk calmly stated, looking at her. "'Calm unlike you blowing out your business like a job.' I hardly know what you mean by that statement." Durk said, chuckling to himself. "But with adolescence, comes foolishness. You sound like you know not what to say, young fox." Durk said, almost in a whisper, to her angered face. Durk knew that he was arrogant. He knew that he wasn't the wisest. But he did know people. And this person was obviously confused. "Forget the competition. I barely have the silver to give if I lose anyhow." He mentioned, waving his hand as he did so.

"Care for a drink, little fox?" He smiled. He gave the child beside him, warning him of her sister's displeasure, a small grin as well. He meant not to bother them.
Lochrose peered over to the man. He knew Durk had offered a challenge to the men in this tavern, but he was solely a non drinker. His ears twitched at Durk's sudden change of heart to Aniasta. Lochrose held a long gaze at him and decided not to mess with this man.
Ia walked back in, carrying an asleep Yukari. ""Sis, I had to get her with a sleeping arrow or else I wouldn't have been able to catch her."
Aniasta glared,"it means I'm calm and your not but your telling everyone your irrelavent life story"she said then backed away,"and I'm NOT a'little fox'"she muttered as she drank a bit.
Lochrose saw that the intensity was rising the atmosphere. With this Durk person, it made him uncomfortable. Almost instantly, Lochrose reverted to his jumpy personality. He grabbed the room keys and went into the little room that he rented. He wasn't upset, he was just figity and needed sometime to cool off.
"You must have me mistaken. I wish to tell no one of my tales, nor do I wish to be angered. I am calm. And I apologize, miss. I have a tendency to mistake people." Durk said, taking a seat near her. "If you wish me to leave, I shall. I mean you no ill will.

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