The Traveler's Tavern


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Slightly off the main road lies a dirt pathway into the woods. The trees overhang the pathway and a sense of calming washes over all those who enter. At the end of the path is a little tavern. A washed out sign over the wrap-around porch reads, "The Traveler's Tavern". The outside wasn't anything to brag about, 2 floors, a sturdy wrap-around porch, crafted out of a dark wood. The inside, however, was much nicer.

When you walk into the front door you're greeted with a homey smell. A bar takes up the left wall, stocked with every type of drink imaginable and the menu has a wide variety of food. Scattered around the rest of the room are small round tables with 2-4 chairs at each. In the darker corners of the tavern are secluded table for a bit more privacy. Whether that is for business or pleasure is completely up to the individuals. Towards the back right was a bathroom and the stairs that led upstairs to the 5 rooms.

Each room had one large bed, a water basin, dresser and a desk. They weren't the largest, but by no means were they cramped either. There was one other room that was downstairs, but that was for the owner. It's a hidden passage to get to. Through the kitchen to the office, then down the hidden stairs to the basement. Half the basement was supplies for the tavern while the other was the owner's room. The door hidden skillfully.

A female from the kitchen into the bar. She grabbed a rag from behind the bar and slowly started wiping down the counters to her tavern. Her body moved with grace, taking time to make everything perfect. Her bright green eyes flicked towards the door. As she moved the light from the windows caught on her pale skin showing very light stripes. Her hair white as snow with natural black highlights. Small white tiger ears poked out of her hair, blending in perfectly. Her tail she kept, for the most part, wrapped around her waist as a belt. She was wearing baggy black cargo shorts and a white beater, she wasn't fancy by any means. The more comfortable the better she always though.

A soft sigh escaped her pale lips. The tigress moved towards the wall behind her and poured herself a glass of water from the sink. She put down a coaster on the bar and relaxed slightly. "Well, let's see how this turns out." She spoke softly, ears twitching for the slightest of sounds.
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Lochrose (lahk-rohz) walked in the little place. He was about normal height for a 15-year-old. He had black hair with two pure white streaks running vertically on the side. He wore a gray hoodie that loomed over his head, hiding his canine-like wolf ears. Along with navy-blue baggy jeans. Under the hoodie, attached to a chain-belt, hung various shuriken and knives. Just for protection. His tail loomed softly, without a noise. Lochrose's gold eyes looked over to the girl. He waved a hello and sat down in one of the chairs. ( :D )
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Aries looked over at the new-comer. She sat up quickly, and smiled. "Well hello there, anything I can get for you?" It had been a while since she had last seen a customer and she was excited. He looked a bit young, but he seemed like an interesting person to talk to. She took a sip of water before walking around the counter towards the golden eyed being. Her ears perking up slightly.
"A cup of orange juice and a room please," He said politely,"My name is Lochrose. Call me Loch. What's yours?" His tail twitched a little. Usually strange places made him a little jumpy, but for a strange reason, this tavern... it made him feel at home.

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The tigress nodded and walked behind the counter to grab him Lochrose a glass of orange juice and a room key. As she walked back over towards the table she set the things down in front of him. "There you are Lochrose, an orange juice and room number 1. You're my first guest actually. Just go up the stairs and it's the first room on the right." She slowly walked to the counter and took her cup in her hand. She went back to the table and sat across from the boy.

"My name is Aries by the way. So what kind of travels have brought you to my little tavern?" Aries ears tilted forward, waiting for a new tale. Her tail swayed idly.
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Azeel ducked silently into the tavern. His black cat ears stood out in his white hair, and the silver bell that piecred the left one rang almost silently. His black eyes took in all they could from the shadows, which wasn't much. Thee were only two other people in the place besides himself. 'Good,' he thought and steped out of the shadows. Letting his long black feline tail out from under his shirt where he kept it midden he walked over to the two people. One was a girl and a boy not much older then him. He pointed at an empty chair. "Mind it I join?"
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Aries ear twitched slightly at the sound of a newcomer. Her eyes stayed focused though, never moving from her current conversation. She didn't want to point someone out if they didn't intend to be spoken to. When he stepped out from the shadows though she looked over at him. She smiled warmly, motioning for him to take a seat. "Of course you may, my name is Aries. I'm the owner of this little tavern, is there anything I can get for you?" She stood up, her tail idly swaying behind her. Her green eyes flicked over him, taking him in quickly before grabbing her glass and going back behind the bar awaiting his order.
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Aniasta walked in with a book in her hand and looked around,"i suppose its okay to take a rest here... too hungry..."she thought as her stomach growled and she blushed slightly."sorry"Aniasta said with a slight bow she brushed her fair hair behind her ear as her tail swayed. Aniasta wondered if they could tell that she was a fox but brushed it off as she darted her green eyes at the menu.
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The Tigresses eyes lit up, another customer! She let the boys get settled at the table and motioned for the girl to come to the bar and sit. "Not a problem sweetie, would you like something to eat? We have a menu right here." She held the menu out towards the girl.
What a starving little fox, I have to fix that immediately! There will be no starving beings in my tavern! Aries thought to herself. She quickly washed up her hands and put a glass of water on the counter for the girl.

"Oh and how rude of me! My name is Aries, pleased to meet you."
Aniasta blinked calmly,"My names Aniasta, call me Ania, and it's wonderful to meet you"she said monotone as she put her book down and sat. Aniasta looked through the menu and food something with a delectable picture and a slight smile appeared on her face,"may I have one serving of this?"she asked pointing at the picture as her tail swayed. Aniasta then looked at the water and took a sip a bit glad to have something to drink,"my stomach is still quite empty will this be enough?"she wondered to herself.
The female nodded slightly with a warm smile. She took a slow drink of her water, waiting for Ania to find something to eat. Once she picked something out the tigresses eyebrow raised but she didn't say anything. "Absolutely, if you want anything else let me know. I make some amazing desserts." Before the fox had a chance to reply she walked back into the kitchen and started cooking, she really needed something in her belly. As she worked she whistled a soft tune, her body swaying and moving gracefully. A soft smile grazed the corners of her mouth.

Once the food was done she walked out with a bit of a larger portion than what was called for. But Aries knew Ania probably didn't want to ask for something too big. She set the plate and utensils in front of the girl and smiled softly. "There you go Ania, if you'd like something else to drink with your meal please let me know. We have juices, liquors, water and fresh squeezed fruit mixes."
Aniasta smiled and picked up the utensles,"thank you for the food"she said and began eating as her tail swayed,"I think I'll have some juice I don't drink liquors unless I feel sad or intimadated"she said and continued eatting happily.
"No problem. Juice is coming right up." Aries eyes focused on the wall behind her. She grabbed a fresh glass from the shelf underneath before walking to the cooler and taking out a bottle of juice. She poured the drink and set it down by Ania. "There you go, if there's anything else... just yell. I'll be cleaning up in the back." Her toned body moved back towards the kitchen, her ears twitching at every sound.

Once she was in the back all you heard was whistling and things moving around. As well as the occasional crash of a pan, but nothing too bad to worry about.
Aniasta blinked as she chewed tilting her head at all the noise but the swallowed and looked at the young men behind her," come to bars for sex"she thought and moved over to be closer to the window and in sight of the bar tender if anything where to happen.
As Aries was finishing up cleaning she noticed that Aniasta had moved closer to the window and in sight of her. She shrugged slightly to herself, 'Must be creeped out by the guys.' She thought before wiping off one last thing. She walked out of the kitchen cleaning her hands, before walking back over to the girl she went to get herself another drink. This time she wanted something with a little more of a kick, so she grabbed some fresh squeezed strawberry juice and added some vodka. Striding over to the window once more she took a seat behind the bar, diagonal from the fox. Aries slowly sipped her concoction with a smile on her face.

"I hope everything is okay? I'm not the best cook in the world, but I do try my best." She was honestly curious. If she needed to change anything she wanted to know so she could fix it.
"Honestly I'm so hungry that if you poisioned my food I wouldn't care"Aniasta said smiling,"ah but......"she said looking at the guys,"do you run this place by yourself?"she asked turning her attention back to Aries.
Aries laughed loudly. Her head fell backwards and her body shook with how hard she was laughing. Once she calmed down she wiped her eyes and smiled bright, "Well that doesn't really make me feel better! There's no poison here, and would you like more to eat? I'd be happy to make you more food, whatever it is you wish for!" The tigress looked at Ania curiously when she mentioned if she ran the tavern by herself. It wasn't something she normally heard, but then again Aries didn't LOOK very menacing. Her muscles not very obvious, instead just toned.

She leaned towards the girl and smiled softly, her eyes locking onto Aniasta's. "Honestly my dear, I'm much stronger than anyone gives me credit for. When I actually shift, I'm not a normal sized tiger. Because of my... lineage.. I'm a bit larger and well.. I'm a very enhanced tiger. Two young pups don't really bother me any even if they did shift I have a lot of experience, training and time on my side. So no need to worry, I won't let anything bad happen in this tavern."
"that's not really what I ment...."Aniasta said,"I mean don't you get a lot of men who wouldn't mind fighting in here or even worse trying to bring you into a room back there?"she whispered to Aries.
Aries laughed quietly. "Do you go to many taverns or bars Ania? It's not just men that are prone to fight or be seducing. Women actually seduce men into the back room a lot more then guys do. As for fights, if one breaks out I'll kick them out until they cool off. I don't really care about the outside, but there won't be any fighting going on in here. Oh and.. as you can tell, my tavern isn't really busy. It's really rather dull here."
"being seduced and raped are two different things"Aniasta thought then looked at Aries,"why? This place isn't bad....."she said.
Aries sighed to herself, knowing her point wasn't really getting across. "What I meant to say is that my ears are powerful enough to hear just about everything that's going on in and around my tavern. If anything were to happen that seemed suspicious or... well bad, I would be there to stop it. One shouldn't worry when in the tavern and it isn't too busy because it's not well known. Which hopefully in time it will pick up, and then I might hire a few people to help me out around here. Until then though, it's just a hole in the wall tavern that's cozy and relaxed for people to sit in, dine and stay for however long they need." Aries green eyes looked out the window, her gaze far away for a few moments.
Aniasta looked down,"sorry..."she mumbled then smiled,"may I have another serving please?"she asked."I may not look it but I eat a lot"she confessed.
Aries nodded slightly in response to both things. "Oh you don't even want to see me eat. I might look tiny but I eat like a beast." She chuckled softly, trying to cheer up the mood a bit. As she walked back into the kitchen she gulped the rest of her vodka and juice putting the glass in the sink. Within fifteen minutes the foxes food was done and sitting in front of her once more. Aries cleared the old plate quickly, refilled her juice and sat back down. The tigresses fingertips played with the edge of her new glass.

"So Ania, how did you stumble upon my little tavern?"
(It's just random people meeting up in a tavern. The plot is up to the people actually. If it takes a more interesting turn, but at the moment it's a regular tavern where people can meet up or come to relax. Enjoy some food, alcohol or juice, company and whatever else they want. So you can really take it where ever you want to!)

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